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CCI, Day 0: Preview Night Photo Parade

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CCI, Day 0: Preview Night Photo Parade

Ahh, Comic-Con International in San Diego. The mecca for … well, pretty much everything these days. Comics, horror, film, TV, video games, genre stuff, questionable costumes, even more questionable … OK, I’ll behave, but Comic-Con is here. In the last week I spoke with many creators and exhibitors that are in attendance at the show this year and the most common question everyone asks is, “How big will it be this year?” With over 100,000 in attendance last year and the total maximization of the convention floor, one has to wonder if it can get any bigger.

The feeling on the convention floor for preview night was as exciting as ever. It was packed – real packed. That’s to be expected considering everyone in attendance tonight was on the con floor. No panels to pull people off the floor on preview night, so it should be packed. The floor was filled with folks rushing to get their con exclusives early or a chance to catch up with their favorite creator before the mad rush of the convention begins. Or it was filled with guys like me trolling for photographs. There’s nothing wrong with that. I hope.

With all that being said, what you’re really here is for the photos, I know, not my ramblings. So let’s get to it. CBR’s full coverage of Comic-Con International begins officially right now. Expect loads and loads of updates over the next couple of days. The program schedule for the convention is massive and, as you’ll see by Monday morning, we’ll have covered a lot of that schedule. I’ve got four sleepless nights to look forward to. Welcome to Comic-Con.

You can catch this over at the Gentle Giant booth. I do love them cinammon rolls. Fox Atomic Comics debuts at CCI. Look for more about the company here on CBR this weekend.
“The Goon’s” Eric Powell signs for fans at the Dark Horse booth. The wall of monitors at the Nintendo DS booth.
Salve Labor’s here … … as is Virgin Comics.
Sideshow Collectibles debuted a number of new statues at CCI. Here we’ve got Dr. Doom. This Incredible Hulk statue is quite impressive.
Flame head, looking cool. They’re offering up a pretty cool diorama of Cap and the Red Skull.
Another view of that Cap/Red Skull diorama. A pretty sweet looking Wolverine.
Another Ghost Rider, old west style. Magneto appears to be saying, “Gimme.”
A pretty cool Spidey bust. Poor R2-D2. He broken. Medics attempt to resuscitate him. A child cried.
Pirates. I’m sure we’ll see loads of those this weekend. A darkling from “The Darkness.” I touched his head. It was rubbery.
“Welcome to Comic-Con” says lil’ Supergirl. “Welcome to Comic-Con” says lil’ Raven Gregory (“The Gift,” “Se7en”)
Matt Fraction wants you to choose — E.M.P.I.R.E. or W.A.S.T.E? If you’d read “Casanova” you’d understand. Writer C.B. Cebulski. You’ll be hearing from him this weekend on CBR.
Ahh, the much talked about “Fear Agent” mobile, but you have to ask yourself … … three rounds, bare knuckle boxing, The Fear Agent Mobile vs. Mach 5, who’d win? Sorry Rick & Tony, my money’s on the Mach 5.
My kind of heroes. Ohhhh chicas! Dude, why the hell are you saluting me? I ain’t no Sith Lord!
Scott Kurtz Robert Kirkman’s taking a bite out of … “The Walking Dead” hardcover?
Robert Kirkman is flanked by his crew — Ryan Ottley and Charlie Adlard. The first of what will be many, many questionable costumes at this convention.

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