CCI, Day 0: Photo Parade & Convention Plans

The CBR crew has successfully arrived in San Diego for Comic-Con International. The drive down from Los Angeles for me was actually rather pleasant, for once. Traffic can make what is normally a two-hour drive into a three-and-a-half to five-hour drive, but this year I made it in record time -- 2 hours, 45 minutes. That was a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, traveling didn't go quite so smoothly for all of the CBR crew: Augie De Blieck Jr. found himself delayed by more than two hours in New Jersey, sitting on the tarmac with nothing to do. This seems to be a regular occurrence for him when he travels to the west coast. We're going to have to start screaming conspiracy or something.

While the drive down to San Diego went beautifully, wrestling with the hotel's wireless network was a bitch and a half. While some may prefer the convenience of a wireless network, we here at CBR prefer the reliability of a hard-wired network.

Once the much wrestling with the Internet was completed it was time to make it over to the convention floor for Preview Night, which seemed to be doing a brisk business. I was told by many that registration didn't go completely smoothly, but considering preview night could almost be called "get your pass early night," that's almost to be expected. When thousands of people all at once want their badges, that's what happens.

In the brief hour I was able to spend on the convention floor I snapped a handful of pictures for what will be the first of many photo parades this weekend. You can expect the same sort of stuff you get every year with pictures of booths, babes and the barely understandable. It should be fun.

Once again this year CBR News will be joining forces with our friends over at Newsarama to bring you complete coverage from the convention. The team-up went so well last year that we decided it was absolutely worth doing again. Look for coverage of CCI to begin Thursday afternoon Pacific time at both Web sites (that means you east coasters and Europeans are gonna have to wait a bit, but it's worth it). CBR's own Augie De Blieck Jr. will also be checking in with daily reports from the convention including a couple of possible surprises.

All right, without any further delay, here's the (abbreviated) Day 0 Photo Parade.

"Guess how much this costume cost me? $12 bucks!" he said. Well, ya did good for $12 bucks!Although when considering the cuteness factor, you just can't do much better than this."Atomika's" Sal AbbinantiThose Komikwerk's guys Shannon Denton and Patrick CoyleEric "The Goon" PowellThe Disney Comics BoothThe first group of Star Wars folks we ran into this week. Of course the question will be by Sunday, "Dude, did I take your picture already?" Not like they'd know.Brandon PetersonAngel MedinaThis year at Comic-Con International you could win ... A NEW CAR! Of course it looks like Picachu, but hey, it's A NEW CAR! (Say that "Price is Right" Style)Jeph Loeb and Ian ChurchillKronin from "Hellboy""Elk's Run" writer Joshua Fialkov"Gun Fu's" Howard Shum

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