CCI | Dark Horse's <i>Chickenhare</i> Getting Animated By Sony

Sony Pictures Animation has snared the film rights to Chickenhare, the offbeat comedy-adventure comic by Chris Grine, Variety reports.

Debuting in the 2006 Dark Horse graphic novel House of Klaus, the story follows the half-chicken, half-rabbit title character and his motley crew (including the bearded turtle Abe, and the krampus Banjo). The Eisner-nominated book was followed by the 2008 sequel Fire in the Hole. However, the publisher passed on the third volume, Fish & Grymps, leading Grine to serialize the comic online beginning in November 2009.

Dark Horse President Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg will executive produce the animated feature for Dark Horse Entertainment, while Michael Lachance and Sony Pictures Animation President Michelle Raimo-Kouyate will oversee the project for the studio.

"Chris Grine's Chickenhare is one of the quirkiest characters we've ever published," Richardson is quoted as saying. "We're excited that the good people at Sony Pictures Animation responded so enthusiastically. In Chickenhare we found a character so colorful and three-dimensional that he could only exist in an animated world."

The Chickenhare news follows the announcement last month that Dark Horse’s Beasts of Burden is being developed as a CG-animated movie.

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