CCI: Dark Horse's "Baseball Boss" Game

In celebration of the summer season and America's greatest pastime, Dark Horse Comics and Challenge Online Games have teamed up to create the greatest sports franchise ever.

The free-to-play online game combines the collectability and trading aspects of collectible cards with the competitive excitement of multi-player games. Harnessing Web 2.0 applications and asynchronous, short-form design, Baseball Boss and Dark Horse will set the bar for this emerging entertainment sector.

Plus, players can win a full set of virtual cards of the Dark Horse All-Stars team!

  • First, players need to complete their free registration for the online baseball game Baseball Boss and finish a quick account setup.
  • Then, each time their team beats the Dark Horse All-Stars in a best of 5 game series, they can randomly win a card of the Dark Horse All-Stars for their collections.
  • And, players get 3 free packs of virtual baseball cards when they register for free for Baseball Boss.

To play their first game against the Dark Horse All-Stars, players should visit - www.baseballboss.com/darkhorse

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