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It's that time again! Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada is about to take the stage at Comic-Con International in San Diego for the no holds barred live version of his popular CBR column "Cup O Joe." While things get rolling, feel free to peruse the images from the panel below while CBR updates you LIVE! on all the news of the day. Don't forget to keep refreshing your browser windows!

Quesada opened up with an explanation of his desire to give the fans their chance to ask questions or lodge complaints about how he's doing as E-i-C, noting that the best question of the panel will win a free t-shirt based on one of the announcements. Jeph Loeb, Jim McCann, Dan Buckley and C.B. Cebulski flanked Quesada on stage.

Bob Gale will start writing a regular "Amazing Spider-Man" serieal for Marvel.com's Digital Comics Unlimited. The feature will have 8 pages and load every two weeks and will cover the ground and fill in gaps not answered in the thrice-monthly "Amazing" print comic.

Charlie Huston returns to the Marvel U with a 7-issue Marvel Knights "Deathlok" series with covers by Brandon Peterson and interior art from Lan Medina.

Red She-Hulk is a new character debuting in "Hulk" of which Loeb said, "We sort of figured if we didn't tell you who the Red Hulk is, we wouldn't want to tell you who the Red She-Hulk is." The character will be a part of an announced crossover story Loeb built up by saying "Those of you who have read ['Incredible Hulk'] #600, the giant spoiler is that at the end of 600, Bruce Banner can never become the Hulk again," Loeb added, noting that the new Hulks who will take the spotlight are the Red Hulk in "Hulk" and Skaar in "Incredible Hulk." The two titles will "lead to the inevitable 'World War Hulks,'" a mini event that will play out between the two ongoing monthlies. It launches with "World War Huk: Gamma" by Loeb and John Romita, Jr. and promises to have "the death of a major character."

Into the fan questions, the new "Spider-Man: Cone Saga" book is not going to hit the Brand New Day continuity in "Amazing Spider-Man" in any way.

"Hercules" is not getting canceled, as Loeb explained, "'Hercules' continued at the exact number he has now...it's " adding that fans should think of #600 of "The Incredible Hulk" book as a special anniversary issue with all the ongoing titles continuing in its wake.

No news on Kitty Pryde in space will be coming any time soon.

John Favreau's "Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas" and "The Twelve" will both finish. As for the Iron Man book, "It's a matter of when John has time to sit down and finish the issue for us," Quesada said. The director has promised to finish the script but is deep in "Iron Man 2" now.

When a fan complained of the dollar increase on series like "Hulk," Loeb gave him a dollar. Taking the complaint at face value, Buckley said price increases came as a result of "how we look at the value of what we're producing. You may not agree with it, and I totally respect that. We look at the prices and the appropriate value for the content that's in it." McCann mentioned that added content will be in some titles to offset the increases, but Buckley said he "won't add content to rationalize my approach" and that he has made the call on what titles sell at what prices based on value.

There are no current plans for an Alpha Flight series or the character Toxin, although Quesada noted that in-audience editor Steve Wacker would respond well to threats of violence when it came to the latter question. More serisouly, Quesada viewed Toxin as a case full of "untapped potential for the character, but the Spider-Man plate is pretty full."

Ben Reilly is not necessarily coming back in Marc Guggenheim's upcoming "Who Was Ben Reilly?" arc in "Amazing Spider-Man."

An audience applause poll of which Captain America fans would like to see stay in the costume was close, but Bucky seemed to beat out Steve Rogers by a slight margin.

When a fan asked whether or not the digital comics might overtake the print series in shops, Buckley said "for most of this room ink on paper is doing pretty well...we can do both."

A fan quoted Quesada from last year's panel saying there would be news on X-Men villain "soon" and asked him to redact the statement or define "soon." Quesada defined the word as "more than twelve months," while Loeb added, "See you next year."

Deadpool's popularity became an ongoing topic when a fan asked after whether Joe Kelly would return to the series full time, Quesada said a Deadpool book with the writer would be "a dream team," but he's not coming back any time soon.

"It's a little too early to talk about it," said Quesada simply with regards to the next "Thor" creative team.

When asked about the status of Darkhawk after "War of Kings," there was no news to report, although Loeb joked, "He's with Toad."

A fan asked after any plans for Hawkeye and Mockingbird in the wake of McCann's "New Avengers: The Reunion" series. The writer said, "David Lopez is taking a well-deserved vacation," but he and McCann have been talking about future storylines, and McCann expressed a hope that news of Clint and Bobby would hit soon.

On the Ultimate line and how big it will be after "Ultimatum" fallout wraps, "The average output for the Ultimate Universe by January will be four or five books out all the time," said Buckley.

Asked after who will be the next crossover character for comics reaching out to a broader audience that people may not have known like Iron Man, Quesada cited Thor as a big possibility not just because of the upcoming film but also because Thor is becoming a must write character for creators on the comics like Iron Man was in the wake of "Civil War."

Will there be more Deadpool and Bullseye meet ups? "You try to spread them out, especially if they're really good, so you don't want to lose that specialness," Quesada said before marveling at Deadpool's giant resurgence in popularity. "I don't know if it's the Wolverine movie or just the time for Deadpool, but it's a good time to be a Deadpool fan."

Deadpool will also cross over with the Red Hulk in August with an Ed McGuinness cover, said Loeb.

Taking a break from fan questions as Quesada is teasing a big announcement...

"Marvelman belongs to Marvel," said Quesada, saying that the company purchased the character from creator Mick Anglo - a process that started in 2007 thanks to word from Neil Gaiman. "Mick is 94 years old, and I talked to him on Wednesday for an hour and a half," said Buckley noting that Marvel had discusses plans for the character and its stories with Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Alan Davis and Mark Buckingham, who was in the audience.

"I'm excited to see this character not just at Marvel, but the continued adventures of Marvelman," said Quesada.

Back to fan questions...

Marvel Zombies has no plans to be adapted into an animated movie, to which a fan responded, "Can you start one?"

Dark Reign will start to see it's plot lines wrap up in December.

A fan confronted the panel about late-shipping books and creators not turning in scripts or art for months and months on end, with Quesada responding, "The truth of the matter is that with so many of this talent is that they have careers in other places. Sometimes those careers come a knockin and pay infinitely more than comics do. At the end of the day, when work stops coming in, the only thing we can do is get another creator to finish the book. But if you're paying for Damon Lindelof, you want that...when Damon tells me [that he does comics for the love of it] and promises to get me the script...we decided to hold off. It's the essence of publishing in a lot of ways. It's not like making cars on an assembly line."

That's it for now, folks! Check back for more later on CBR!

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