CCI: <i>Burn Notice</i> Explodes In Miami


Ever wonder what the people of Miami think of USA Network's hit spy series Burn Notice, which takes place (and is filmed) in their own fair city? During a pressroom appearance at Comic-Con International, series creator Matt Nix explained all:

The funny thing is, when we started wth the show and we wanted to rent a house or film in a building, we got a lot of 'Burn Notice, is this a hospital show, about a burns unit or something? What is that?' The show hadn't even been on, people hadn't seen it, they weren't aware of it. And so, for the explosions, people had no reason to think that there would BE an explosion in Miami, so they didn't see it because they didn't expect to see it. They'd hear a loud bang, they'd think it was a car backfiring or something. Truth is, now in Miami, when people hear a loud bang, they think "Oh, Burn Notice is shooting..." By the time the third season came around, people were barbecuing when we were shooting. Twitter and [social networking] have really risen since the show started, and people always figure out that Burn Notice is blowing something up, then boom - People are rushing to see it. I have to say, there are some things that are less satisfying to see when you see them for real. Most of the explosions on Burn Notice are more satisfying to see in person than they are on TV. Some of them are just... wow, at this amazing thing.

Burn Notice airs on USA Network at 9 p.m. Thursdays.

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