CCI: BOOM!'s Mark Waid Talks Future Projects

BOOM! Studios' announcement Friday at Comic-Con International in San Diego that Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid will launch several new series beginning in Spring 2009 raised all manner of interesting questions and speculation. While details are sparse at this early stage, CBR News spoke with the reinvigorated writer to get a sense of the overall shape of the new imprint.

"The great thing about being at BOOM! is that it has put me in a position to train a lot of young guys, and help them find the editorial vision for the company. But after a year of doing that exclusively, you look back on my resume for the last year and realize I've only written a half dozen comics," Waid said.

"I do have the creative itch, and I miss doing stuff. So I went to Ross a few weeks ago and said, 'you know, now that we're a year in, I want to redefine the rules a little bit.' I want to maintain the editorial job, but spend less time on the administrative level and more time on creating my own line of books, which is something I should have done 15 years ago but had been too busy managing other people's trademarks."

Waid told CBR that he had "a good half dozen series ideas," but that no decision has been made as to what he'll work on first. As such, he is reluctant to discuss what exactly these ideas might be. "I don't want all the carbonation to be let out of the bottle just now," he said.

He did say, though, that he would be interested to hear what fans at Comic-Con and elsewhere would like to see from him, whether they would welcome a return to superhero stories or prefer comics in other genres. "With 'Potter's Field' and, to a lesser extent, with 'Empire,' and with some of the other stuff I've done over the years, I like stretching away from the straight superhero genre. And I think it's important to be versatile," Waid said. Then, hesitating through the first few words, he continued, "At the same time, I would like to give fans to some degree what they want. I won't cut off my nose to spite my face. There are some superhero-y ideas, there are some that are not even remotely action-adventure, and that's part of the decision making process over the next few months.

"Ultimately, it's got to be something I feel comfortable getting up and writing every morning--but I don't want to work so hard to distance myself from the genre I've associated myself with that I end up creating stuff that nobody's interested in."

Unlike the standard BOOM! format of 4 or 5-issue miniseries, with longer stories being told through successive minis, Waid revealed that at least one title in his imprint will be an ongoing series. "From a publishing standpoint, miniseries make perfect sense; but from a creative standpoint, sometimes you want to cut loose with an ongoing," he said. "It also gives the whole company a sense of legacy and it gives the whole company a vital sense of continuity. Not 'continuity' in the sense of costume details and shared history, but continuity in the sense of something that lasts for sixty or seventy issues in a row that continues to accrue an audience."

An ongoing series would seem to raise the prospect other writers might follow Waid on the new titles if there comes a time he chooses to move on. But that's not something the writer is thinking about just now. "Having another writer continue stuff that I set up is a possibility, but it's something that is way down the line," Waid said. " I think the important thing right now is that I really put my head to it and get my head in the game and create things that I am comfortable writing for some length of time."

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