CCI: Activision's Comic-Con Pre-Party Recap

Last night Activision kicked off its festivities for Comic-Con International in San Diego the right way, between a pair of playable comic book video games and the presence of the legendary Stan Lee.

The publisher took over the Anthology nightclub in San Diego Wednesday night to showcase its upcoming games for the fall season, including "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" and "X-Men Destiny," and also announced its latest addition to its holiday line-up, a reboot of the classic James Bond game "Goldeneye." Titled "Goldeneye: Reloaded," the game features high-definition visuals, the presence of Bond actor Daniel Craig and, of course, multiplayer -- a standard feature that made the game so addictive years ago on the Nintendo 64.

Waiters were dressed in tuxedos and playable kiosks featuring "Goldeneye" were highlights, but Activision also made its comic presence known at the event. Attendees were able to play both "Edge of Time" and "X-Men Destiny" for the first time. (We'll have reports on both games very soon.) Stan Lee also attended the event, and even though he was busy with interviews for the most part, he was always friendly and eager to greet fans as he made his way through the proceedings.

With plenty of free drinks, friendly faces and awesome games, Activision made quite an impression with its party Wednesday night, and they even gave us some cool "Goldeneye" oriented swag to make us feel like awesome spy folk. Kudos to the team for throwing a great party, and we look forward to the next one.

Check out the all-new CCI trailer for "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" and a gallery of images below.

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