CCI: ABC's <i>V</i> To Pit Humans Vs. Aliens Vs. Humans In New Season


The first season of ABC's revival of the alien-invasion drama V ended with the skies turning red, and the emotionless Anna discovering what it feels like to be overcome with human feelings. According to producer and writer Scott Rosenbaum, that's only the beginning of the changes the series will undergo in its second season.

"I think that the biggest evolution that I'm sensing for the second season is that the mythology is going to become a lot more clear; the reasons why the Vs are here," Rosenbaum told the press following Saturday's panel at Comic-Con International. "How long they've been here, what their plans are -- and once you know what their plan is, which was danced around, but not too clear in the first season, you'll be able to see when things happen to screw up their plans.

"It starts in episode one, with the continuation of the Red Sky story, and an explanation of the fact that Anna felt human emotion for the first time, and unleashed the Red Sky early, how that really starts to screw up the whole plan that Anna had come up with. So, I think that that probably, from just a pure story perspective, is probably the biggest evolution. I think, beyond that, that there's going to be turning up the dial a little bit on how far the visitors are willing to go on certain things, and how far we as storytellers are willing to go. We want to surprise the viewers. Not like, 'Oh, Anna is Lisa's mother,' but surprise viewers with what the Visitors will actually do. And what [the human] characters will actually do; I think there are some surprises that Erica has, that push her to doing things that you never think that, as a federal agent and a mother, that she would actually consider doing ... and she does.

"[Also] I think that Chad is an interesting character. We're also going to meet Chad's father, this year, in the middle of the season, and I think that meeting his father is going to shed some light on why Chad has made some of the decisions in his life that he has, and I think that in the first episode, we'll get a very clear answer as to where Chad stands morally speaking, and then we're going to be able to see the choices he makes throughout the season, and why he does something because it's something he morally believes is right to do, or whether it'll be something that's a means to an end."

It's not only individuals who will be impacted by the show's evolution; the human rebellion, the Fifth Column, will also -- finally -- become more of a force to reckon with ... and they're not the only faction who'll cause trouble for the Visitors.

"The Fifth Column will develop further," Rosenbaum said. "One of the things that we realized over the course of the first season was, if the Fifth Column is really going to be credible taking on the Vs, it can't just be four people. They have to expand, so there's a new character introduced in the first episode who's a scientist, who has information that fits into the developing puzzle and begins to answer the puzzle that is the Visitors. There also is, in one of the early episodes, we'll start to see this extreme version of the Fifth Column, and so we have the Visitors and 'our' Fifth Column and a more radical version of the Fifth Column, so it puts our people in the middle, and they're fighting the Visitors and the radical version, because the radical version is going much further than our people find comfortable.

"The interesting thing, while we were watching the season finale on the air ... I'll usually watch it on the East Coast feed -- not the show, people's reactions to it on Facebook, their comments as it's streaming on Facebook, and I thought, 'Oh, my God. Everyone thinks Marcus is part of the Fifth Column now.' And to be honest, that was not something that was intentional when it comes to the writing or the execution of that episode or that scene, but it was a very interesting thing that just kind of came out. We will definitely start to see that maybe we don't trust Marcus quite as much as we did in the first season, maybe that he has his own agenda ... I don't know if we'll go as far as to say that he's part of the Fifth Column, I don't think that's part of the plan, but I think we'll start to see that he has a hidden agenda, and we'll start to see part of that, as well."

V returns to ABC this fall.

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