CCI: <i>666 Park Avenue</i> Promises Mysteries, Devilish Terry O'Quinn

Comic-Con International played up the scariness of Friday the 13th with a screening of ABC’s upcoming supernatural drama 666 Park Avenue, followed by a brief question-and-answer session with the show’s stars and executive producers.

Based on Gabriella Pierce’s novels, 666 Park Avenue stars Terry O’Quinn (Lost) and Vanessa Williams (Desperate Housewives) as the owners of a Manhattan apartment building who recruit an idealistic young couple to manage the historic, and mysterious, structure.

It isn’t clear whether O’Quinn’s character Gavin is the devil, or if he simply works for the devil, but he’s definitely making deals and collecting payments in the form of souls. The pilot sets up a season filled with intrigue and a struggle between good and evil as a young couple (Rachael Taylor of Charlie’s Angels and Dave Annable of Brothers & Sisters) are hired to manage the building, only to be seduced by lavish lifestyle of Gavin and his wife Olivia.

The drama also stars Robert Buckley (One Tree Hill), Mercedes Masohn (The Finder), Helena Mattsson (Iron Man 2) and Samantha Logan (Law & Order: SVU).

Along with O'Quinn, Williams, Annable and Taylor, the show’s executive producers Matthew Miller and David Wilcox were on hand for the Q&A. Wilcox said the series will have several deal-with-the-devil episodes that focus on Gavin’s ability to manipulate people; everyone has a price, and Gavin will find it. He also said 666 Park Avenue will have depth, delving into the mystery of the building, its tenants, and of course the deals.

“If the show is formulaic, then we have failed,” Wilcox said.

O’Quinn informed the crowd that they have only shot the pilot, and that none of the cast has seen additional scripts. He added that he enjoys knowing nothing about the plot and looks forward to discovering the mystery along the way. The panel then hypothesized about whether O’Quinn’s character was the devil or merely worked for the devil. It seemed as if all of the panelists made a joke about O’Quinn being evil, which led to him having a devilish grin throughout the Q&A.

Miller added that the mythology of the show would be pretty deep. “We want to establish who is doing this,” he said. “What they’re doing and why.”

Williams said she was excited to play Mrs. Evil and looks forward to seducing the young couple. There was a little chatter that maybe Williams’ character might actually be pulling the strings. Taylor said she’s looking forward to entering dark territory and explore what happens when terrible things happen around the couple.

“I feel like they’re going to stick me in the basement at two o’clock in the morning,” she said. Annable agreed that there will probably be plenty of late-night shoots this season.

As they talked about the mystery of the show, O’Quinn asked when they would have an episode discovering Taylor’s Australian accent.

The panel ended with Wilcox informing the audience that O’Quinn’s birthday was in two days, and 2,000 people sang “Happy Birthday.”

666 Park Avenue premieres Sept. 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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