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CCI 2008 Preview: Part I

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CCI 2008 Preview: Part I

This is it – CBR’s comprehensive list of publisher signings, panels and other events for Comic-Con International 2008. If your company isn’t on today’s list, drop us an email with your info via the handy link above and we’ll gladly add it to our supplemental list on Tuesday afternoon.

First a quick note for anyone who was wondering about internet access while taking a break from walking the convention: Dreamworks Pictures EAGLE EYE will be the proud first time sponsor of free Wi-Fi service at Comic-Con, providing access to the over 125,000 conference attendees. So, go ahead and bid on that complete Teen Titans underoos set with no fear – you’ll be able to check in and save yourself from being sniped at the last minute while enjoying a delicious soft pretzel.

12 Gauge Comics

12 Gauge Comics blasts into Comic-Con 2008! (Booth #2547)

Eisner-Winning colorist and special guest Dave Stewart will be at our booth coloring pages from the highly anticipated (and soon to be released) BODY BAGS: ONE SHOT! Don’t miss this very unique Comic-Con experience, as you can watch one of the most celebrated colorists in the industry perform his magic!

Creators signing throughout the show include:

  • Steven Grant and Victor Riches (THE SAFEST PLACE)
  • Mink (DUST, 13 CHAMBERS)
  • Doug Wagner (THE RIDE)
  • Jason Pearson (BODY BAGS)
  • David Atchison (THE O.C.T.)
  • Davide Fabbri (DUST)
  • Jason Latour (LOOSE ENDS)
  • Cully Hamner (THE RIDE) *Sunday only

Be sure to stop by early and get your THE SAFEST PLACE t-shirt…FREE with every purchase of THE SAFEST PLACE OGN, while supplies last!

We’ll also have previews of new books and cool freebies, exclusively at the 12 Gauge Comics booth, #2547. See you there!

Abstract Studios

Terry Moore, award winning creator of Strangers In Paradise and Echo, will be signing at the Abstract Studio booth daily during the show. For the first time ever, we are offering a Terry Moore sketchbook which will debut at CCI. New prints of Echo and Strangers In Paradise as well as a brand new Echo t-shirt will also be available. We are in booth 2209 directly across from DC Comics on the main isle. Stop by and help us celebrate our 15th year at Comic-Con!

Active Images/Comicraft

Those awfully nice, Eisner-Award-nominated, chaps at Comicraft, John JG Roshell and Richard No Middle Initials Starkings have a whole bushel of goodies for visitors to their booth in the Independent Publishers’ Pavilion (just look for the red carpet, folks!)… Aside from hot-off-the-presses copies of the ELEPHANTMEN: WAR TOYS and ELEPHANTMEN: WOUNDED ANIMALS trade paperbacks, the latest issue of ELEPHANTMEN (#13) and the Beautiful Deluxe Edition of the Kelly/Bachalo masterpiece CAPTAIN STONEHEART & THE TRUTH FAIRY (with audio CD!), look for two show exclusives — the new TIM SALE sketchbook, HEROES/VILLAINS/BABES and the glorious hardcover edition of David Hine’s gothic shocker, STRANGE EMBRACE, which features an exclusive print signed and numbered by Dave. PLUS: Badges, Posters, Postcards and T-Shirts! Booth 2106. Signings by ELEPHANTMEN creators, Starkings & Moritat, SPAWN and DISTRICT X writer David Hine and TIM SALE BLACK AND WHITE REVISED & EXPANDED artist, um, Tim Sale! Bring British chocolate and don’t forget that Comicraft fonts are half price @ for the duration of the show! is packing up the caravan and heading westward to San Diego! We are pleased to announce that this year we will again be right in the heart of the con floor in Booth #2419 and we will be bringing giant portfolios of new artwork!

And here’s a new previously unannounced tidbit just for the faithful – this year. Alex will again be unveiling his 2008 sketchbook and it will be available only at the booth at San Diego.

Still not enough for you? How about if we told you that we will also be bringing an exclusive litho featuring presidential hopeful Barack Obama! Make your plans to make it to the San Diego Comic-Con and check out Booth 2419 when you get there!

Ape Entertainment

Ape Entertainment has released their signing schedule in a handy graph format. Click here to see it.

Arcana Studio

Arcana Studio, the home of Kade, Clockwork Girl, and Koni Waves will be located this year at booth 2514. The 20ft x 20ft booth will feature duel signing areas giving fans twice as many opportunities to catch their favorite Arcana creators. Among their exclusives are advance copies of books that will not be on shelves for several months including Koni Waves: Ghouls Gone Wild!, Marlow, and The Horsemen. Prints include the Avengelyne vs. Koni Waves boxing posters that hype the upcoming battle of the babes pitting Rob Liefeld’s fallen angel against Arcana’s hard drinkin’ Hawaiian hottie. Preview copies of upcoming series Gauze and the Greatest American Hero will be available as well. Speaking of Greatest American Hero, series stars William Katt and Robert Culp will be in attendance all weekend at the booth for the announcement of the new Arcana comic book series. In addition, the legendary animators who are responsible for such films as An American Tail, A Land Before Time, Dragon’s Lair, and Space Ace (Don Bluth & Gary Goldman) will be on hand for a special Dragon’s Lair hardcover signing. In addition, other top Arcana creators such as Sean O’Reilly, Mark Poulton, Camilla d’Errico, Adam Gallardo, and Todd Demong will be on hand, as will superhero model Ruby Rocket dressed as Arcana’s own Eve: Vampire Diva! Here is a complete listing of signing times:

Thursday July 24th

  • noon to 1:30pm – The Gwai’s Pedro Delgado (right side)/Burn’s Camilla d’Errico (left side)
  • 2pm to 3:30pm – Greatest American Hero’s William Katt and Robert Culp (right side)/100 Girls’ Adam Gallardo & Todd Demong (left side)
  • 4pm to 5:30pm – Koni Waves’ Mark Poulton (right side)/Rhino & Heaven’s Echo’s Siike Donnelly (left side)
  • 6pm to 7pm – Fafnir the Dragon’s Asta G (right side)
  • *Sean O’Reilly (Kade/Clockwork Girl) appearing throughout the day

Friday July 25th

  • 10am to 1pm – Dragon’s Lair’s Don Bluth & Gary Goldman (right side)
  • 1:30pm to 2:30pm – The Gwai’s Pedro Delgado (right side)/Marlow’s Aaron Nelson (left side)
  • 3pm to 4pm – Greatest American Hero’s William Katt and Robert Culp (right side)/Helen Killer’s Andrew Kreisberg (left side)
  • 4:30pm to 5:30pm – 100 Girls’ Adam Gallardo & Todd Demong (right side)/Burn’s Camilla d’Errico (left side)
  • 6pm to 7pm – Grunts’ Matt Jacobs (right side)/Rhino & Heaven’s Echo’s Siike Donnelly (left side)
  • *Mark Poulton (Koni Waves) and Sean O’Reilly (Kade/Clockwork Girl) appearing throughout the day

Saturday July 26th

  • 10am to 11am – Marlow’s Aaron Nelson (right side)/Burn’s Camilla d’Errico (left side)
  • noon to 2:30pm – Greatest American Hero’s William Katt and Robert Culp (right side)/Rhino & Heaven’s Echo’s Siike Donnelly (left side)
  • 3pm to 4pm – Koni Waves’ Mark Poulton (right side)/Helen Killer’s Andrew Kreisberg (left side)
  • 4:30pm to 5:30pm – 100 Girls’ Adam Gallardo & Todd Demong (right side)/The Gwai’s Pedro Delgado (left side)
  • 6pm to 7pm – Grunts’ Matt Jacobs (right side)/Gauze’s Gerrin Tramis (left side)
  • *Sean O’Reilly (Kade/Clockwork Girl) and model Ruby Rocket appearing throughout the day

Sunday July 27th

  • 10am to 11am – The Gwai’s Pedro Delgado (right side)/Gauze’s Gerrin Tramis (left side)
  • 11am to 12:30pm – Greatest American Hero’s William Katt & Robert Culp (right side)/Helen Killer’s Andrew Kreisberg (left side)
  • 1pm to 2pm – Burn’s Camilla d’Errico (right side)/100 Girls’ Adam Gallardo & Todd Demong (left side)
  • 2:30pm to 3:30pm – Rhino & Heaven’s Echo’s Siike Donnelly (right side)/Fafnir the Dragon’s Asta G (left side)
  • *Sean O’Reilly (Kade/Clockwork Girl) appearing throughout the day

Avatar Press

NO HERO #0 SDCC Exclusive Edition

Retail Price: $2.00

Limited to : 5000 copies

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The hottest series of the summer is beginning right now, as Ellis and Ryp unleash their next epic on the world! The superstar team that made Black Summer an instant fan-favorite are back, and revolutionizing masked heroes yet again! Warren Ellis & Juan Jose Ryp have created an exciting new universe that explodes into action in this zero chapter. In 1966, a group of superhumans emerged in San Francisco, guided by the man whose unique new drugs gave them their incredible powers. Calling themselves The Levellers, this unified front stood against street crimes and corruption, in defense of their city against any and all assault. Years have passed, and we fast-forward through the tumultuous events of those early years to today, where the idealistic Levellers have gone through four incarnations to become The Front Line. But the team is not the only thing that’s advanced over the years, and there are no easy victories when their luck finally begins to run out… This exclusive cover features and all-new “homage” cover by Juan Jose Ryp and is limited to just 5000 copies.

NO HERO Sketchbook SDCC Exclusive Edition

Retail Price: $5.00

Limited to : 1500 copies

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Artistic maestro Juan Jose Ryp did so much stunning design work for the No Hero series, we just had to make it available! Featuring 16 pages of all-new pinup material that won’t be seen anywhere else, this sketch collection is a special sneak-peak at the characters of Ellis and Ryp’s new super-human series! Limited to 1500 copies.

CROSSED Sketchbook SDCC Exclusive Edition

Retail Price: $5.00

Limited to : 1500 copies

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows are serving up their most deliciously evil project yet this Fall with Crossed, but you can take a sneak peak at the mayhem now with the Crossed Sketchbook. This special sketchbook lets you go behind-the-scenes with artist Jacen Burrows and see the character designs, first pages of the series, loads of all-new pinups, and upcoming covers! Limited to 1500 copies.

ANNA MERCURY #1 SDCC Exclusive Edition

Retail Price: $5.00

Limited to : 1500 copies

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Warren Ellis introduces you to the sultry Anna Mercury in this all-new color series! Dancing amid the spires of a city called New Ataraxia, there is a woman who can cloud men’s minds, leap across buildings as if weightless, unerringly fire twin automatic pistols in the most insane conditions, and disappear in a crowded room. She fights against the political repression of an insane technocratic society, and she comes from a place that no-one in New Ataraxia has ever heard of. And she’s got one hour to save the city from itself. A high-octane blend of The Shadow, Tomb Raider, retropunk science fiction and 21st century Weird Pulp Action, ANNA MERCURY is a headlong adventure serial about a beautiful and mysterious spy-adventurer who is not what she seems…. This exclusive SDCC edition is limited to 1500 copies with a smoking hot new cover by series artist Facundo Percio!


Retail Price: $5.00

Limited to : 1000 copies

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Edison George unveals this cover of terror to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of a true iconic horror movie classic! NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD co-creator John Russo brings you a new tale of terror set during the night that changed the world forever. The Eastern United States is in chaos as hordes of the undead wage war against the living, and increasingly frantic television transmissions are the only source of information available to a terrified populace. But there is no escape from the living dead and no safe place to hide, not even the WIIC-TV studio where original NOTLD news anchorman Chuck Blaine has some difficult decisions to make: Should his heroic news crew continue their emergency public broadcasts, or run from the army of ghouls amassing outside the station? More importantly, should he continue to disseminate questionable government recommendations that could be luring viewers into inescapable death traps? This special bonus-sized tale features appearances by some of the original film’s most memorable characters, including the recently deceased Johnny, Barbra and little Karen Cooper! This exclusive SDCC edition is limited to 1000 copies.

WOLFSKIN Annual #1 SDCC Exclusive Edition

Retail Price: $5.00

Limited to : 1000 copies

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Warren Ellis’ epic barbarian saga returns! Before history was recorded in stone and ink, some men wrote it in blood. This all-new color Annual is the perfect way to hone your senses for the new Wolfskin series that begins this summer! In the world of the First Century, where broadswords, warhammers and warriors abound, a man’s worth is measured by the swiftness of his reflexes and his preparedness to kill. From the far North, the roaming Wolfskin is a mercenary of unequaled might, dedicated to delivering the souls of his enemies to a blood-thirsty God. Wolfskin has arrived in a bustling coastal community, where merchants and seafarers have transformed a primitive village into an economic paradise. But the architects of the seaport’s prosperity wear the brands of criminals, and only Wolfskin suspects that behind the veneer of the town’s thriving commerce lies a secret most vile. The tattooed Algizmen, disowned by the Gods themselves, know that Wolfskin must be destroyed before the contents of the mysterious casks that have brought the seaport its wealth are exposed! Just as they’ve done with the hit series Gravel, Warren Ellis as plotmaster and Mike Wolfer on script assist have teamed up to create an immersive world drawn by stellar newcomer Gianluca Pagliarani. This exclusive SDCC edition is limited to 1000 copies.


Retail Price: $20.00

Limited to : 250 copies

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Matt Busch’s stunning undead tribute to Patrick Nagle is now available on this limited edition art print! This exclusive SDCC edition is limited to 250 copies.


Comic-Con is here! CBLDF is celebrating the con with exclusive new premiums, an all-star live art jam, an incredible auction, the return of the Drink & Draw Social Club at Thursday’s Welcome Party, and some mind-boggling one-of-a-kind items donated to benefit the cause! Read on to discover what the Fund’s got planned for you at Comic-Con!

At the Booth! (1831/1833)

Liberty Comics!

Celebrate Free Speech with the debut of Liberty Comics! This full color anthology features Mike Mignola, J. Scott Campbell, Ed Brubaker, Garth Ennis, Mark Millar & more. Get your copy first from the CBLDF at Comic-Con!

Neil Gaiman Exclusives! – Snow, Glass, Apples

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab presents “Snow, Glass, Apples,” a numbered, limited edition chapbook of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed short story, with new art by Julie Dillon. Each chapbook comes with a 5ml bottle of Snow, Glass, Apples perfume oil blend from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

This edition is limited to 1000 copies. 250 will be available from CBLDF at Comic Con 2008, and the remainder will go on sale July 30, 2008, at The Fund will be offering the set at the retail value of $50.

Neil’s Signed Tees!

The ultimate Neil Gaiman collectible! To benefit the CBLDF, Neil has generously signed and donated a selection of his t-shirt collection for this year’s Comic-Con! Each one-of-a-kind t-shirt is personally signed, including some incredibly rare ones, such as movie crew tees and other souvenirs! Get ’em before they’re gone!

Comics, Graphic Novels, & Prints!

CBLDF always offers a wide array of premiums signed by your favorite creators! Stop by this year for new books signed by creators including: Joss Whedon, Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Brian Bendis, Frank Miller, Jill Thompson, Jeff Smith, Colleen Doran, Garth Ennis, Brian Azzarello, Frank Cho and dozens more!

We’ll also have new prints by Joseph Michael Linsner, Terry Moore, Jeff Smith, Larry Marder & more! Get cool stuff to support Free Speech!

Comic-Con Welcome Party! Thursday 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM Westgate Hotel

Kick off the year’s biggest comics show in style at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s Comic-Con Welcome Party on Thursday, July 24 at the Westgate Hotel in downtown San Diego.

Sponsored by Image Comics , New York Comic Con , Newsarama , and ICv2 , the CBLDF’s Comic-Con Welcome Party is the perfect start to Comic-Con. Join top artists including Jim Lee, Claudio Sanchez, Robert Kirkman, Colleen Doran, Jim Valentino, Erik Larsen and many more for a night under the stars where you’ll receive an amazing gift bag and witness an exclusive meeting of the Drink & Draw Social Club, featuring Dave Johnson, Dan Panosian & special guests.

The first 300 guests will receive an amazing gift bag including: Four Eyes preview books and Dead Space posters, courtesy of Image Comics; A limited edition New York Comic-Con bobble head, courtesy of New York Comic-Con; a Hellboy 2 Coaster set, courtesy of Dark Horse, and more!

The CBLDF Welcome Party starts at 7:30 PM on Thursday July 24. Admission is a $10 donation for CBLDF Members, and $20 and up for non-members.

Live Art Jam! Sunday 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Room 5AB

Did you ever want to look over a legendary artist’s shoulder while they’re making a great piece of art, and then add it to your collection? Well, here’s your chance to do just that and support a great cause! See Jim Lee (Batman), Whilce Portacio (Spawn), Joseph Michael Linsner (Dawn) and Terry Moore (Echo) draw live art projected on the big screen at the CBLDF Live Art Jam at Comic-Con! Watch these comics legends make stunning drawings of your favorite comics characters that you can bid on to support the First Amendment legal work of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund! Don’t miss this unforgettable event! Please note, you will need a bidder number to bid on art in this event, which you can pick up throughout the con at Booth 1831, or at the start of the event.

Live Art Auction! Saturday, 7:00 – 9:00 PM Room 2

This is the big one! The CBLDF holds its biggest auction of the year at Comic-Con, and this year brings some amazing one-of-a-kind items to raise money for Free Speech! Primo items include original art by Jack Kirby, Dave Gibbons, Walter Simonson, J. Scott Campbell, Jeff Smith, Neil Gaiman, Paul Pope, & more! All this plus rare comics, signed graphic novels, and prints! You will need a bidder number for this auction, at the CBLDF Booth #1831 or at the start of the event.

Check out the full list of items below

  • Matt Wagner, Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen #2, Cover (original art)
  • Jeff Smith, Shazam: Monster Society of Evil dust jacket gatefold, (original art)
  • Jack Kirby & Vince Colletta, “The Teacher,” 10 page romance story (original art)
  • Dave Gibbons, Watchmen group portrait (original art)
  • J. Scott Campbell, Liberty Comics Danger Girl cover (original art)
  • Walter Simonson, Thor in Asgard, (original art)
  • Jim Silke, Bettie Page watercolor (original art)
  • Greg Rucka, Montoya Crime Journal – One of a kind journal created by Greg Rucka for “The Question”. Details: (book arts)
  • Paul Pope, Batman Year 100 page(original art)
  • Mike Allred, Solo — Mr. Miracle ‘Batusi’ Unused Cover (original art)
  • Shaun McManus, Swamp Thing, Pog group portrait (original art)
  • Terry Moore, Strangers in Paradise #8, p 4 (original art)
  • Marc Silvestri, Whilce Portacio, Rob Liefeld, Jim Valentino, Erik Larsen, jam drawing, pencil on Bristol (original art)
  • Nicholas Gurewich, Perry Bible Fellowship – “Zuthulu’s Resurrection” (original art)
  • Brian Haberlin, Spawn #173, p 2-3, Double Page Splash (original art)
  • Dave Sim, Neil Gaiman, “Lithograph 1: Neil Gaiman,” signed by Sim, collage retouch by Gaiman (prints/original art)
  • Carla Speed McNeil, Frank Ironwine p. 13, signed by McNeil & Warren Ellis (original art)
  • Eric Powell, Noir #3, page 2, signed with Goon Sketch (original art)
  • Endless Reflections. One of a kind Sandman art tribute.(book arts)
  • Jimmie Robinson!, Bomb Queen CBLDF Pin-Up (original art)
  • Walter Simonson, Orion, original drawing (original art)
  • Charlie Adlard, “The 12 Brothers” 4 page story (original art)
  • Richard Moore, Boneyard pinup (original art)
  • Goran Sudzuka & Jose Marzan Jr., Y: The Last Man #32, Page 19 (original art)
  • Jeremy Love, Y & Ampersand Pin Up (original art)
  • David Mack, The Shy Creatures, drawing (original art)
  • Spain Rodriguez, Three Women, sketch (original art)
  • Timothy Truman, Grimjack drawing for CBLDF (original art)
  • Ramon Bachs, John Lucas, Civil War: Embedded #4, p. 7 (original art)
  • Brian Stelfreeze, figure studies, set of 7 (original art)
  • Charlie Adlard, First Character designs for The Establishment, set of 5 (original art)
  • Scott Roberts, Patty Cake page (original art)
  • John Heebink, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #7, p. 14 (original art)
  • Neil Gaiman, The Dangerous Alphabet #260/400 (prints)
  • Neil Gaiman, Murder Mysteries HC, #122/250 (book arts)
  • Neil Gaiman, The Sky At Night broadsheet #1/5 (prints)
  • Superpowers poster signed by Alex Ross (prints)
  • Ewoks original hand painted production cel (animation art)
  • William Stout print #43/75, signed; hurt corners (prints)
  • Rino Munzo 1984 portfolio, signed (prints)
  • Jim Fitzpatrick 1979 Portfolio, signed (prints)
  • Jan Duursema’s Spirit Guides portfolio #510/1500, signed (prints)
  • Harlan Ellison Angry Candy HC, signed (book arts)
  • Ian Carr, Malcolm & Eric, 2 page story (original art)
  • Neil Gaiman, Stardust Movie Premiere ticket, signed (ephemera)
  • Fabio Laguna, Dragon’s Lair pinup (original art)
  • Michael Gaydos, Unidentified, p. 5 (original art)
  • Alan Moore & Todd Klein, Alphabets of Desire, signed print, first edition (prints)
  • Frank Miller, 300 print, printer’s test print, signed (prints)
  • Arthur Suydam, Forbidden Zone poster, signed (prints)
  • Arthur Suydam, Conan poster, 2005, Dragon Con, signed (prints)
  • Eric Powell, Dave Stewart, Goon Monoprint, signed by both with sketch by Powell (prints)
  • Cerebus #147, featuring Neil Gaiman’s 24 Hour Comic, signed with sketch by Sim (comics)

Kyle Baker

Meet Kyle Baker next week at San Diego Comic Con!

Thursday, July 24

  • 3 to 4 pm – Abrams Booth, signing copies of NAT TURNER
  • 5 to 6 pm – Image Booth #2729, signing copies of THE BAKERS: BABIES & KITTENS, SPECIAL FORCES

Friday, July 25

  • 11 am to 12 noon – Vanguard Booth, signing copies of HOW TO DRAW STUPID AND OTHER ESSENTIALS OF CARTOONING
  • 12:30 to 1:30 pm – Image Booth #2729, signing copies of THE BAKERS: BABIES & KITTENS, SPECIAL FORCES
  • 3 to 4 pm – Abrams Booth, signing copies of NAT TURNER

Saturday, July 26

  • 10 to 11 am – Image Booth #2729, signing copies of THE BAKERS: BABIES & KITTENS, SPECIAL FORCES
  • 11:30 to 12:30 pm – Abrams Booth, signing copies of NAT TURNER
  • 4:30 to 5:30 pm – The Story of an Image – Comic-Con special guests Kim Deitch (Shadowland), Jim Woodring (Frank), Jim Ottaviani (Two-Fisted Science), and Kyle Baker (Nat Turner) will each show and discuss a single comics panel from their own work–how it came together and how it resonates in its context. Moderated by Douglas Wolk (Reading Comics). Room 4

Sunday, July 27

  • 11:30 to 12:30 pm – SPOTLIGHT ON KYLE BAKER, Room 2 – Between the rich history of Nat Turner, the family hijinks of The Bakers: Babies & Kittens, and the wild war in Special Forces, it’s been a busy year so far for Kyle Baker! The Eisner Award-winning writer/artist talks about all this stuff and what’s next.
  • 2 to 3 pm – Vanguard Booth, signing copies of HOW TO DRAW STUPID AND OTHER ESSENTIALS OF CARTOONING

Blank Label Comics

Creators Greg Dean (Real Life Comics), Howard Tayler (Schlock Mercenary), Steve Troop (Melonpool, Cryptozooey), and David Willis (Shortpacked!) will be at the booth for signings throughout the convention.

Greg Dean’s newest poster “Cordova Dean” will be available at Comic-Con before it’s available in stores.

Steve Troop’s new comic “Cryptozooey” is launching at Comic-Con. Attendees can pick it up before it’s available in stores.

Howard Tayler’s new book “Schlock Mercenary: The Teraport Wars” will be available for pre-order. Comic-Con exclusive: attendees can pre-order a numbered sketch edition and pick the number they’d like (between 002 and 1000). The first eight people to place orders will have their orders filled from advance copies a full month before the book becomes available.

Blind Ferret Press

“Looking for Group” and “Least I Could Do” creators Ryan Sohmer & Lar deSouza will be signing at Booth #1435 for the duration of the show.

A limited number of “Looking For Group Vol. 1” Hardcover editions will be available while supplies last.

BOOM! Studios


Stephen Baldwin signing THE REMNANT PREVIEW – – Friday and Saturday Morning Only

Mark Waid signing POTTER’S FIELD – Thursday 3:30-4:30, Friday 2-3 and Saturday 3:30-4:30


Make-up Artist extraordinaire John Wrightson will be Zombie-fying anyone that purchases a BOOM! Zombie t-shirt for $20. First come, first serve!


A small advance print run of PULP TALES, will be available at our booth. PULP TALES comes with two covers, a cover art by Ben Templesmith for $4 (JUL083759) and a “donation cover” by Josh Medors (JUL083758) for $10.


Stephen Baldwin and Andrew Cosby’s THE REMNANT PREVIEW BOOK – $5



(XXXX= to be announced later! Start guessing now!)






Where: Hyatt Grand Lobby Bar

When: Thursday July 24th from 9 to ??

What : As the sage Brian Wood stated, boycotting only hurts the wait staff – so given that the Hyatt Hotel owner has decided to be a homophobic bigot, the BOOM! DRINK UP is now the BOOM! DRINK UP/GAY PRIDE PARTY!

Everybody, come, wave your freak flag high, tip the waiters and we will be taking shots of the party and sending the pictures directly to the proprietor to let him know exactly who his customers are and how much money he looks to lose in the future.

(For those not in the know, a “Drink Up” is just like a “Meet Up” but with people drinking. This will be a gathering of friends and fans, so make plans to stop by and see what’s happening!)

Broadsword Comics

We’re at Booth #1715 and there every single day do free quick sketches!

An Exclusive Pin-Up Sketch book – ” Drawn Together” book 2. This book is chock full of never or rarely seen before artwork by Jim & I. Ranging from doodles to commission pieces of your favorite characters! These 32 pages , b/w with colour centerfold, Books are all signed by both of us and numbered with a 200 piece print run.

We’ve had Cos-players contact us and clue us in that n Friday Boo Cat will be prancing around and on Saturday Tarot and Crypt Chick! so for goodness sake bring a Camera!

We’re listed under ‘J’ for Jim Balent in the Program!

Oh and I’m on a Panel!
Saturday, July 26, 10:00-11:00 Spirituality in Comics Spiritual themes weave a significant pattern in the story arc of our comics worlds. Hear from distinguished guests Cory Edwards (writer/director, Hoodwinked, Fraggle Rock: The Movie), Holly Golightly (School Bites, Sabrina the Teenage Witch), Scott Wong (co-founder, Brethren Entertainment), and P.C. Hamerlinck (Alter-Ego). Moderated by Leo Partible (Behind the Screen: Insiders on Faith, Film & Culture). Room 2

WooHoo! See you next week!

Holly G!

Dark Horse Comics

Booth #2615

2008 Signing Schedule!

WEDNESDAY, JULY 23 (Preview Night)

Domo raffle! Come to our booth to win one of our San Diego Exclusive Domo Figures!


  • 11:00 – 12:00 Rick Geary: The Adventures of Blanche
  • 12:00 – 1:00 Joshua Dysart: B.P.R.D., Conan and the Midnight God
  • 12:00 – 1:00 Bernie Wrightson: Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein
  • 1:00 – 2:00 Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon: Umbrella Academy, Myspace Dark Horse Presents
  • 2:00 – 3:00 Nathan Fox: Pigeons From Hell
  • 2:00 – 3:00 Dean Motter: Mister X
  • 3:00 – 4:00 Greg “Stainboy” Reinel: Vicious Intent
  • 3:00 – 4:00 Gilbert Hernandez: Speak of the Devil
  • 4:00 – 5:00 Jim Hardison: The Helm
  • 5:00 – 6:00 Eric Powell: The Goon


  • 11:00 – 12:00 Matt Wagner: Grendel
  • 11:00 – 12:00 Mike Kennedy: Aliens Vs. Predator
  • 12:00 – 1:00 Jim Hardison: The Helm
  • 12:00 – 1:30 Yoshitaka Amano: Vampire Hunter D; Shinjuku (*ticketed event: See Dark Horse employee for details)
  • 1:00 – 2:00 Scrambled Ink: Dreamworks Animators – Ken Morrissey, JJ Villard, Ennio Torresan, David Pimental, Keith Baxter, Jenny Lerew
  • 2:00 – 3:00 Mike Mignola: Hellboy (*ticketed event: See Dark Horse employee for details)
  • 3:00 – 4:30 Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog: Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day (*ticketed event: See Dark Horse employee for details)
  • 5:00 – 6:00 Yasuhiro Nightow: Trigun (*ticketed event: See Dark Horse employee for details)
  • 6:00 – 7:00 David Lloyd: Kickback


  • 1:00 – 2:00 Travis Charest: Star Wars cover artist
  • 2:00 – 3:00 Matt & Shawn Fillbach: Star Wars – The Clone Wars
  • 3:00 – 4:00 Jeremy Barlow & Dan Parsons: Star Wars: Rebellion, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  • 4:00 – 5:00 Dustin Weaver: Star Wars: Rebellion, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  • 4:00 – 5:00 Travis Charest: Star Wars Legacy
  • 5:00 – 6:00 Dustin Weaver & Michael Atiyeh: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
  • 6:00 – 7:00 Dave Filoni & Henry Gilroy: Star Wars: Clone Wars


  • 10:00 – 11:00 Stan Sakai: Usagi Yojimbo
  • 11:00 – 12:00 Larry Marder: Beanworld
  • 11:00 – 12:00 David Malki: Wondermark
  • 12:00 – 1:00 Nicholas Gurewitch: Perry Bible Fellowship
  • 1:30 – 3:00 Bruce Campbell: My Name Is Bruce (*ticketed event, see Dark Horse employee for details.)
  • 3:00 – 4:00 John Landis: Groundbreaking filmmaker
  • 4:00 – 5:30 Gerard Way, Gabriel Ba: Umbrella Academy (*ticketed event, see Dark Horse employee for details.)
  • 6:00 – 7:00 Bryan Talbot: Celebrating 30 years of Luther Arkwright!
  • 6:00 – 7:00 Matt & Shawn Fillbach: Roadkill


  • 11:00 – 12:00 Emily The Strange: Creative team Rob Reger, Buzz Parker, Nix Turner, Jessica Gruener
  • 12:00 – 1:00 Yasuhiro Nightow: Trigun (*ticketed event: See Dark Horse employee for details)
  • 1:00 – 2:00 Steve Niles: Criminal Macabre
  • 1:00 – 2:00 Tara McPherson: Lonely Heart
  • 1:00 – 2:00 Frank Kozik: Plasticland
  • 2:00 – 3:00 Eric Powell: The Goon
  • 2:00 – 3:00 Greg “Stainboy” Reinel: Vicious Intent
  • 2:00 – 3:00 Rich Black: Futura
  • 3:00 – 4:00 Keith Knight: K Chronicles

ALSO, Weta WILL HAVE SIGNINGS ALL WEEKEND! Martin Baynton – Jane & the Dragon, Richard Taylor/Paul Tobin – Crafting of Narnia, Greg Broadmore – Dr. Grordbort’s Dingus

*See a Weta employee for details!

And Check out these Dark Horse Related Panels and Events!


  • Robert E. Howard Panel – 1:30 – 2:30 Room 3
  • Dark Horse Horror Panel – 4:00 – 5:00 Room 2


  • Joss Whedon Panel – 1:30 – 2:30 Ballroom 20
  • Larry Marder’s Beanworld Panel – 6:00 – 7:00 Room 2
  • Eric Powell’s Goon Panel – 6:30 – 7:30 Room 30AB
  • Free Premiere! Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog: Join Joss Whedon and the cast for the big screen premiere! – 10:45 PM – Rooom 6B


  • Mike Mignola’s Hellboy Panel – 11:00 – 12:00 Room 8
  • The Dark Horse Publishing Panel (Featuring a surprise guest!) – 12:00 – 1:00 Room 2
  • Gerard Way with Grant Morrison – 2:15 – 3:15 Room 6B


  • Emily the Strange Panel – 12:30 – 1:30 Room 2

Drawn & Quarterly

The San Diego Comic-con is just one week away and D+Q has its endcap booth #1529, so come by and visit us, pick up new books, our new D+Q tote bag for all purchases over $40 and visits signings and panels by James Sturm, Lynda Barry, Rutu Modan, and Adrian Tomine.

Thursday, July 24th:

  • 11:00 AM-2:00 PM Rutu Modan Signing
  • 1:00-4:00 PM Lynda Barry Signing
  • 5:00-7:00 PM Adrian Tomine Signing

Friday, July 25th:

  • 11:00 AM-1:00 PM Adrian Tomine and James Sturm Signings
  • 2:00-3:00 PM Adrian Tomine and Rutu Modan on the International Voices Graphic Novel Panel ROOM 3
  • 3:00-4:00 PM Spotlight on Lynda Barry, ROOM 7AB, Lynda will be presenting a slide show on What It Is and her class Writing the Unthinkable.
  • 3:30-4:30 PM (Post Panel) Adrian Tomine & Rutu Modan Signings
  • 4:00-7:00 PM (Post Panel) Lynda Barry Signing

Saturday, July 26th:

  • 11:00 AM-1:00 PM Lynda Barry Signing
  • 12:30-1:30 PM Spotlight on Rutu Modan, ROOM 4, Rutu will present a slide show on her Exit Wounds and her new book Jamilti.
  • 2:00-5:00 PM Adrian Tomine & Rutu Modan Signings
  • 5:00-7:00 PM Lynda Barry Signing
  • 5:30-6:30 PM Spotlight on Adrian Tomine, ROOM 10, Adrian will be interviewed by his first editor ever, Marc Weidenbaum, formerly of Tower Pulse Magazine and now EIC and VP at Viz Magazines.

Sunday, July 27th:

  • 11:00 AM-1:00 PM Adrian Tomine and Lynda Barry Signings

Also, don’t forget the Eisner Awards on Friday night, where D+Q artists are nominated for numerous awards.

More info visit:



DISCOVER magazine, the leading general-interest science publication, will host the first ever “Science Behind Science Fiction” panel at Comic Con on July 24, featuring Jaime Paglia (writer and producer of Eureka), Dr. Kevin Grazier (science advisor on Eureka and Battlestar Galactica) and Phil Plait (

Since the days of Frankenstein, fiction has looked to science for inspiration, and vice versa from rocket pioneer Wernher Von Braun’s love of Jules Verne to artificial intelligence guru Rodney Brook’s fascination with the HAL computer from “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

But does it work the other way? Does good science lead to good science fiction? With panelists from the scientific and creative realms, DISCOVER investigates how writers, directors, and actors draw inspiration from scientific research, and how they sometimes choose to jettison it in the service of a great story.

The panel will be moderated by Stephen Cass, DISCOVER senior editor and blogger. Stephen’s popular blog, “Science Not Fiction,” follows the latest twists in this wonderfully entertaining, convoluted relationship examining the scientific thinking and creative process behind some of today’s (and yesterday’s) most beloved science fiction shows and movies.

“The Science Behind Science Fiction” panel discussion is at Comic-Con, on Thursday, July 24th, 5.30pm – 6.30pm, Room 6B.

DC Comics

Beginning Wednesday, July 23, DC Comics staff and freelance community will be leave their desks and drawing boards behind to attend Comic-Con International: San Diego. Along with an impressive list of attendees, DC Comics will have panels and giveaways at the convention.
DC’s guests at the convention are listed here.

Drawn & Quarterly

The San Diego Comic-con is just one week away and D+Q has its endcap booth #1529, so come by and visit us, pick up new books, our new D+Q tote bag for all purchases over $40 and visits signings and panels by James Sturm, Lynda Barry, Rutu Modan, and Adrian Tomine.

Thursday, July 24th:

  • 11:00 AM-2:00 PM Rutu Modan Signing
  • 1:00-4:00 PM Lynda Barry Signing
  • 5:00-7:00 PM Adrian Tomine Signing

Friday, July 25th:

  • 11:00 AM-1:00 PM Adrian Tomine and James Sturm Signings
  • 2:00-3:00 PM Adrian Tomine and Rutu Modan on the International Voices Graphic Novel Panel ROOM 3
  • 3:00-4:00 PM Spotlight on Lynda Barry, ROOM 7AB, Lynda will be presenting a slide show on What It Is and her class Writing the Unthinkable.
  • 3:30-4:30 PM (Post Panel) Adrian Tomine & Rutu Modan Signings
  • 4:00-7:00 PM (Post Panel) Lynda Barry Signing

Saturday, July 26th:

  • 11:00 AM-1:00 PM Lynda Barry Signing
  • 12:30-1:30 PM Spotlight on Rutu Modan, ROOM 4, Rutu will present a slide show on her Exit Wounds and her new book Jamilti.
  • 2:00-5:00 PM Adrian Tomine & Rutu Modan Signings
  • 5:00-7:00 PM Lynda Barry Signing
  • 5:30-6:30 PM Spotlight on Adrian Tomine, ROOM 10, Adrian will be interviewed by his first editor ever, Marc Weidenbaum, formerly of Tower Pulse Magazine and now EIC and VP at Viz Magazines.

Sunday, July 27th:

  • 11:00 AM-1:00 PM Adrian Tomine and Lynda Barry Signings

Also, don’t forget the Eisner Awards on Friday night, where D+Q artists are nominated for numerous awards.

Michael Golden and Mark Texiera

The much anticipated “Michael Golden: Heroes & Villains Sketchbook” from award-winning artist Michael Golden will be debuting at this year’s San Diego Comic Con! AND In addition, renowned painter Mark Texeira will also be attending the SDCC, where he will be offering new prints and accepting limited commissions!

The new sketchbook from Golden features an array of pencils, preliminaries and finished compositions, serving as a must have package for collectors of his trendsetting heroic pieces, while also sneaking in some of his favorite machinery-heavy works, army characters, action shots, and yes, of course, a few villains to boot. He’ll be located at NFR, booth #4601, where he’ll also be signing the NFR Group Portfolio!

Golden will be on the TwoMorrows panel Thursday, and will be signing at the Vanguard booth on Thursday from 10-11 and on Sunday from 1-2. Check your SDCC schedule, or the Vanguard Booth for times and details.Golden will be signing the second printing of the sold-out “Excess: The Art of Michael Golden” for Vanguard.

Mark Texeira will be at booth #1423, where he will be offering those three new prints, as well as accepting commissions to be done at the show. All leading up to the upcoming debut of his art book, “Tex: The Art of Mark Texeira” coming out later this year from Vanguard Productions.

At both booths–#4601 and #1423, you will find representatives from the Creator Chronicles DVD series, who are doing video retrospectives on both of the creators. Check with either Robin Dale of Woodcrest or Eva Ink’s Renee Witterstaetter for information on all these projects and more.

IDW Publishing

IDW Publishing is proud to present unexpected happenings and exciting news at this year’s Comic-Con. The Con runs from Thursday July 24 to Sunday July 27th, and throughout the show, IDW (booth #1705) will be offering a number of Con exclusive comic books and other items listed below that are only available during the show. IDW’s two panels will run down upcoming projects and feature special guests and surprise announcements.

Among the guests signing at IDW’s booth will be Comic-Con Guest of Honor Joe Hill, who will be signing copies of Locke & Key and a special L&K slipcase edition alongside the book’s artist, Gabriel Rodriguez.

Eisner award-winning creator Darwyn Cooke (DC’s The New Frontier) will be announcing an all-new project through IDW and signing an exclusive signature card when he speaks at IDW’s panel on Saturday July 26.

Exclusive IDW creators Ashley Wood (debuting his new World War Robot book) and Ben Templesmith (premiering Welcome to Hoxford in the form of an exclusive ashcan) will be appearing at the booth as well. Creators of titles like Angel: After the Fall, Igor, Ghost Whisperer, The Transformers, Fallen Angel, and many others will also be signing at the IDW booth. A full signing schedule will be released in the days leading up to the con and on display at the booth during the show.

IDW will be hosting two panels this year, too:

  • All Hail the Transformers (Friday, July 25 4:00-5:00 PM)

    TF Editor Denton J. Tipton hosts a panel of Transformers creators including writers Shane McCarthy (All Hail Megatron), Chris Mowry (The Reign of Starscream), Marty Isenberg (TF Animated), artists Alex Milne (The Reign of Starscream), Marcelo Matere (TF Animated), Klaus Scherwinski (TF Spotlight: Wheelie) and more. Advance art, surprise announcements, pints of Energon all around! As if that wasn’t enough, all this will be topped off with a sneak peek of the new G.I. Joe comic! Room 2

    IDW Publishing: Ideas and Dreams 2008 (Saturday, July 26, 11:00-12:00 PM – )

    IDW Publisher Chris Ryall presides over a superstar panel including writer/Con Guest of Honor Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez (Locke & Key), Ben Templesmith (Welcome to Hoxford), Darwyn Cooke, writers Brian Lynch (Angel: After the Fall), Steve Niles (Epilogue), IDW Special Projects Editor Scott Dunbier, and a special 30 Days of Night presentation from plus some special announcements of all-new projects, too! Room 3

    A list of the exclusive items being offered at IDW’s booth is as follows:

    Darwyn Cooke’s Special Project signature cards

    Eisner-winning writer/artist Darwyn Cooke presents his first title for IDW, a graphic novel that will be announced on Wednesday evening. Cooke will be talking up the project at IDW’s Saturday panel, and will even be offering T-shirts displaying the project during his signings at the IDW booth. Cooke will be signing exclusive signature cards after the panel and throughout the rest of the show at the IDW booth. – Free, limited to 250 copies.

  • Welcome to Hoxford Ashcan

    Eisner Award-nominated artist Ben Templesmith presents the first look at his all-new, horrific series, Welcome to Hoxford, in this 16-page Ashcan featuring eight pages of story and exclusive character bios and artwork. Templesmith will be signing the Ashcan throughout the duration of the show.

    – $10, limited to 1,000 copies.

  • Locke & Key slipcase

    Comic-Con guest of honor Joe Hill will be signing copies of his hit comic Locke & Key at IDW’s booth. Two exclusive cardboard slipcases signed by Joe and containing issues 1-3 and issues 4-6 will be available only at Comic-Con. Artist Gabriel Rodriguez will be signing at the IDW booth, too.

    – $15 each, limited to 100 copies of each slipcase

  • Zombies vs Robots statue

    Warbot Bertie from Ashley Wood and Chris Ryall’s Zombies vs Robots comes to glorious life in the form of this 14-inch, fully articulated, statue-esque toy designed by the sexy artist/painter Wood himself! Strictly limited to 100 copies at the show, with Ash on hand to autograph each one.

    – $350, limited to 100 copies

  • World War Robot Comic-Con edition

    Ashley Wood created a special cover for his latest tale of battle and ‘bots, World War Robot, exclusively for San Diego Comic Con! Get your hands on this 12″ x 12″, 48-page edition at the Con, and then come by the IDW booth and have it signed by Wood.

    – $11.99, limited to 300 copies

  • World War Robot Poster

    Get this gorgeous 24″ x 36″ reproduction of Ashley Wood’s painted World War Robot cover art and have him sign the exclusive piece throughout the duration of the con.

    – $10, limited to 500 copies

  • Spike: After the Fall #1 Comic-Con edition

    The debut issue of the prequel to IDW’s sold-out smash hit Angel: After the Fall will be offered with a special Comic-Con exclusive vellum cover. Writer Brian Lynch will be signing copies at the IDW booth.

    – $5, limited to 2,000 copies

  • Angora Napkin promo

    Award-winning creator Troy Little (Chiaroscuro) presents a huge, and free!–ashcan debuting his latest creation, Angora Napkin. This special 48-page comic will be available at the IDW booth until we run out!

    – Free, limited to 1,000 copies

  • Blue Dream Studios All_Ages Super Ashcan

    Get a sneak peek at six new All-Ages books from IDW and Blue Dream Studios. Robots, Aliens, Pirates, Dinosaurs, and more abound in this colorful ashcan filled with Saturday Morning Animated Fun! Join the award-winning creator, Scott Christian Sava, at the IDW booth for signings and sketches and more!

    – Free, limited to 1,000 copies

Image Comics

Image Comics will kick off the convention Thursday night as the primary sponsor for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s San Diego Comic Con Welcome Party at the Westgate Hotel, including an amazing gift bag including the FOUR EYES PREVIEW BOOK, an exclusive meeting of the Drink & Draw Social Club, featuring Dave Johnson, Dan Panosian, and many more special guests. In addition, Image creator Brian Posehn will be headlining the COMEDIANS OF COMEDY show at Spreckles on Saturday at 8:30 PM, with tickets available at the Image Comics booth.

This year’s IMAGE COMICS SHOW (Friday, 4:00-5:00 PM, Room 7AB) will be the panel to be at, as a discussion led by THE WALKING DEAD’s Robert Kirkman, YOUNGBLOOD’s Rob Liefeld, TOP COW’s Marc Silvestri, SAVAGE DRAGON’s Erik Larsen, SHADOWLINE’s Jim Valentino and SPAWN’s Whilce Portacio reveals the biggest announcement Image Comics has made since its inception. The panel will be followed up by a special event held at the Image Comics booth featuring an extremely limited, San Diego Comic Con exclusive print signed by all present! The panel will also include the first word on the future of THE WALKING DEAD and just what Portacio’s non-SPAWN project is!

Tori Amos will be the center of attention on Saturday, starting off with a COMIC BOOK TATTOO-centric panel (room 6B) hosted by READING COMICS author and music writer, Douglas Wolk and also features editor Rantz Hoseley, David Mack, Elizabeth Genco, Ted McKeever and Kelly Sue DeConnick. This will be followed by a signing in Autograph Area 2 limited to two hundred fans, who may receive a ticket with purchase of a COMIC BOOK TATTOO from the Image Comics pavilion.

On the con floor Image creators such as LIBERTY MEADOWS’ Frank Cho, YOUNGBLOOD’s Rob Liefeld, AMORY WARS & COHEED AND CAMBRIA’s Claudio Sanchez, SCUD THE DISPOSABLE ASSASSIN’s Rob Schrab, the crew behind Tori Amos’ COMIC BOOK TATTOO, INVINCIBLE’s Ryan Ottley and the entire SHADOWLINE crew will be exhibiting throughout the weekend with signings by THE WALKING DEAD’s Robert Kirkman, DARK IVORY & DAWN’s Joseph Michael Linsner & Eva Hopkins, I KILL GIANTS’ Joe Kelly, SPECIAL FORCES’ Kyle Baker, the team behind LUCHA LIBRE, COMEDIANS OF COMEDY’s Brian Posehn and an very rare appearance by THE SWORD’s Jonathan & Joshua Luna.

In addition, the Image booth will be the source of quite a few exclusives, including two signed & numbered prints – one for THE WALKING DEAD and another for SCUD THE DISPOSABLE ASSASSIN – that will not be made available anywhere else! Other exclusives include giveaways such as posters & bookmarks for titles such as INVINCIBLE, AMERICAN FLAGG!, RED ROCKET 7, THE NOCTURNALS and many more! Also given away will be downloads of the all new INVINCIBLE animated series in conjunction with MTV New Media!

The Image Comics Booth (#2729) can be found at Comic Con International, July 23rd to the 27th at the San Diego Convention Center.


  • THE WALKING DEAD – Signed & numbered by Robert Kirkman – Strictly limited to 250!
  • SCUD THE DISPOSABLE ASSASSIN – Signed & numbered by Rob Schrab – Strictly limited to 250!


  • 10:00 – 11:00 AM: Glen Brunswick (Killing Girl, Gray Area) Table 2
  • 10:00 – 11:00 AM: Moritat (Elephantmen) Table 4
  • 10:30 – 11:00 AM: Joe Kelly (Four Eyes, I Kill Giants) Table 1
  • 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Hector Casanova & Harold Sipe (Screamland) Table 3
  • 12:00 – 12:30 PM: Dan Brereton (Nocturnals) Table 1
  • 12:00 – 3:00 PM: Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible) Table 2
  • 2:00 – 3:00 PM: Mark Haven Britt (Full Color) Table 3
  • 3:00 – 4:00 PM: CB Cebulski (Drain, Wonderlost) Table 3
  • 3:00 – 4:00 PM: Claudio Sanchez (Amory Wars, Coheed & Cambria) Table 4
  • 3:30 – 4:00 PM: Alex Grecian & Riley Rossmo (Proof) Table 1
  • 3:30 – 4:30 PM: Steven Grant & Victor Riches (The Safest Place) Table 2
  • 5:00 – 7:00 PM: Erik Larsen (Savage Dragon) Table 1
  • 5:00 – 6:00 PM: Kyle Baker (Special Forces) Table 2
  • 6:00 – 7:00 PM: Matt Fraction (Casanova) Table 2

FRIDAY, JULY 25th SPECIAL EVENTS THE BIG NEWS 4:00 – 5:00 PM THE IMAGE COMICS SHOW – ROOM 7AB: Featuring the biggest announcement Image Comics has made since the original seven founders formed the company! Be there as as Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible), Marc Silvestri (Witchblade), Whilce Portacio (Spawn), Rob Liefeld (Youngblood), Erik Larsen (Savage Dragon) and Jim Valentino (Shadowline) get together to talk about where Image has gone and what the future holds.

5:30-7:00 PM – TOP SECRET IMAGE COMICS SPECIAL EVENT – IMAGE COMICS SIGNING AREA: In the wake of The Image Comics Show’s earth-shattering news, this event will take place at the Image signing area to commemorate the big announcement with a special gathering of creators. Features an extremely limited edition, San Diego Comic Con-only print signed by all present!


STUDIOSPACE PANEL, ROOM 3: Join Howard Chaykin (American Flagg!), Tommy Lee Edwards (1985) and Bryan Talbot (The Tale of One Bad Rat) as they discuss Image’s hit STUDIO SPACE book, moderated by the book’s editor and co-writer Joel Meadows.


  • 10:00 – 11:00 AM: Joe Kelly (I Kill Giants, Four Eyes) Table 1
  • 10:00 – 11:00 AM: Alex Grecian & Riley Rossmo (Proof) Table 2
  • 10:00 – 12:00 AM: Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible) Table 3
  • 10:00 – 11:00 AM: Moritat (Elephantmen) Table 4
  • 12:00 – 1:00 PM: Dan Brereton (Nocturnals) Table 1
  • 12:00 – 2:00 PM: Brian Posehn (Comedians of Comedy) & Gerard Duggan (Infinite Horizon) Table 2
  • 1:00 – 3:00 PM: Joseph Michael Linsner & Eva Hopkins (Dawn, Dark Ivory) Table 4
  • 12:30 – 1:30 PM: Kyle Baker (Special Forces) & Glen Brunswick (Killing Girl, Gray Area) Table 3
  • 1:00 – 2:00 PM: CB Cebluski (Drain, Wonderlost) Table 1
  • 2:00 – 3:00 PM: B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick), Scott Chantler (Hawaiian Dick) and Seth Peck (’76) Table 2
  • 2:00 – 5:00 PM: The Luna Brothers (Sword, Girls, Ultra) Table 1
  • 2:00 – 3:00 PM: Hector Casanova & Harold Sipe (Screamland) Table 3
  • 3:00 – 4:00 PM: Mark Haven Britt (Full Color) Table 4
  • 3:00 – 5:00 PM: Jerry Frissen, Robert Silva & Bill (Lucha Libre) Table 2
  • 4:00 – 5:00 PM: Rick Spears (Repo), Ivan Brandon (24Seven) Table 3
  • 4:00 – 5:00 PM: Matt Fraction (Casanova) Andy MacDonald (Comic Book Tattoo, 24Seven) Table 4

SATURDAY, JULY 26th SPECIAL EVENTS THE BIG NEWS – ENCORE 11:30 – 1:30PM – TOP SECRET IMAGE COMICS SPECIAL EVENT ENCORE – IMAGE COMICS SIGNING AREA This special encore event is final chance to meet the players behind the biggest announcement Image has made since its inception and purchase the extremely limited, San Diego-only print with the first image behind this massive news!


11:30 – 12:30 PM – LIVE FROM COMICON, TORI AMOS & COMIC BOOK TATTOO – ROOM 6B: 17 years ago, history was made at Comicon, when a kid gave Neil Gaiman a tape of her music. Now, Indie music icon and multiplatinum recording artist Tori Amos comes to comicon to talk about COMIC BOOK TATTOO, the new 480 page coffee table format anthology from Image comics with over 50 stories based on songs and music from her entire discography. Tori is joined by project editor Rantz Hoseley, as well as some of the contributing creators including: David Mack, Elizabeth Genco, Ted McKeever and Kelly Sue DeConnick. Seating is limited, so be there early to hear Tori, the panel and moderator Douglas Wolk talk about the long journey that resulted in one of the most exciting comic projects of the decade!

2:00 – 4:00 PM – THE TORI AMOS SIGNING – LIMITED SIGNING – AUTOGRAPH AREA 2: Tori Amos will be signing the first 200 copies of COMIC BOOK TATTOO purchased at the Image Comics Comic Book Tattoo Booth (#2729) for this very limited signing session!


  • 10:00 – 11:00 AM: STUDIOSPACE with Tim Bradstreet, Tommy Lee Edwards and Bryan Talbot Tables 1 & 2
  • 10:00 – 11:00 AM: Kyle Baker (Special Forces) & Andy MacDonald (Comic Book Tattoo, 24Seven)
  • 10:00 – 11:00 AM: Alex Grecian & Riley Rossmo (Proof) Table 3
  • 2:00 – 6:00 PM: Luna Brothers (The Sword) Table 1
  • 2:00 – 3:00 PM: B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick), Scott Chantler (Hawaiian Dick), Seth Peck (’76) Table 2
  • 2:00 – 3:00 PM: Rick Spears (Repo) Table 3
  • 2:00 – 3:00 PM: Claudio Sanchez (Coheed & Cambria, Amory Wars) Table 4
  • 3:30 – 5:30 PM: Brian Posehn (Comedians of Comedy) & Gerard Duggan (Infinite Horizon) Table 2
  • 3:30 – 5:30 PM: Robert Kirkman (Invincible, Walking Dead) Table 3
  • 3:30 – 4:30 PM: Moritat (Elephantmen) & Ivan Brandon (24Seven) Table 4
  • 5:00 – 6:00 PM: Claudio Sanchez (Coheed & Cambria, Amory Wars) Table 4
  • 6:00 – 7:00 PM: Erik Larsen (Savage Dragon) Table 1
  • 6:00 – 7:00 PM: Joe Kelly (Four Eyes, I Kill Giants) & Ivan Brandon (24Seven) Table 2
  • 6:00 – 7:00 PM: Matt Fraction (Casanova) & Glen Brunswick (Killing Girl, Gray Area) Table 3
  • 6:00 – 7:00 PM: Hector Casanova & Harold Sipe (Screamland) Table 4


  • 10:00 – 11:00 AM: Joe Kelly (Four Eyes, I Kill Giants) Table 1
  • 10:00 – 11:00 AM: CB Cebulski (Compass) Table 2
  • 12:00 – 1:00 PM: Dan Brereton (Nocturnals) Table 1
  • 12:00 – 2:00 PM: Brian Posehn (Comedians of Comedy) & Gerard Duggan (Infinite Horizon) Table 2
  • 12:00 – 1:00 PM: Claudio Sanchez (Amory Wars, Coheed & Cambria) Table 3
  • 12:00 – 1:00 PM: Andy MacDonald (Comic Book Tattoo) Table 4
  • 1:30 – 4:30 PM: Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible) Table 4
  • 2:00 – 3:00 PM: Alex Grecian & Riley Rossmo (Proof) Table 1
  • 2:00 – 3:00 PM: Rick Spears (Repo) & Ivan Brandon (24Seven) Table 3
  • 3:00 – 4:00 PM: Matt Fraction (Casanova) Table 1

Image Comics is a comics and graphic novels publisher formed in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Since that time, Image has gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. There are currently four partners in Image Comics (Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, and Jim Valentino), and Image is currently divided into four major houses (Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline, and Image Central). Image comics and graphic novels cover nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable, offering science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor, and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. Visit

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics Fashion Show, sponsored by Marvel Entertainment and Disguise

Friday, at 2:00 in the Marvel Comics booth

Link to Press Release

Michael Golden

The long awaited “Michael Golden: Heroes & Villains Sketchbook” from award-winning creator and artist Michael Golden will indeed be debuting at this year’s San Diego Comic Con! AND Golden will be on hand at the West Coast show to sign ’em all!
So get in on the excitement! The new sketchbook, “Heroes & Villains,” will be signed by the popular creator while supplies last. Hardcover, Color, 48 pages, introduction by Michael Eury and bio text by Renee Witterstaetter, the book is limited to 1,000 copies. It’s also available in two versions: Signed and Numbered for $40; Or the Sketch Version for $100.
Golden will be located at the Naked Fat Rave booth, #4601, to sign his new sketchbook as well as the NFR 2008 Group Portfolio ($65). He will be appearing all days fo the convention along with other stellar comic talents Matt Wagner, Dave Johnson, Art Adams, Joyce Chin, Renee Witterstaetter, J. Scott Campbell, Jim Lee (at the annex), Bruce Timm, Tim Sale, and Amanda Conner, making NFR a true must-go-to SDCC destination!

NBM Publishing

NBM Publishing will give away a free sampler of its upcoming comics at the San Diego Comic-Con. The booklet will present excerpts from new NBM publications, including:

  • A complete story from NOCTURNAL CONSPIRACIES by David B. (the acclaimed Epileptic).
  • A complete story from MORESUKINE, Dirk Schwieger’s comics blog revealing the oddities of life in Japan. Schwieger will be signing at the NBM booth in the convention’s exhibit hall.
  • Sunday comics from HAPPY HOOLIGAN, the new volume of NBM’s series FOREVER NUTS: CLASSIC SCREWBALL STRIPS.
  • An excerpt from WHY I KILLED PETER, a tale of an abusive priest by one of his victims.
  • An excerpt from MISS DON’T TOUCH ME, a spicy suspense story.

The sampler will be available at NBM’s booth, #1528. Comic-Con International: San Diego (, the most important annual event in American comics, graphic novels, and fantasy entertainment, takes place on July 23 through 27.


Booth #2046 will be hopping during Comic-Con International: San Diego from July 23 through 27! Kids-comics publisher Papercutz will present new comics from its bestselling BIONICLE graphic-novel line; signings by The Hardy Boys writer Scott Lobdell, Nancy Drew artist Sho Murase, Hardy Boys’ first volume artist Lea Hernandez and Classics Illustrated artist Rick Geary; and fresh editions of Tales from the Crypt and other titles. What’s more, the convention has devoted a panel discussion to Papercutz’ Classics Illustrated!
The BIONICLE graphic novels, based on the popular LEGO toy line, have been flying off of bookstore shelves. The Hardy Boys and its sister title, Nancy Drew, remain perennially popular in hardcover, paperback, and boxed-set editions. Classics Illustrated’s newest volumes include Lewis Carroll’s Alice adventure Through the Looking-Glass, adapted by Kyle Baker, and H.G. Wells’s The Invisible Man, by Rick Geary.
In addition, the convention has scheduled a Classics Illustrated panel from 12 noon to 1 p.m. on Thursday, July 24, in room 32AB (on the San Diego Convention Center’s upper level). Papercutz is planning some special announcements for the event.
So it looks like a big convention ahead for Papercutz!

Radical Publishing

Radical Publishing’s Comic-Con panel will take place on Friday, July 25th from 2:30 P.M. to 3:30 P.M. in Room 10. Additionally, Steve Niles will be signing at the Radical Publishing booth at the following times below.
Radical Publishing booth #2806

1:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M.

2:30 P.M. to 3:30 P.M.

Arthur Sudyam will be signing on Saturday, July 26h at the Radical Publishing booth from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Comic book legend Jim Steranko will also be signing at the Radical booth.


11:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. and 5:30 P.M. to 6:30 P.M.

11:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. and 5:30 P.M. to 6:30 P.M.

SC FI Channel

NBC Universal will be decked out in full force at Comic-Con 2008 with individual panels for the starring casts of “Heroes,” “Battlestar Galactica,” “Knight Rider,” “Chuck,” “Kings,” “Stargate Atlantis,” “Ghost Hunters,” “Eureka,” the writers from the hit series, “The Office” with series star Rainn Wilson as moderator. Executive producer Jason Smilovic (“Kidnapped”) from the new NBC drama “My Own Worst Enemy” and executive producer Ron Moore for Universal Media Studios’ FOX pilot “Virtuality” will participate on the TV Guide “Hot List” panel, while “Chuck” executive producer Josh Schwartz (“Gossip Girl”) will be a panelist on Entertainment Weekly’s TV Showrunners Visionary panel.
The complete SCI FI/NBC CCI schedule is online here.

Slave Labor

In addition to having creators on hand for signing duty, SLG Publishing will have a number of new and classic merchandise available at Comic-Con. From posters, t-shirts, to figurines, SLG Publishing will have incredible items for sale, such as a brand new Jhonen Vasquez (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac) poster and the incredibly popular Map of Humanity by James Turner (Rex Libris).

Jhonen Vasquez’ latest print, titled Ambush at Prayer Time, is a brand new creation that took Vazquez days to create. This will be Vasquez’ latest project with SLG since last year’s Jellyfist with artist Jenny Goldberg.

Speaking of Goldberg, SLG Publishing will also have a Jellyfist poster (Head Full of Bees) and two t-shirts featuring her work for sale at the convention. While her Jellyfist collaborator Vasquez will not be able to make the convention, Goldberg will be available for autographs.

SLG Publishing will also have James Turner’s (creator of the critically acclaimed Rex Libris) Map of Humanity, the infamous map that crashed the SLG servers after it was featured on Digg. “It is an attempt to map the last six thousand years of human history and thought upon a theoretical geography to discover a sense of what kind of civilization humanity has attained,” says Turner, “the continents of this restructuring rest upon the sea of the unconscious, the stormy basis of our thought. The land that emerges from it is broken into three main continents, each related to an aspect of the human mind: superego, ego, and id.”

This giant 24 by 36 map is printed to order on a 12 color large format printer using archival quality inks and is printed on heavyweight coated paper, making it suitable for framing.

Ethan Nicolle, creator of the critically acclaimed Chumble Spuzz, will be one of the many talented creators signing at the SLG Publishing booth at the San Diego Comic-Con. Featured in Wizard Magazine’s Indie Watch 2008, Chumble Spuzz continues to gain buzz for its first volume, Kill the Devil. Now, SLG Publishing is proud to announce that volume two, Pigeon Man and Death Sings the Blues, is off to the presses and will be available just in time for the San Diego Comic-Con. Nicolle will be available at the SLG booth to sign copies of both volumes of Chumble Spuzz. “I love Comic-Con. It’s something I look forward to every year,” says Nicolle, “last year I at Comic-Con I handed out promotional stuff for Chumble Spuzz. This will be my first year selling the actual book”along with volume”and possibly meeting people who have read the book already.” Nicolle will be signing at the SLG Publishing Booth (#1815) all four days of Comic-Con from 11:00AM-12:30PM and 2:00PM-3:30PM
Last, but definitely not least, you can be sure that SLG Publishing will be representing their classic line of creations with Evan Dorkin’s Milk & Cheese vinyl figurines. Due to limited distribution last year, this will be the first Comic-Con that many people will be able to see them for the first time. Make sure to stop by the booth for more!

Some of the products featured are available to preview and purchase now through SLG Publishing’s website, . Stop by their booth during Comic-Con (#1815) for a chance to get your hands on these one-of-a-kind items.

Summit Entertainment

On Thursday, July 24th, 2008 Summit Entertainment will showcase cast members, filmmakers and new footage from its upcoming films during Comic-Con 2008 for the first time in the studio’s history. Summit Entertainment will present a sneak peak of exclusive footage from its upcoming releases including PUSH, KNOWING and the action-packed, modern day vampire love story, TWILIGHT. The studio’s panel presentation will take place at 1:15 to 2:45pm in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center.

Additionally, visitors to the Summit Entertainment booth located within the Grand Hall will have the opportunity to have their picture taken with life size standees of Twilight’s Edward, Bella, James, Laurent or Victoria and instantly e-mail the images to friends. At the booth, attendees will also have the chance to win one of thousands of exclusive and limited Comic-Con promotional prizes including TWILIGHT items and advance DVDs of NEVER BACK DOWN. Back at Comic-Con’s designated autographing room, lucky winners will have the opportunity to participate in a limited autograph session with the panelists from PUSH, KNOWING and TWILIGHT.

When the convention closes for the day, the fun continues with a special sneak peak screening and introduction by Seth Green, Clark Duke and Josh Zuckerman of the hilarious teen comedy, “Sex Drive” at the Gas Lamp theatre. In addition, the film will be screened twice each evening on Friday, July 25th and Saturday, July 26th.


STRANGEco has done it again!

In addition to a variety of special SDCC exclusives and product premieres, including the products pictured to the right, we will be celebrating the launch of the new book Wonder Women of America featuring the otherworldly images of ladies dressed for ComicCon with an incredible party at the Jade Theater

Studio Foglio

Both Phil and Kaja Foglio will be available at Booth 1331 for signings, and they will be Masters of Ceremony at the Masquerade. New this year, Studio Foglio is sponsoring a context for Best Webcomic-based Character in the Masquerade, with a cash prize of $250.00 and a bag of books and swag. Hall costumes with a steampunk or gaslamp fantasy theme are encouraged to stop by the booth for a special badge ribbon.

Working the booth with them this year are notable retailers Greg Ketter from DreamHaven Books and Alice Bentley from the erstwhile Stars Our Destination.

Products new for the show include Girl Genius Volume Seven: Agatha Heterodyne and the Voice of the Castle, the Jagermonster Sigil, and the Winged Trilobite Pin. Not quite as recent, but new since last year’s show are Buck Godot: PSmIth and the graphic novel adaptation of Robert Asprin’s Myth Adventures.

Arthur Sudyam

In addition to his signing schedule at the Radical Publishing booth, Arthur Sudyam will be available at the Arthur Sudyam Art booth (4301) throughout the weekend. Arthur will also be available all days of the SDCC, accepting a limited number of commissions. The sketchbook is priced at only $20.00! (Full press release info here)


UDON is preparing for the studio’s biggest year ever. Come celebrate Street Fighter(R)’s 20th Anniversary with an all-new hardcover art book, exclusive art prints, and the return of new Street Fighter comics with 3 exclusive covers!

UDON’s featured item is the Street Fighter Tribute limited edition hardcover. Featuring 320 pages of all-new pinup art celebrating the Street Fighter franchise’s 20th anniversary, this gorgeous art book includes pieces by such greats as Adam Hughes, J.Scott Campbell, Mark Brooks, Sean “Cheeks” Galloway, Bobby Chiu, Bryan Lee O’Malley, Penny Arcade’s Gabe, Arnold Tsang, Alvin Lee, and hundreds more!

Also tying into Street Fighter Tribute, UDON will have exclusive art prints for sale of select Tribute art pieces. Contributing artists will also be selling prints of their own tribute pieces at their booths all over the convention.

For those fans who have been patiently waiting for new Street Fighter comics – the wait is over! SDCC is the launching point for Street Fighter Remix #0. This all-new prelude comic features three stories by Omar Dogan, Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz, and Joe Ng, each of which leads into one of UDON’s three new Street Fighter comic series. Fans attending the con will have their choice of not 1, not 2, but 3 convention exclusive covers, featuring the iconic Ryu, the sexy Chun-Li, or big brawler Alex! The new Street Fighter comic stories all begin here, so be one of the first to get in on the action!

As always at the UDON booth, you’ll be able to get autographs and sketches from your favorite UDON artists, pick up art books, trade paperbacks, manga and posters, and get the latest scoop on the studio’s newest projects! Drop by Booth #5368 and celebrate 20 years of Street Fighter with UDON!

Viper Comics

Viper Comics has gone STARK RAVING MAD! In addition to all the books you’ve come to know, love and expect, they’re giving away SDCC Exclusive Comic Books to the lucky few that manage to wrangle one before they’re all GONE! The following is a list of what we’ll be bringing to the masses:

  • Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (Issue 1) SDCC Exclusive cover, only 500 units printed, to be given away during signing sessions (1 copy per person / 125 copies per day).
  • How To Be a Serial Killer (One Shot) SDCC Exclusive cover, only 1,000 units printed, to be given away during signing sessions (1 copy per person / 250 copies per day).
  • Vendor GN (Yes a GN) 100 units / 25 copies per day to be given away during signing sessions.
  • Rabid GN (Yes ANOTHER GN – we did say “STARK RAVING”) 100 units / 25 copies per day to be given away during signing sessions.

Many of the Viper Comics creators will be on hand to visit with fans, Josh Howard (Dead At 17), Otis Frampton (Oddly Normal), Jason Burns (Dummy’s Guide to Danger), Bryan Baugh (Wulf & Batsy), Dale Mettam (Attack of the Killer Tomatoes), Scott Zirkel (A Bit Haywire), Les McClaine (The Middleman) along many more. And don’t miss ABC Family’s The Middleman TV show creator, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, who will be at the Viper booth Saturday July 26, 2008 from 10am – 1pm to visit with fans. We will also have The Middleman Compendium SDCC Exclusive edition for sale(only 250 printed).

Stop by for signing times and share in the madness. Viper Comics will be in booth #1903.

Virgin Comics

Virgin Comics is gearing up for yet another San Diego Comic-Con, and we’ve got a ton of exciting plans in store, including panels with Stan Lee, Grant Morrison and Deepak Chopra, exclusive goodies at our booth (#2229), and much more! Here’s a taste:


  • Stan Lee and Grant Morrison talk Virgin Comics

    (Thursday, July 24th, 10:45-11:45 am in Ballroom 20)

    Two of the most important creators in the history of comic books team up to discuss the bold new frontiers being explored in the art of storytelling. Legendary creator Stan Lee (Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, X-Men) shares his insights on the world of comics, and presents never-before-revealed hints of his new superhero universe with Virgin Comics. Joining Stan is prolific creator Grant Morrison, contemporary comics’ most active mind, who will discuss his new Virgin Comics animated on-line series MBX, while offering his own insights on comics and engaging with Stan in a once-in-a-lifetime conversation about the long history and boundless future of their beloved medium. Virgin Comics is proud and excited to bring these two unique luminaries together for this unprecedented event.

  • Grant Morrison and Deepak Chopra discuss Science, Soul and Superheroes

    (Sunday, July 27th, 2:45-3:45 pm in Ballroom 20)

    The tradition continues! As Virgin Comics prepares to launch the new animated on-line series MBX, series writer Grant Morrison once again teams with best-selling author and Virgin Comics co-founder Deepak Chopra to talk…superheroes! Come watch and join the ongoing conversation investigating the id, ego, superego, and spirituality of the superhero–we’re talking social theory with sound effects, four colors fused with existentialism. Two of the greatest minds of comics and culture talking…comics and culture–this is not to be missed!

  • uClick: Mobile Comics, featuring Virgin Comics’ Larry Lieberman

    (Thursday, July 24th, 4:30-5:30 pm in Room 30AB)

    GoComics, the leader in on-line and mobile comics and manga, looks at a market truly coming into its own. Panelists will discuss the evolution of comic strips and comic books in the digital age and examine new publishing platforms that make mobile viewing part of a complete comics experience. They’ll introduce new content from their partners: Stan Lee, Tokyopop, Virgin Comics, IDW, Devil’s Due, Papercutz, TMNT and more. Learn about what the future of mobile comics promises for fans and creators alike.


Make sure you check out Virgin Comics’ SDCC ’08 specials for sale exclusively at our booth:

  • SDCC Variants: Dan Dare #7 double-sized finale featuring Dave Gibbons wrap-around cover: ink variant (limited to 500) and pencil sketch variant (limited to 250).
  • SDCC Exclusive: Grant Morrison’s MBX Sketchbook (limited to 1,000). Get an inside look at Grant Morrison’s highly anticipated on-line animated series MBX, featuring insights from Grant, images from the upcoming animated series, breathtaking art explorations from Mukesh Singh (Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter, Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper, Devi/Witchblade), script excerpts and more.
  • Lenticulars: We had a very limited number of Shadow Hunter, Gamekeeper and Dan Dare lenticulars at New York Comic-Con, and they sold out almost immediately. We’ll have a small quantity in our booth, but we can’t promise how long they’ll last.
  • iPod Skins: Your iPod will not be complete until it’s adorned with a Dan Dare or Shadow Hunter skin!
  • Autographed Items:
    • Dan Dare #1 Bryan Talbot ink cover, limited to 500 copies and autographed by Garth Ennis! This came out in late 2007 when Dan Dare debuted, and these are some of the last few copies in existence. Act now, because once these are gone they’re gone FOREVER.
    • Dan Dare lithographs of Bryan Talbot’s #1 cover art, signed by Garth Ennis.
    • Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter lithograph of Greg Horn #1 cover art, signed by Jenna.


Meet our Editors Charlie Beckerman and Sana Amanat for a one-on-one portfolio review session. And who knows… if we’re really blown away by your work, you might just walk away with a gig. We’re ready to hire the best artist we meet with to do an upcoming cover, so bring your A-game. Come prepared with a sketch of your favorite Virgin character and get a leg up on the competition. These sessions will be held at our booth on Friday and Saturday. Details to follow.


Here’s your chance to meet two legends of publishing – Grant Morrison and Deepak Chopra – who will be signing on Sunday from 1:30-2:15 at tables AA1-AA2 (Sails Pavilion). Please note: Grant Morrison’s MBX Sketchbook serves as the ticket for Grant’s signing. Deepak will be signing any of his Virgin titles (Buddha #1 will be available for sale at the Virgin booth).


Have you always aspired for comic book immortality? We’ll here is your big break!! To celebrate this fall’s debut of the highly anticipated new sci-fi/action series Nowhere Man from the creative team of Hugh Jackman, Marc Guggenheim and Paul Gulacy, we’re giving all of you a chance to be a real Nowhere Man and get drawn into an issue!! Be sure to stop by our booth to enter this once-in-a-lifetime contest.

So that’s what we’re officially announcing, but you should keep your eyes and ears open, because we just might have a few more surprises up our sleeves.

VIZ Media

VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry’s most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, has announced an exciting agenda of personal appearances, screenings and convention exclusives for the 2008 Comic-Con International taking place July 23-27 at the Convention Center in San Diego, CA. VIZ Media will be located in Booth #4113.

The year 2008 marks the 5th Anniversary of VIZ Media’s SHONEN JUMP Magazine and also the 40th Anniversary of Japan’s largest manga magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump, which is the source of some of the world’s most popular manga. These double milestones mean loads of events, appearances, announcements and many show-only exclusives during Comic-Con International 2008!

Highly anticipated by many excited fans will be an ultra-rare, in-person appearance by Tite Kubo, creator of the smash-hit BLEACH manga series, in the VIZ Media booth for two one-hour signing sessions on Saturday, July 26 at 10:00am and 3:30pm. This is the first time he will appear at any North American convention. Each signing session will be limited to 100 persons each. The first 50 fans who purchase a BLEACH item from the VIZ Media retail area each day from Wednesday through Saturday will each receive a special shikishi signing board and ticket as gifts. These gifts will qualify fans to attend one of the signing periods and receive an autograph from Kubo-sensei himself.

VIZ Media will also welcome Kubo-sensei, along with his editor, Mr. Atsushi Nakasaki, for a unique panel discussion about his work on Saturday from 1:00pm to 2:00pm in Room#7AB. Panel attendees will receive a limited edition BLEACH poster while supplies last. Throughout the convention, the VIZ Media Prize Patrol will be awarding prizes to fans dressed in BLEACH attire. Kubo-sensei is the creator of the wildly successful manga series BLEACH and ZOMBIEPOWDER. Both series are published domestically by VIZ Media and BLEACH is also currently serialized in SHONEN JUMP magazine.

A free theatrical screening of the BLEACH THE MOVIE: MEMORIES OF NOBODY will be held on Friday, July 25 at 7:00pm at the Gaslamp 15 theatre located in downtown San Diego. A limited number of free passes to attend this special event will be available. Fans are encouraged to come by the VIZ Media booth to pick up one of the free passes while supplies last. Greeting guests at the screening will be KON, the lovable character from the BLEACH manga series. BLEACH THE MOVIE: MEMORIES OF NOBODY is rated T for Teens.

The September release of Takehiko Inoue’s riveting basketball-themed manga series – SLAM DUNK – is also anticipated by many fans, and VIZ Media will highlight this upcoming title throughout Comic-Con with a variety of fun games and events including a very special in-person appearance by NBA star Greg Oden of the Portland Trailblazers on Sunday from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. Also attending to celebrate the release of SLAM DUNK are two of the famed Los Angeles Laker Girls, who will be at the VIZ Media booth on Friday, July 25 from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. SLAM DUNK is rated T for Teens.

VIZ Media will also headline a variety of panel discussions throughout the convention, beginning with a SHONEN JUMP panel on Friday from 10:00am to 11:00am in Convention Center Room #2. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet the editors and find out what they’ve got up their sleeves for 2009. Also on Friday, the VIZ Media Anime and Manga Panel will be happening from 3:00pm to 4:00pm in Room #2. The SHOJO BEAT magazine panel discussion is scheduled on Saturday from 3:30pm to 4:30pm in Room #10.

Finally, VIZ Media is pleased to have the work of three significant manga creators – Takeshi Obata, Naoki Urasawa and Taiyo Matsumoto – nominated in three categories for the 20th Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, which are considered the Oscars of the comic book industry. Mr. Obata is nominated in the Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team category for his work on DEATH NOTE and HIKARU NO GO. NAOKI URASAWA’S MONSTER is a contender for Best Continuing Series and Best U.S. Edition of International Material-Japan. Mr. Matsumoto’s, TEKKONKINKREET: Black & White is also nominated in the Best U.S. Edition of International Material-Japan. The awards are scheduled for Friday, July 25 in Ballroom 20 at the Convention Center.

“This year’s Comic-Con International is especially significant for VIZ Media as 2008 marks the 40th Anniversary of Japan’s best-selling manga anthology, Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, as well as the 5th Anniversary of the widely-read North American counterpart, SHONEN JUMP, and we are excited to celebrate these double milestones,” says Evelyn Dubocq, Sr. Director, Public Relations. “VIZ Media will present a captivating array of fun activities, discussions, in-person appearances and product exclusives that will make each day of this year’s show a truly memorable event for new as well as veteran fans!”

VIZ Media will also be available for portfolio reviews on Sunday, the 27th, from 2:00pm to 4:30pm in the Portfolio area of the Convention Center. Artwork will be reviewed by Marc Weidenbaum, Vice President of Original Publishing and Eric Searleman, Senior Editor at VIZ Media.

See you in San Diego!

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