CCI '08: Saturday Programming Preview

The fine folks at Comic-Con International have released their programming schedule for this summer's big show. While you can find the entire schedule in it's entirety at the official CCI site, CBR thought we might help you by pointing out here some stuff you may miss as you wander the halls in a daze. We all know that Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse and the other big names will have big announcements pretty much every day, and you probably already have your schedule mapped out with time set aside for all of their events, so we're gonna focus on some of the highlights, surprises and potential hidden gems that are unique to CCI.

Saturday is always a busy day at Comic-Con International, but this summer's may be the busiest yet. With literally dozens of panels, events, premieres and screenings, it's easy for even the biggest panels to get lost in the buzz, so here's a quick rundown of some of the highlights for the day. Take notes!

The morning starts off at 10AM with The Black Panel '08, featuring Method Man, Denys Cowan, Dwayne McDuffie, Reggie Hudlin and more. It was at a B.E.T. panel in NYC that the Black Panther cartoon was announced, and the panel description mentions some "surprise guests," so this could be a similar sleeper of a panel (Room 5AB).

Also at 10 is the Iron Man: Animated Adventures Screening in Room 6CDEF and the Futurama Secrets Revealed panel in Ballroom 20, both of which should be pretty heavily attended.

The always controversial Ralph Bakshi is the first Comic-Con Special Guest hosting their own Saturday panel at 10:15. He'll be in Room 6B for an hour.

Futurama panel attendees may want to stay put, as that panel will be immediately followed by The Simpsons presentation. Matt Groening will be joined by a handful of the show's producers and directors to talk about the 20-year old cartoon at 10:45 (Ballroom 20).

Those who prefer their TV panels to focus on the live action stuff should head to Hall H for the rather long titled Heroes: Exclusive First Look at "Villains" and Q&A with the Entire Cast, Tim Kring, and Tim Sale panel, also at 10:45.

11 - 12 is a very popular hour this year. Special Guest Ethan Van Sciver will hold court in Room 2, IDW will present their publishing plans for the remainder of 2008 (Room 3), Dave Gibbons will host Watching the Watchmen (Room 7AB and Mike Mignola, Scott Allie and Josh Dysart present plans for the next year's worth of Hellboy related books (Room 8).

B.E.T. Animation continues right where the Black Panel leaves off at 11:30 with John Romita Jr. joining the previous panel's lineup for another hour of news and announcements (Room 5AB).

Meanwhile, Room 6A is invaded by the stars of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" for a screening/Q&A session and Tori Amos makes an appearance alongside several of her "Comic Book Tattoo" collaborators in Room 6B, both at 11:30.

Giant robot worshippers will be flocking to the Hasbro: Transformers panel at noon to see glimpses of upcoming figures in Room 7AB, while those who prefer their technology a with a little more brass and leather will surely want to take an hour to visit the Steampunk Fan Group Meet-up in Room 24A.

Hall H will be filled to the brim with "Lost" fans at 12 as Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse discuss last season's big finale and possibly let some upcoming secrets leak.

Perhaps the biggest non-comic book/sci fi/fantasy themed panel at the show will be the Exclusive Q&A with the writers of The Office at 12:45. It takes place in Room 6A, so there's a good chance it'll fill up quickly, so you may want to get there early.

At 1:00, Aspen Comics will reveal the publishers plans for the rest of 2008 and beyond. Attendees will receive a special Aspen Comics giveaway (Room 2).

The Whedon fans will be out in force in Ballroom 20 at this point, as Joss himself is to be joined in person by Eliza Dukshu for a big "Dollhouse" presentation.

If you prefer your Terminators on the big screen rather than the TV, then the Warner Bros.: Terminator Salvation panel at 1:45 is for you (Hall H).

At 2:00, the Customizing Action Figure Fan Group will show you how to turn that old Macho Man action figure into a historically accurate Jonah Hex! OK, maybe not, but they will help aspiring figure modders out with tips on the hobby (Room 24A).

The writing equivalent of George Perez and Phil Jimenez will hold court at 2:15 as the Grant Morrison and Gerard Way: Born Under a Black Sun panel takes place in room 6B.

2:30 brings the Disney Pixar: Bolt and UP panel to Hall H, featuring the world premiere screening of footage from Pixar's "UP," practically guaranteed to be on YouTube by 4:30 and yanked by legal at 5:30.

This one has serious potential: The Story of an Image panel will feature Jim Woodring, Jim Ottaviani and Kyle Baker all presenting a single image of their own artwork to the audience and then discussing the origin, meaning, etc. of it. Room 4 at 4:30.

Geoff Johns, Keith Giffen, Mike Grell, Colleen Doran and Paul Levitz will all be on hand at 5:00 for the Legion of Super-Heroes 50th Anniversary panel in Room 5AB.

At 5:30, Sony Pictures will be presenting trailers and clips from "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans," "Quarantine" and "Pineapple Express" for fans in Hall H. Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg will also be discussing their Green Hornet project, announced last year.

Blatant Keenspot 2008 in Room 4 will feature Bobby Crosby, R.C. Monroe, R. Smith and Chris Crosby discussing their popular Keenspot webcomics and other projects at 6:30.

After the con floor is closed, the panels keep going with the "In Search of Steve Ditko" documentary screening at 7:00 (Room 5AB), a "Mythbusters" panel at 7:15 (Room 6B), Sara Silverman hosting a screening/Q&A at 7:15 (Room 6CDEF), the Comic-Con's Masquerade in Ballroom 20 at 8:30, a "Wolverine and the X-Men" screening in Room 6CDEF (also at 6:30) and a 10PM World Premiere of "Mutant Chronicles" hosted by it's stars, Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman and Devon Aoki.


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