CCI '08: Friday Programming Preview

The fine folks at Comic-Con International have released their programming schedule for this summer's big show. While you can find the entire schedule in it's entirety at the official CCI site, CBR thought we might help you by pointing out here some stuff you may miss as you wander the halls in a daze. We all know that Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse and the other big names will have big announcements pretty much every day, and you probably already have your schedule mapped out with time set aside for all of their events, so we're gonna focus on some of the highlights, surprises and potential hidden gems that are unique to CCI.

A quick note: Friday is the Con's official Star Wars Day, so be ready to dodge phalanxes of stormtroopers wherever you are, throughout the show.

Animated Batfans should be prepared to get up early, grab something to eat and drink at Ralph's and bring it with them to the "Batman: Brave & Bold" panel at 10AM. It's going to feature art, a preview of the series and a Q&A session with some of the show's talent including the new voice of Batman, Diedrich Bater (Room 6B).

Also at 10 is the Designing the Clone Wars Universe panel in Room 7AB, and a Hobbit panel in Room 32AB that will focus on the upcoming Guillermo del Toro flick.

Toy fans will want to get to the 10 Years of DC Direct presentation at 10:30, a retrospective of the last decade of DC's specialty toy and collectible line that will include a glimpse at future projects (Room 8).

At 11:00, Comic-Con Special Guest Mike Grell and Mark Ryan will talk about their new online project, "The Pilgrim" (Room 2), Howard Chaykin, Tommy Lee Edwards and Bryan Talbot discuss Image's "Studio Space" (Room 3) and the LEGO and BrickJournal: Brave New World panel will take over Room 4.

Fifteen minutes later at 11:15, Mortal Kombat VS The DC Universe will be on display as Ed Boon and Jimmy Palmiotti take to the stage in Room 6B to share preview footage of the highly anticipated game.

At 11:30, Mattel will host a spotlight panel for their DC Comics lines of toys and figures (Room 8) while Special Guest Jim Starlin will spin tales and answer questions (Room 10).

Hall H will be taken over by the "Watchmen" movie panel for one hour and 5 minutes beginning at 11:55. Guests are listed as TBA but I'd guess it's a safe bet that someone form the movie will show up to host some sort of footage.

At noon, Steve Rude will be hosting a two hour Steve Rude Painting Workshop. Definitely a "Do Not Miss" for any aspiring artists, as this is a rare opportunity to see a legitimate comic book legend at work (Room 30CDE).

Another living legend, Jim Lee, will be hosting the Spotlight on Jim Lee: The Art of DC Universe Online (DCUO) presentation at 12:30 (Room 6B). At the same time, we have the That '70s (Comics) Panel which will look at the boom-era of creativity that took place in the 1970s and feature panelists like Howard Chaykin, Mike Barr and others (Room 8).

Introducing Resident Evil: Degeneration will take place at 1:00 and preview the upcoming animated RE film, before opening the floor to a Q&A session with the movie's producer, Hiroyuki Kobayashi (Room 2).

At 1:15, it's time for one of the biggest recurring features of CCI: Trailer Park will take place in Hall H, screening dozens of trailers for 45 minutes straight.

1:30 sees Joss Whedon take center stage in Ballroom 20, where he'll talk with the audience about Dr. Horrible, Buffy, Firefly and more.

Dan Ackroyd and Ernie Hudson will introduce footage from the upcoming Ghostbusters video game in Room 6B at 1:45.

Another flashback panel will occur at 2PM when Mark Evanier sits down with Joe Ruby and Ken Spears to talk about 1970s animation - That '70s (Animation) Panel takes place in Room 8.

Hasbro will host a preview of their various upcoming Marvel Comics toy lines as well as answering questions from the audience (Room 5AB).

The "American Dad" cast will take over Ballroom 20 at 2:45 as Seth McFarlane leads a reading of a never before seen episode for the audience. Stay in your seat afterwards, because the panel will morph into a "Family Guy" presentation at 3:30, featuring news about the upcoming "The Cleveland Show" spin-off.

Also at 2:45 is the Lionsgate and Odd Lot Entertainment: The Spirit presentation in Hall H. Frank Miller, Gabriel Macht, Samuel L. Jackson and Eva Mendes will be on hand to host an exclusive preview of the movie.

3:00 is a busy time of the day as legendary publisher James Warren makes a rare appearance to talk about his career (Room 4), the Sc Fi channel's "Ghost Hunters" stars have their CCI debut panel (Room 6B) and Special Guest Linda Berry and Al Jaffee host their spotlight panels (Rooms 7AB and 8, respectively).

Marvel is claiming to be ready to "change the game" as far as comics and entertainment is concerned. You can join Joe Quesada at 3:30 in Room 6A for the Marvel to the Nth Degree presentation to have your mind blown.

All Hail the Transformers! at 4:00 - a bunch of Transformers creators will be revealing future plans and surprise announcements in Room 2. Meanwhile, Room 3 will be Going Ape: Celebrating 75 Years of The Beast and The Beauty of King Kong.

4:30 sees the Keith Giffen Spotlight, complete with a guaranteed Ambush Bug discussion (Room 10), the cast of "Bones" will be in Ballroom 20, and aspiring comic store owners will want to stop by the So You Want to Be a Comics Retailer panel in Room 32AB.

This is kind of cool - the voice cast for all those classic Peanuts cartoons will join Charles Schulz's wife, Jeannie Schulz, for the It's a Great Comic-Con, Charlie Brown panel at 4:45 (Room 6A).

At 5:00, Special Guest Bernie Wrightson hosts his spotlight panel (Room 3) and more He-Man news at the Masters of the Universe Classics Toy Line Update presentation (Room 8).

Entertainment Weekly's The Visionaries: Filmmakers takes place at 5:15 and features the eclectic collection of Kevin Smith, Frank Miller, Zack Snyder and Judd Apatow on stage. Probably not something you want to take your toddlers to see (Hall H).

Webcomic juggernaut Penny Arcade may have spawned own convention up north, but it's creators have to settle for a panel at CCI. Room 5AB will host Gabe and Tycho for one hour starting at 5:30. At the same time is the Venture Brothers presentation in Room 6B, Kieffer Sutherland hosts a 24 panel in Room 6CDEF and Sc Fi's new series "Sanctuary Room" will be previewed in Room 30AB.

The Beanworld Is Back! and CCI has given Larry Marder a panel to celebrate. Fans of the 80s black and white cult classic comic will join Marder in Room 2 at 6:00.

Seth Green will be joined by cast and crew for the "Robot Chicken" panel in Room 6B at 6:15.

At 6:30, "Goon" creator Eric Powell will host a Q&A along with "Reno 911's" Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon as they reveal their new comic book project (Room 30AB).

The daytime programming comes to a close at 6:30 with Kevin Smith hosting a 90 minute one-man show. CCI says to expect some "special guests," not that Smith needs help to keep the audience in the palm of his hand (Hall H).

I recognize the words in the following panel description but do not fully understand what they mean when put together like this. Sounds interesting, though. "7:15-8:15 Klingon Lifestyles Presentation-- This latest mission for the crew of the IKV Stranglehold finds them seeking assistance from the last person in the universe they would ask for help, but is everyone who they say they are? Can they survive Rule of Acquisition number 218? All species are welcome to experience the ongoing voyage and adventure of life aboard a Klingon vessel. Room 6A"

Every year, something else comes along to make me realize how old I'm getting. This Con it's the Mystery Science Theater 3000 20th Anniversary Reunion at 7:15 in Room 6B. 20 YEARS!

At 8:15,Marvel and Lionsgate co-host the Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow World Premiere in Room 6A.

Of course, the Eisner Awards are also taking place on Friday, in Ballroom 20. Apparently they're also turning 20 years old this summer.

Wrapping up the evening is the debut of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog, starring Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day. For some reason, they seem to think that Joss Whedon will fill a ballroom or hall during the day but they only need to use Room 6B for this. We shall see.

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