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CCC09: Mondo Marvel Panel

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CCC09: Mondo Marvel Panel

The Mondo Marvel Panel is underway at the Chicago Comic-Con, with Jim McCann moderating a discussion with editor Mark Paniccia, Dan Slott, Lauren Sankovitch, Jason Aaron, Sean McKeever, Chris Yost, and Craig Kyle.

Slott and Marcus Martin will be doing a Mysterio arc in “Amazing Spider-Man” beginning in issue 618 or 619, McCann announced. He followed this by announcing a new miniseries, “Spider-Man and the Secret Wars,” beginning December 2009 by Paul Tobin and Pat Sherberger. McCann described it as ” “Paul Tobin found a really cool way to tell things from Spidey’s eyes, some things you’ve seen and some you haven’t seen.” He added that it is not an “Adventures” title

Jeff Parker is taking over Thunderbolts in November with issue 138. “This is going to feature a lot of crazy reveals and Norman Osborn facing off against Songbird and the original Thunderbolts,” McCann said.

“Incredible Hercules” arc “Assault on New Olympus” begins in November. “The Agents of Atlas will feature in this and have backup stories,” Paniccia said.

“New Avengers Annual” #3 is subtitled “The Women Strike Back” and “Dark Avengers Annual” #1 features “the fate of Captain Marvel.”

An arc titled “Stark Disassembled” begins in “Invincible Iron Man” for November. Writer Matt Fraction included up to this arc in his original pitch for the series. “This will literally change the course of this character forever,” McCann said, acknowledging that Marvel was fond of hyperbole. “I work in marketing. But this time, it’s for real.”

The end of “War of Kings” will lead into “Realm of Kings,” beginning in November. It will be written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, as will many of the tie-in books.

McKeever briefly discussed “Nomad: Girl Without a World,” which stars the female Bucky from “Heroes Reborn.” “She thought she was sacrificing herself for the sake of her friends and her team, but instead she’s been transported to a world in which the Captain America she knows has been assassinated and there’s a new Cap running around that she has no idea who he is,” the artist said. He added that the series would focus on her finding a place in the Marvel universe.

Aaron described “Wolverine: The List” as his chance to work with his favorite Grant Morrison characters, namely Fantomex. “He’s a guy who was grown in a vat, pretends to be French, has a flying saucer, and shoots people in the face.” Noh-Varr also appears. “It occurred to me I could write a whole series of just these two guys talking to each other,” Aaron said.

Slott said he and the Spider-Man writers are working on an arc called “The Gauntlet,” which will bring in some of the bigger villains. On Dark Reign: “Come on, we know who should take Norman Osborn down,” Slott said. “That’s what we’re doing in the List.”

In “Mighty Avengers,” Slott will be telling the story of “an apocryphal Inhumans king” who has been written out of history.

“Mighty” #30, page 10: “Keep your eyes out for it. It’ll be scanned online and people will either go, that’s stupid! or that’s the greatest thing ever! I’ll never write a better Hank Pym scene,” Slott said.

“X-Men Forever” #5 will have a huge reveal that will “turn the definition of what it is to be a mutant on its head,” Paniccia said of the Chris Claremont-led series. Upcoming issues will be illustrated by Paul Smith and Terry Austin before Tom Grummett returns.

Slott said that the upcoming Jonathan Hickman/Dale Eaglesham arc on “Fantastic Four” “will blow you all away.”

McCann then opened the floor to questions.

The first focused on Marvelman (Miracleman), to which Marvel recently announced they have acquired the rights. McCann said that there was nothing more he could say about the rights situation. The fan said he wanted a promise that “Marvel will at least put its foot in [Todd] McFarlane’s ass over this.”

More Silver Surfer? “There are people who are thinking about that right now,” Paniccia said.

Will the X-Men Starjammers characters be returning to Earth? “Thaaaaat… would be telling,” McCann said.

Slott suggested strongly that Thor would enter Dark Reign in “Mighty Avengers.”

In “World War Hulks,” “all of the Hulks are going to fighting each other, and there will be ramifications for two out of three of the She-Hulks,” Paniccia said in response to a fan question about a potential Red She-Hulk.

Who would win between the Blob and Juggernaut? McCann: “Ben and Jerry’s.”

Asked about the best way for a would-be writer to get material in front of an editor, Paniccia said that the best thing to publish with an indie publisher, and a Marvel editor might see your work and “think, what could that guy do with Spider-Man, what could that guy do with Wolverine.” McKeever mentioned his book “The Waiting Place,” which Marvel editor Tom Brevoort read.

Will Bucky still be Captain America now that Steve Rogers is back? “Steve’s not back… yet,” McCann said evasively.

New “Tales of the Pet Avengers” will appear on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, McCann and Sankovich said in response to a question about the characters.

Emma Rios will be illustrating “Strange” by Mark Waid, which will follow the former Sorcerer Supreme, while “Doctor Voodoo” follows the current holder of that title, beginning in November, from Rick Remender.

More of the former New X-Men will appear in “X-Force,” especially in “Necrosha.” Deadpool will also show up in Yost and Kyle’s series, and Kyle said he’d love to see an animated “Deadpool Vs.” DVD.

The final question related to whether the Agents of Atlas would stick around after Dark Reign. Paniccia said they would fight the X-Men in a two-issue series, appear in backups in “Incredible Hercules,” and then the series would be relaunched.

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