CBS Pays Big To Keep <i>The Mentalist</i>

CBS wants to keep The Mentalist star Simon Baker very happy indeed. So much so, in fact, that it's giving him a new deal worth $30 million, a producer's credit and back-end royalties for one more year on the series.

Admittedly, The Mentalist - in which Baker plays a former con-man and fake psychic who consults with police on high-profile cases, like USA's Psych but with a bigger budget - is one of the few breakout hit dramas on broadcast networks from the last few years, but even so, this new deal, which adds one more year to Baker's already-existing six-year contract with the series, is an impressive feat. That said, Deadline links it to Warner Bros.' 2009 off-network deal for the show with TNT, which sees each episode earning the studio $2.2 million, making a $30 million deal seem like a bargain...

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