CBS Resurrecting Northern Exposure, Rob Morrow Attached to Lead

From Murphy Brown to Twin Peaks, many television shows from yesteryear have been making a comeback, allowing older fans to reunite with beloved characters while also introducing new viewers to these characters. Now, a revival of the popular comedy-drama Northern Exposure is in the works at CBS, with series lead Rob Morrow and creators Joshua Brand and John Falsey set to return.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, talks of a revival have been around for almost two years before the series was picked up. Brand will produce the script and serve alongside Morrow and Falsey as executive producers, with Ben Silverman and Morrow's co-star John Corbett joining them.

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Running from 1990 to 1995 on CBS, Northern Exposure was the story of Joel Fleischman, played by Morrow, a New York City doctor who is assigned to the Alaskan town of Cicely to repay a student loan from the government. The series chronicled the everyday lives of Fleischman and the quirky townspeople who inhabited Cicely. During its initial run, the series won 27 awards, including two Golden Globes.

Brand's script will see Fleischman return to the town to attend a friend's funeral and reuniting with his old neighbors, while meeting some new eccentric characters along the way. It is currently unknown which other cast members will return to the series for the revival.

Produced by Universal Television, the Northern Exposure revival currently has no announced air date.

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