CBS Drops Tom Welling's "Section 13" Pilot; Could He Play Superman in "Supergirl" S2?

A new report indicates that CBS' "Section 13" pilot, produced by and starring Tom Welling, will not be moving forward. Because the "Smallville" alum is now free to work this fall, that leads us to ponder: Could Welling portray Superman for "Supergirl" Season 2?

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TVLine repoted the progress of Welling's "Section 13" pilot, revealing less-than-stellar news for the project. "There is news, and it's...not super. [TVLine writer] Matt Mitovich asked around, and the Smallville vet's espionage-themed CBS project is sadly not moving forward."

Welling, of course, starred for ten years on the Superman origin series "Smallville," which aired on the CW (and from 2001-2006 on WB). He's been on record praising not only "Arrow" and "The Flash," but also "Supergirl," which is now moving the the CW for its second season. Welling said of "Supergirl," "...It's a great show; I've seen it."

It has been revealed that "Supergirl" Season 2 will include Superman as a character, with casting currently underway. The role has yet to be filled.

On the possibility of playing Superman on the series, Welling once said, "There's people who would like it... there's people who don't like it, but I will tell you that no one has ever actually asked me to do it. So, I don't know. It would be kind of odd. I don't know who he is at that point. He would obviously be Superman."

But now that Welling's freed up, could he take the plunge and return to the role of Kal-El/Clark Kent? Nothing's been announced, but it certainly sounds like the door is open for Welling to appear on the series...

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"Supergirl" returns Mondays this fall on the CW.

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