CBR's Top Artists & Writers Revealed!

Two weeks ago, the CBR Community were asked to vote for their favorite writers and artists of all time. CBR's Brian Cronin tallied the votes, added them all up and has been revealing the winners slowly over the last week. Who made the list? Discover for yourself by clicking the following links:

As of this posting, Brian's revealed up to #21 on both lists and will be unveiling the rest on a daily basis, so there's still plenty to see.

There are quite a few surprises already, which has spawned a lengthy discussion and some controversy. You can join in on the official discussion thread right here on the CBR forums. Not a member of the CBR Forums? No problem. Registration is free for one of the largest comics communities on the Web. We invite you to stop by and share your opinion, or simply join the discussion on one of our large variety of discussion forums.

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