CBR's Top 100 Comics of 2015: The Master List

Another year has begun, and another CBR Top 100 Comics countdown has ended. Whether you're getting a jump start on your resolutions or slowly bouncing back from a night of year-end revelry, welcome to 2016! But before we get too far into the New Year, let's take one last look back at our massive, staff-compiled list of CBR's Top 100 Comics of 2015 -- here's the full ranking of No. 1 to 100, plus links to our commentary on each pick.

Lists are a weird thing. Everyone loves reading them, and no one agrees with them -- but that's kind of the fun, right? Even with 100 picks, given how wide and wonderful the world of comics and graphic novels is, there's bound to be some notable omissions (in the parlance of Comedy Bang Bang, "snubs and flubs"). But every year I'm darn proud of what the CBR staff prodcues for this list, and the passion and enthusiasm shown by all of our contributors. As pointed out by Kurt Busiek on Twitter, the mere fact that there are enough good comics to fill a Top 100 is an achievement in itself -- and on top of that, 100 spots isn't even enough to cover all the worthy candidates out there. (More than 200 comics received votes from the more than 40 contributors to this list.)

So while this might not be a complete and exhaustive list of every worthwhile comic that came out in the past year -- what list could be? -- it's a remarkable and diverse reflection of the high-quality comics material released in 2015, one we're proud to stand behind. It's fun to see "Shaft," "The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl," "Step Aside, Pops," "Jem and the Holograms," "Stray Bullets," "Batman" and "The Arab of the Future" all on the same list, and that's a testament to the industry that we're fortunate to cover. Given how much attention there often is on behind-the-scenes happenings, it's always nice to focus on the content of the comic books themselves.

This year, Image Comics once again led all publishers with 27 books in the Top 100. Marvel was second with 18, and DC Comics was close behind with 16 -- but equaled its Big Two competitor when the two Vertigo series that made the list are added. Dark Horse Comics, Fantagraphics, Drawn & Quarterly, IDW Publishing, Dynamite Entertainment, Archie Comics, Top Shelf Productions (acquired by IDW in January 2015), Oni Press and Abrams each also had multiple books on the list. Like last year, "Saga" and last year's No. 1, "Ms. Marvel," both received by far the most votes from the CBR staff, though this time "Saga" narrowly edged out Kamala Khan for the top spot -- its second victory after coming in at No. 1 in 2012, the year Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples' creator-owned sensation debuted.

If you're wondering how the list is made, every contributor from across CBR's network of sites who elects to participate (all thanked individually below) submits a personal list of favorite comics in 2015 -- any genre, publisher or format is fair game, provided it's new material released in 2015 -- and each choice on an individual list gets a point value based on its placement. It's all averaged together and through the power of mathematics (thank you, Google Sheets), CBR's Top 100 Comics is born.

Alright, enough yapping -- here's the full list of CBR's Top 100 Comics of 2015, and we're already excited for even more great comic books in 2016. Happy New Year!

  1. Saga
  2. Ms. Marvel
  3. March: Book Two
  4. Star Wars
  5. Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
  6. Paper Girls
  7. Step Aside, Pops
  8. The Omega Men
  9. Bitch Planet
  10. The Fade Out
  11. Archie
  12. Jem and the Holograms
  13. Darth Vader
  14. Silver Surfer
  15. The Wicked + The Divine
  16. Multiversity
  17. Batman
  18. Grayson
  19. Shaft
  20. Astro City
  21. Two Brothers
  22. Huck
  23. Supermutant Magic Academy
  24. Thor / Thors / The Mighty Thor
  25. Lady Killer
  26. Descender
  27. Midnighter
  28. Southern Bastards
  29. The Story of My Tits
  30. Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl
  31. The Vision
  32. Fight Club 2
  33. Stray Bullets: Sunshine & Roses
  34. Lazarus
  35. Daredevil
  36. Sacred Heart
  37. Loki: Agent of Asgard
  38. Constantine: The Hellblazer
  39. Batgirl
  40. Secret Wars
  41. Injection
  42. The Arab of the Future
  43. Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen
  44. Bloom County
  45. Hawkeye
  46. Jughead
  47. Prez
  48. Walking Dead
  49. Giant Days
  50. Invisible Ink
  51. Southern Cross
  52. Copperhead
  53. Black Magick
  54. Displacement: A Travelogue
  55. Captain America: Sam Wilson
  56. Casanova: Acedia
  58. Amazing Spider-Man
  59. S.H.I.E.L.D.
  60. Ruins
  61. Wytches
  62. Plutona
  63. All Star Section 8
  64. Danger Club
  65. Weirdworld
  66. Trashed
  67. Zodiac Starforce
  68. The Goddamned
  69. Island
  70. Harley Quinn
  71. Fante Bukowski
  72. The Sculptor
  73. Hellboy in Hell
  74. Monstress
  75. Batman and Robin Eternal
  76. Princess Ugg
  77. Heart in a Box
  78. The Legend of Wonder Woman
  79. The Autumnlands
  80. Nimona
  81. Kaijumax
  82. Invisible Republic
  83. The Sandman: Overture
  84. Ragnarok
  85. Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye
  86. Shutter
  87. DC Comics: Bombshells
  88. Berlin
  89. James Bond
  90. Groot
  91. Batman '66
  92. The Dark Knight III: The Master Race
  93. Sex
  94. Dungeon Fun
  95. A Silent Voice
  96. Melody: Story of a Nude Dancer
  97. Ant-Man / Ant-Man: Last Days / Astonishing Ant-Man
  98. Howard the Duck
  99. Elfquest: The Final Quest
  100. Superman: American Alien

Big-time thanks to the following list-making, blurb-writing all-stars for contributing to CBR's Top 100 Comics of 2015: CBR News reporters and commentators (in alphabetical order) Brigid Alverson, Josh Bell, Tom Bondurant, Tamara Brooks, Marc Buxton, Rob Cave, Alex Dueben, Casey Gilly, Ryan Ingram, Heather Knight, Michael C Lorah, Shaun Manning, Steve Morris, Tim O'Shea, Mike Pallotta, Kiel Phegley, Jeffrey Renaud, Dave Richards, Joe Streckert, Allison Shoemaker, Jason Strykowski and George A. Tramountanas; CBR reviewers Jennifer Cheng, Marykate Jasper, Jim Johnson and Greg McElhatton; CBR columnists Ron Marz, John Mayo and Hannibal Tabu; the Comics Should Be Good team headed up by Brian Cronin and including Greg Burgas, Greg Hatcher and Chad Nevett; guest contributor Heather Johanssen; plus the bulk of CBR's day-to-day editorial staff, including Assistant Editor/In Your Face Jam columnist Brett White, Assistant Editor/Reviews Editor Meagan Damore, Assistant Editors Brendan McGuirk, Anthony Couto and Lauren Gallaway, Robot 6/Spinoff Online Editor Kevin Melrose and Senior Editor Stephen Gerding. (Also, me.) Of course, big thanks to CBR Executive Producer Jonah Weiland, the founder of our feast.

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