CBR's Safety & Resource Guide: ECCC 2015 Edition

The Responsibilities of Safety

ECCC sets the bar high in terms of helping their guests navigate the con safely. Check out their comprehensive FAQ to make sure you're abiding by the terms of attendance.

Among the many services ECCC offers, a few unique accommodations stand out:

  • Like most cons, ECCC has restrictions on costume weaponry, though they do commit to using tape or zip ties to mark weapons as 'safe' in a way that disrupts the aesthetics of the item as minimally as possible. They also take into account marking items in a way that will not cause damage. If your item is deemed unsafe, you have the option to return it to your car/hotel room, or ECCC can store it for you at the 4th level Information Booth during business hours. Thanks, guys!
  • If you require special assistance, please visit the Information Booth to obtain an unobtrusive sticker for your badge, which will allow employees to recognize that you may need their help. If you are unable to stand in lines, you can request a Line Placeholder or the Fast Pass line. Please speak to an ECCC volunteer -- lovingly referred to as Minions -- to request this assistance. The sticker on your badge will also indicate to Minions that you may need these services, so as always, hit up the Information Booth to get it sorted.
  • Although ECCC does not provide rental services for mobility assistance devices such as wheelchairs, walkers or canes, there are two close-by businesses that can provide assistance. Check them out here and here.
  • If you experience social anxiety or similar concerns, or simply need a break from the constant stimulation, ECCC has a Quiet Room available in Room 310. Please be respectful of the space, and of the Minions overseeing it.
  • Family Rooms are available in Room 307 and TCC (The Conference Center, directly across the sky bridge) Room 102. These locations are ideal for parents that might need a few quiet moments with their children. For parents that need a more private area, there is a New Parents Room in Room 309.


Closest hospital:

Swedish Medical Center

1001 4th Ave Suite 420

Seattle, WA 98154

(206) 554-7709

Nearby pharmacy:

Bartell Drugs

910 Fourth Ave

Seattle, WA 98164

(206) 624-2211

The Responsibilities of Drinking

If you enjoy imbibing alcohol, please do so responsibly. Seattle has public transportation services as well as taxis, Uber, Sidecar and Lyft services. Put the number of a cab service in your phone, or make sure you have the Uber/Sidecar/Lyft app ready to go. That way, you can safely depart into the night once you're partied out. Also, consider celebrating at venues close by your hotel.



North End Taxi

(206) 363-3333

CarGozz will send a personal driver to you at your location, who can take you/your passengers home in your own car.

Questions about substance abuse or assistance for finding treatment?
Washington Recovery Helpline provides 24-hour a day support at 1-866-789-1511.

The Responsibilities of Preventing Harassment

Don't think harassment happens? Think again. Both women and men face unwelcome attention at conventions and it's everyone's responsibility to monitor their own behavior to make sure they aren't overstepping any bounds. Be aware of your physical space and respectful of the people around you. It's okay to be uncertain of what other people may or may not find appropriate -- but do the right thing and seek understanding. Don't assume that anyone occupying any space is automatically open to attention.
See an awesome cosplayer that you'd like to meet or photograph? Ask them first. Be respectful if they verbally decline or seem physically uncomfortable. Try these consent-seeking phrases:

  • Good: "I like your costume! Mind if I get a picture? Do you mind if I share it on my blog?"
  • Great: "Cool outfit! Looks like you put a lot of work into it. Can I ask you about your process?"
  • Awesome: "Woah! You look just like Wonder Woman! she's my favorite -- can I take a selfie with you? Is it okay if I Instagram this?"

If you experience harassment, the most important thing to remember is that you are not at fault. Remember, nothing you did, said, wore or thought gives anyone permission to engage with you in a disrespectful way. Your emotions are valid and there are resources to support you. If you have been harassed, contact ECCC staff, security or a crew member. If you are unable to find a member of the staff, ask a friend or an exhibitor to help you. If you aren't able to ask for help, text a friend or family member to help you collect yourself until you are able to reach out. Don't feel compelled to confront your harasser, but do have a plan to get to a safe place should you need it.

If you witness someone being harassed, say something. Ask if they need help. Ask what you can do. Find a member of the ECCC staff to provide support. Help them get to a place where they feel safe. If you overhear an inappropriate comment, it's okay to respond. Remember that people may not always realize that what they're saying or doing is offensive, so try these phrases to help course-correct:

  • Good: "That's not a very nice thing to say."

  • Great: "Not cool. Please don't talk about someone that way."

  • Awesome: "That makes me uncomfortable. Please don't use that language."

ECCC has an outstanding anti-harassment policy that demonstrates the show's commitment to "a safe, awesome environment where geeks of all kinds can come together." They have zero tolerance for harassment of any kind.


Circle of 6

A free app that can help prevent violence before it happens. Check it out at http://www.circleof6app.com/

Crisis Clinic provides 24-hour emotional support and services at 1-866-427-4747.

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