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CBR’s NYCC Photo Parade

by  in Comic News Comment
CBR’s NYCC Photo Parade

After a long week filled with some vacationing in New York City following the New York Comic-Con, I’m happy to finally bring you a somewhat abbreviated version of our regular CBR Photo Parade. This selection of photos covers four hours on Friday night and about another three hours late in the day on Saturday due to the convention show floow being shut down early in the day. When that happened, Augie and I opted to grab some lunch in Times Square versus fighting with the crowds, so you’ll even get a little look at Manhattan in this photo parade.

Keith Giffen & J.M. DeMatteis at a convention together for the first time ever! Colleen Doran holds up the Danish flag signed by industry professionals which was later auctioned off to benefit the CBLDF.
Steve Uy Rick Spears
Rich Bernatovich Watch out, it’s that Civillian Justice guy!
Space Ladaaaays! Markosia’s Harry Markos and Chuck Satterlee
My geek out moment of the weekend: a beautiful copy of “Action Comics” #1, as seen at the Geppi Comics Museum booth. Matthew Mohammed, creator of the Black Bastard, and SSS Comics’ Saul Colt
Jamal Igle Mark Smylie
I’m not quite sure what book she was there to promote, but does it really matter? “I am giant Lego thing! I will eat con goers! Beware my eyes and all their redness! RAWR!”
Paul Pope and John Cassaday signing at the Midtown Comics booth. Narwain’s Dario Gully and Brian Augustyn
A slightly blurry Frank Tieri (My fault, not his. He’s not really blurry). Krypto! Actually, this was a service dog. The owner suffers from epilepsy and this dog is literally her life saver. There could be no more appropriate costume.
A great (and OHHHHH MAMA!) home grown Catwoman outfit. It’s one of those grab for cash booth thingiess! “Yes, I’m fully rich with fake money now! Eat that, Regis!”
“I am giant Batman Lego thing! I will scare con goers with my slightly askew waist! Beware my batarang action!” Now we move on to Saturday, and here’s CBR’s Augie De Blieck towering over Heidi MacDonald in the press room.
The coat rack in the press room. Look, if you read my impressions of the show you know I was stuck in that room for an hour. I just had to take a picture of something! The line of fans waiting to get into the convention after the show was shut down by city officials.
Dammit! I thought I was gonna go a whole weekend without Storm Troopers, but no! I think it’s Princess Amidala or something. I dunno. Cool color fade, though. Very ’80s chic.
I really, really, really, really, really don’t know. So, instead of waiting for the city to decide to open up the show again, Augie, myself and a handful of folks decided to venture over to Times Square for lunch. Here’s augie hamming it up with Riley from “The Boondocks.”
A building in Manhattan that looks like it could have easily been designed by a comic artist. So, we made our way over to Midtown Comics, which was packed with folks who couldn’t get into the convention.
A totally different type of inking was taking place outside the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square. A look at the outside of Midtown Comics.
Comics represented all over Gotham, errr, Manhattan. “V for Vendetta” signage was everywhere and here’s Augie getting in the spirit of things. The con floor from high above late Saturday afternoon.
Once again, if you read my impresisons of the show, you’ll know I originally thought the layout for Artisits Alley was a good one on Friday. Here’s what it looked like on Saturday evening around 4:45 PM. Way too packed to get anything done.
If I’ve not seen this guy at other conventions, I’ve certainly seen other guys dressed exactly like him. Kevin Maguire
Joe Rubinstein DC’s Bill Roseman and Augie De Blieck Jr. (How is it he keeps getting in all these photos?)
Power Girl? No, but one part is accurate at least. Ian Churchill with a slightly blurry face (once again, my fault, his face really isn’t blurry).
A Wolverine with some really weak chops and Cyclops. Probably some Manga character. Hey, if you’re in costume and I’m nearby, I snap a picture. It’s what I do.
OK, we’ve seen all sorts of variations on Storm Troopers. Elvis Stormtrooper, Sherlock Holmes Stormtrooper, even a Samurai Stormtrooper. But this one may beat them all– that creepy Burger King Guy Stormtrooper and a slave girl Princess Leia (even in the NYC cold, too!) Actor Peter Scolari talks with a fan.
Batman, with Batnipple action. Jon Bogdanove
An almost perfect Power Girl, except in one area. Great Green Lantern outfit. Sign her up for the Corps!
Kevin Maguire again, this time with a proper pose. Supergirl!
Those “Action Philosophers” Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey Ya just gotta love the Marvels!

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