CBR's "Green Lantern" Set Visit Preview

Specific details about Warner Bros.' intergalactic epic "Green Lantern" have been among the best kept secrets of all of next summer's movies. While the already released photos have given excited fans of the long-running DC Comics series and characters a glimpse of Hal Jordan, his costume and Carol Ferris, the full nature of the film has been closely guarded. This past August, CBR News was given the opportunity to visit the New Orleans studios where the film was shot, arriving on the eve of the production-wrapping principal photography. In the coming months, we will offer you a special look inside the production of the film.

The film's Production Designer Grant Major ("The Lord of the Rings") took us on a tour of the art department where hundreds of design photos revealed the planet Oa and the training of Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern of Sector 2814. He discussed developing Green Lanterns such as Kilowog and Tomar-Re into workable digital creations that could interact with the live actors. Along with "Green Lantern" comic writer and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, Major explained the philosophy behind the green energy and the nature of a Lantern constructs. Also on hand: a scale model of the Central Power Battery.

Costume Designer Ngila Dickson (also a "Lord of the Rings" veteran) described the challenge of creating a costume that will only exist in the computer and adapting that look for the odd and varying shapes of different Green Lantern Corps members. "It became a bit of a reverse engineering job, which is very much taking me well out of my comfort zone," said Dickson. She also explained what became of the traditional white gloves.

Director Martin Campbell ("Casino Royale") and lead actors Ryan Reynolds and Mark Strong discussed the final days of shooting and the special challenges of the green screen environment and motion tracking suits.

We even had the opportunity to wear the ring.

CBR is unable to reveal much in the way of details at this point, though Warner Bros provided us with the concept art accompanying this article, which offer a tantalizing glimpse of the film and the planet Oa, the key fantastical setting in the film. "We've put quite a bit of work into the design of Oa as a planet," Major said. "Oa is, of course, at the center of the universe. It is also an extremely old place." Describing it as an ancient "U.N.-cum-military compound," Major and his team have imagined the planet as having a great influence on cultures across the universe. "What we've tried to do is introduce a sort of plethora of a lot of different types of architectural styles and a feeling that over the millennia, there's just been building on building on building and this whole sort of huge history of culture." Major looked at the comics when developing the big screen version of Oa, but he sought to broaden the scope beyond anything fans have seen before. "I really wanted to make it the sort of place - with just this glimpse of it - [where] you'd really want to go back there and have a big look around."

Stay with CBR as there will be more surprises ahead while the secrets of "Green Lantern" continue to be revealed.

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