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CBR’s Geppi Entertainment Museum Photo Gallery – Part 1

by  in Comic News Comment
CBR’s Geppi Entertainment Museum Photo Gallery – Part 1

Tuesday we brought you Stephen Gerding’s report on his visit to the Geppi’s Entertainment Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. While the museum isn’t set to open to the public until September 8th, CBR News is happy to bring you a massive gallery of photos from Stephen’s visit. Because of the sheer number of photos, we’ve had to split this gallery into two parts. We’ll post part two later today.

Now, while there’s a lot to look at here, it doesn’t even begin to touch the extensive collection housed in the museum. Also, we should note that many of the thumbnails below had to be cropped to fit properly in our grid, so the blow-ups often have far more detail.

Camden Yards, which houses the Museum. Oriole Park, right next to the Museum.
The front of the Museum. Just two of the massive posters that greet visitors in the lobby.
Another poster from the lobby. These were a good 6-7 feet tall at least. A few more lobby posters – the photos really don’t do them justice.
This Snow White poster is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to product endorsement memorabilia. Just a small sampling of the classic Disney animated feature posters on display.
Mickey promotes NBC Bread. Everything’s better in Technicolor!
You just know by looking at the poster that this has to be better than the Captain America movie from the ’80s. An even better shot of the lobby’s Batman serial poster.
This Human Torch piece is just one of a number of pieces in the Museum that show how publishers used to promote their product to the newsstand operators. Steve Geppi’s a lucky man.
The Museum has the most jaw-cropping Walt Kelly collection you may ever see. Just a small section of the hallway walls.
Looking to the left… …and to the right!
To the left of “Adventure Comics” is “Action Comics” #1. Some more slighty rare books.
This copy of “Captain Marvel” looked almost like new. A long shot of part of the collection.
Some more rarities. Just a fraction of the books on display.
Interactive kiosk where you can read “Action Comics” #1 or “Superman” #1. Superman #1 selected…
And, here you go. The page-turning animation is a simple, but effective touch. Just a few of Overstreet Price Guide covers, along with their original art.
A spinner rack worth drooling over. And look – it has a sibling!
The amount of detail Alex Raymond put into his work is mind-boggling. The printed page really doesn’t do him justice. The Man of Steel stands guard at the far end of the hallway.
Steve Geppi starts the tour. That smile didn’t leave Geppi’s face the entire time he was giving the tour.
The Brownies – probably the first characters created and used to sell items to kids to a massive extent. Some paper dolls of the Brownies.
Some Brownie puppets. A few more Brwnie puppets.
An exhaustively complete Yellow Kid pin collection. Some of the pins in detail.
Some more Yellow Kid pins. Buster Brown’s word balloon will feature rotating sayings from his classic strips via a projector.
Buster Brown and Tige sell ties. A rare cel drawing from a Windsor McKay animated movie.
Another cel from McKay’s “Gertie The Dinosaur.” Buster Brown getting all political on Theodore Roosevelt.

We’ll post part two a little later today.

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