CBR Wishes You All Happy Holidays

Well, it's Christmas time. The one time of the year that most of the world shuts down and we get to relax a bit. The same remains true for CBR, as we'll be taking a little rest and will return on December 26th with our usual assortment of news, columns, blog postings and what not. Well, sort of. See, LYING IN THE GUTTERS author Rich Johnston really wanted to do his column on Monday, despite the fact it was Christmas. I was originally against the idea - Christmas is usually a low traffic day on the site - but he pushed, and pushed, and sent over two beautiful women with English accents and, hey, how can I say no to that? Plus, he's got a rumor in there that if true could be just huge for the world of comics. So, come back Christmas afternoon for the full skinny.

If you find yourself with just too much family time and need to get away, why don't you stop by the CBR Forums! Registration is free and the conversation is always flowing. We'd love to have you join one of the most active and largest comics communities on the Web.

Now, before I let you all go, I thought I'd dust off some of the old CBR Christmas Cards and share them with all of you. Unfortunately, this year and last year I wasn't able to get things together in time to produce a new CBR Christmas Card as medical issues with my family overwhelmed me, but I've got a great idea for next year that I plan to produce early. But, over the last six years, my friend and fantastic graphic designer Jim MacQuarrie has worked with me on some really fun Christmas Cards and they need to be seen by a wider audience.

This is CBR's second Christmas Card (the first one pretty much sucked, so let's just pretend that one never happened) and was delivered in 1999. It's a rather simple, but elegant design featuring the CBR logo inside a snow globe. Jim actually made me a little CBR snow globe himself, which I still have.

This is CBR's third Christmas Card, issued in 2000. This is also possibly the creepiest Christmas Card of the bunch, but easily my favorite. In 1999 the movie "American Beauty" was released and had a big impact on me. In 2000, the movie got a DVD push and a lot more press for its many Oscar nominations. Not only did I love the movie, but I loved the ad campaign, which featured Mena Suvari in a tub filled with red rose petals. The ad campaign was seemingly everywhere! That same year I made the CBR antenna balls and the idea for a satire card together. Jim took a stock photo of Santa, put his head on a stock photo of some half naked dude, made half naked dude heavier and rendered thousands of CBR antenna balls. I love the very appropriate placement of the antenna balls over Santa's naughty bits. Brilliant job by Jim.

We didn't send out a Christmas Card in 2001 (don't remember why - maybe I lacked inspiration that year?), so we skip ahead to 2002. Originally the idea was to build a sand-snow man on a Southern California beach and take a picture. See, the weather on Christmas in Los Angeles, my home town, is usually 75 degrees and sunny and I figured let's show the world how we enjoy Christmas in Los Angeles. But, well, it didn't really come together, so Jim drew up this beautiful Super Snowman that's just great fun. Yeah, in addition to being a great graphic designer, Jim's a fantastic illustrator (this piece doesn't even begin to show his true skill level). He digitally colored it to look like it had been hand colored. Love that.

In 2003, I was having a hard time coming up with a Christmas Card idea. Jim suggested this card, featuring a Super Santa flying over the CBR Global Headquarters with a big ol' bag filled with comics for the good boys and girls of the world. I said go for it and he delivered this wonderfully sweet card. You gotta love the candy cane utility belt. Too cool!

In 2004, we held our first photo shoot for a CBR Christmas Card. I rented a fantastic Santa Suit from Western Costume in North Hollywood, conned my friend Dave Jensen into being our model, everyone met at my long time friend Jacob Riskin's house and had ourselves a little photo shoot. We all know that Santa is the world's greatest super hero, but did you know he actually works for CBR? True story! Jim put all the finishing touches on the card once again.

I hope you enjoyed the look at CBR Christmas Cards from the past. All of us here wish you a Happy Holiday, whichever one it may be that you celebrate!


Jonah Weiland

December 24th, 2006

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