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"Wolverine: Manifest Destiny" #1 is just one of the many titles reviewed this past week.

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these Reviews spotlights, but with a new member joining the reviews team and a large number of books reviewed in the past week, we thought the timing was right.

Our first piece of business this week is to welcome the latest addition to the CBR Reviews team, Chad Nevett! In Chad’s first week he reviewed three books — “The Boys” #24, “No Hero” #2 and “Rann-Thanagar Holy War” #6 — which can all be found by checking out his profile. Chad is the first Canadian member of the CBR Reviews team, living across the way from Detroit in Windsor, Ontario. Welcome aboard, Chad!

The CBR Reviews team as a whole have been busy this past week. We begin with our spotlighted review of the original graphic novel “Joker,” which reviewer Timothy Callahan gave 3.5 stars. As a whole, the CBR Reviews team appeared to be a bit hard to please this week, giving no single book more than four stars our of five, but that said four books did get the four star love — Dynamite Entertainment’s “Battlefields: The Night Witches” #1, DC Comics’ “Family Dynamic” #3, Dark Horse’s “Hellboy: In The Chapel of Moloch” and Marvel Comics’ “Wolverine: Manifest Destiny” #1 and “Daredevil” #12. In addition, Doug Zawisa checked in with a very early review of Boom! Studios’ December release, “Hexed” #1.

You can always find the latest reviews by visiting the CBR Reviews section of this here Web site.

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