CBR Week in Review: 2/6 - 2/12

Every week, CBR has more news and features than Wolverine has variant covers. Week in Review is the one-stop source for the highlights of the week, the results of our weekly features and the cool stories you may have missed in the rush to get to the juiciest news.


As always, the week was led off by Cover of the Week where Mike Del Mundo's cover for "Amazing Spider-Man" #679 beat out the rest of the pack to earn the top spot. Additionally, Sean Phillip's "Fatale" #1 cover took the first-ever Cover of the Month title.

In this week's X-Position Marjorie Liu answered questions on the end of her "X-23" run and the beginning of her upcoming stint on "Astonishing X-Men."

The Bat Signal spoke to JH Williams III, W. Haden Blackman and Amy Reeder on "Batwoman" in the New 52 looking to issue #6 and moving forward.

The Buy Pile nabbed six stellar issues this week including "Mister Terrific" #6, "New Mutants" #37 and "Journey Into Mystery" #634.

Robot 6's Wednesday Sequence studied a page from Mike Mignola's "Hellboy" from "Dark Horse Presents" #151.

Tim O'Shea spoke with BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon about his current position and the transition to new all-ages titles like "Adventure Time" in Talking Comics with Tim.

The existential debate of Food or Comics continued this week on Robot 6 with the heavy favorites "Thief of Thieves" #1 and "Conan the Barbarian" #1 making the staff want to starve a little bit on Wednesday.

Graeme McMillan expounded on Diamond's January sales estimates in this week's installment of The Middle Ground

As always, Comics Should Be Good kept the fun up with its Cover Theme Game and bringing legends to light in Comic Book Legends Revealed.

Marc Bernardin gave "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1" his pick of the week in Spinoff Online's This Week on Blu-ray and DVD

Finally, Jason Aaron guest-starred on this week's Axel-in-Charge where Aaron and Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso spoke to Aaron's history at Marvel Comics and teased the upcoming events of "Avengers vs. X-Men."


The week started strong at CBR with "The Avengers" Super Bowl trailer. The movie fun continued with Katie Calautti's report on a special "Amazing Spider-Man" event in New York followed by a new theatrical trailer for the upcoming film. If that wasn't enough, "The Wolverine" has an official release date after numerous production delays.

In breaking news, "The Walking Dead" artist and co-creator Tony Moore sued Robert Kirkman on Thursday over proceeds to the wildly successful property. "Ghost Rider" creator Gary Friedrich was ordered to pay $17,000 to Marvel in damages following the resolution of his 2007 lawsuit. Diamond Comics released its January 2012 sales estimates and John Mayo was on hand for detailed analysis in this month's Mayo Report.

This week saw a number of reveals from both Marvel and DC. "Smallville" Season 11 is coming to comics, a whole slew of "AvX" covers hit the web, DC continued its slow burn of New 52 "Second Wave" info and announced a round-robin shift of artists for the New 52 beginning in May.

In Marvel news, Dan Buckley gave a two-part interview speaking on sales, pricing and events. Jeff Parker discussed the Thunderbolts' upcoming time-travel adventure, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa did commentary for "Fantastic Four: Season One" and Chris Yost spoke to the future of "Scarlet Spider."

Representing DC, Ann Nocenti mentioned her plans for "Green Arrow," Mike Johnson and Michael Green gave readers an update on "Supergirl" and Green/Johnson Supergirl and DC Senior VP-Sales Bob Wayne and Executive VP-Sale, Marketing and Business Development John Rood spoke to DC's digital rankings in January.

Robert Kirkman discussed his work on this week's "Thief of Thieves" #1 and updated readers on "The Walking Dead." Dark Horse editor Scott Alie teased the big decisions coming for Buffy in "Season 9." Mark Millar pictured "Kindergarten Heroes." Ron Marz expounded on 2011's book scan numbers in Tilting at Windmills. Kevin Smith brought new details on his reality show "Comic Book Men." Brian Wood did commentary on key pages of "Conan the Barbarian" #1.

Finally, CBR had some video game coverage this week with Robert Workman's preview of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for PlayStation Vita, a revival of The Simpsons Arcade Game a detailed history of video game icon Lara Croft.


Spinoff Online had a plethora of reviews this week including Safe House, Save the Date and the Ice-T documentary "Something From Nothing. Spinoff also continued posting Sundance 2012 coverage with Mike Birbiglia on his film "Sleepwalk With Me."

Spinoff also interviewed Michael Green and Zack Estrin on their new ABC horror series "The River" and "Comic Book Men" cast member Ming Chen on his experiences as a Comic Book Man.


J. Caleb Mozzacco analyzed some of the current kids' comics on the market today, reviewing "Adventure Time" #1, "Batman: The Brave & The Bold" #16 and more.

"Static Shock" artist Scott McDaniel responded to John Rozum's comments this week giving his side of the story of Rozum's hasty departure from the New 52 title.

Kevin Melrose quickly analyzed Buffy's decision to have an abortion in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9" #6.

Robot 6 also highlighted charitable online movements for creator rights including an online petition asking Marvel Entertainment to acknowledge Jack Kirby's authorship in creating characters, the many endeavors to aid Gary Friedrich in paying off the $17,000 bill from Marvel including one begun by Steve Niles on Twitter.


As always, here are the best reviews of the week, getting a 4-star rating or above.

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