CBR Week in Review: 2/20 - 2/26

Every week, CBR has more news and features than Wolverine has variant covers. Week in Review is the one-stop source for the highlights of the week, the results of our weekly features and the cool stories you may have missed in the rush to get to the juiciest news.


Cover of the Week saw Paolo Rivera's "Daredevil" #9 cover taking the top slot, besting "Roger Langridge's Snarked!" #5, "Fables" #114, "DC Universe Presents" #6 variant and "Amazing Spider-Man" #679.1.

X-Position spoke with "X-Men" scribe Victor Gischler on his rotating roster of mutants and the vampirism inherent in Jubilee.

The Buy Pile had four jumps from the Read Pile this week including "Aquaman" #6 and "Secret Avengers" #23.

Robot 6's weekly offerings included a Wednesday Sequence featuring Roy Crane's "Buz Sawyer,"The Middle Ground spoke to the upcoming Valiant Comics relaunch of "X-O Manowar," Talking Comics With Tim had a discussion with Kagan McLeod, Grumpy Old Fan spoke about "Catwoman" with Michael May and crossed over to this week's Women of Action and as always Food or Comics debated buying "Rasl" or raspberries this week.

Spinoff's Marc Bernardin chose "The Fades: Season One" as his top pick This Week on DVD and Blu-ray.

On CSBG, Comic Book Legends Revealed discovered the truth behind Black Adam's "death," The Line It Is Drawn did some fantastic music album cover homages, Comic Book Easter Eggs discovered *NSYNC in "Wolverine" and there was an all-new Cover Theme Game.

Kelly Thompson also shared her thoughts on the equality of male and female characters in the latest installment of She Has No Head.

Finally, Jonathan Hickman guest-starred on a special Axel-in-Charge.


Indiana Pacers small forward Danny Granger is building a Batcave under his Albuquerque, New Mexico home.

The inaugural ImageExpo was this weekend and CBR had full coverage of the event.

Nick Lowe and Tom Brevoort spoke to developments in "AvX," Matt Fraction expounded on "Defenders," Tom Brevoort and Patrick Zircher spoke to new "Captain America" storyarc "Shock to the System" and the company outlined "AvX" sales and marketing initiatives for retailers. John Arcudi and J.T. Krul spoke to their respective stories in "G.I. Combat."

Marvel also released six teasers by Gabrielle Dell'Otto" for "Ends of the Earth", each featuring a member of the Sinister Six locked in combat with Spider-Man.

In a special "Secret History," Brian K. Eason revealed secrets of Spider-Man's parents, News Editor Kiel Phegley helped introduce Archie's "New Crusaders," "True Blood" writers Michael McMillan and Ann Nocenti spoke to the upcoming IDW ongoing, Howard Chaykin highlighted the art of "The Shadow: Blood & Judgment," Jim McCann provided new details on his creator-owned "Mind the Gap" and artist Bryan Hitch provided CBR with his introduction to the Glasgow Film Festival's showing of "Superman."

Erik Amaya reported from the red carpet premiere of "Justice League: Doom" while Shaun Manning spoke to Jason and D.C. Walker about the upcoming film adaptation of "I Killed Adolf Hitler."

In video game news, "Transformers: Fall of Cybertron" features players switching sides, Harley Quinn makes an appearance in the "Arkham Asylum" iOS game plus an update on the upcoming "Amazing Spider-Man" video game.

Finally, Ron Marz compared writing comics to playing with Legos in a new Shelf Life while John Layman spoke to upcoming "Chew" developments in Chew on This.


The Robot 6 Q&A tackled a number of creators this week including Segura on "Archie's" "Occupy Riverdale," David Gaider on bringing "Dragon Age" comics to Dark Horse Digital and "The Twelve" artist Chris Weston on a myriad of topics including comics, movies and more.

The Q&As kept coming in a two-part interview with "Skullkickers" creator Jim Zub.


Spinoff started the week off with Kevin Melrose's recap and review of "Trigger Finger," the newest episode of "The Walking Dead." Melrose praised the survivors' showdown at the bar and spoke to Lori's character development. "While she's never been a likeable character, the writers in the course of one episode have transformed her into Lady Macbeth, goading her husband -- a good man, she's repeatedly reminded everyone within earshot -- to commit murder. It's disturbing development from which there's no return: Even if Rick doesn't kill Shane, Lori will always be the person who tried to put him in the position to do so."

Josie Campbell spoke to "John Carter" costume designer Mayes Rubeo and Director Andrew Stanton while "Fringe" executive producers J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner mentioned the possibility of cancellation and the end of the fourth season.

Finally, Katie Calautti reviewed "Wanderlust" starring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston, giving the comedy a favorable review. "If you're willing to sit through some of the more manipulated plot points to get to the gooey comedic goodness within -- and especially if you're a fan of Wain and Co's previous work -- 'Wanderlust' is a solid option," she said. "As Marissa explains to Linda early on, cocktail hours are flexible. 'Why have 5 o'clock when you can have 4:30?' she chirps. 'Wanderlust' is that preemptive happy hour: perhaps a tad structurally inappropriate, but you'll walk away with a buzz regardless."


What would a week be without reviews? Here are the best of the best this week, getting a 4-star rating or above.

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