CBR unboxes the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' 99-cheese pizza

In this past summer's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, the latest live-action iteration of Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird enduring multimedia franchise, Splinter tests the foursome's mettle by attempting to break their concentration with a 99-cheese pizza dubbed "Novantanove Formaggio" -- which for those counting at home is a full 95 cheeses more than a comparatively pedestrian four-cheese pie.

With the film out on DVD and Blu-ray today, Paramount actually attempted to create the mythical concoction -- first crafted by an Australian chef -- and sent it out to media outlets, including Comic Book Resources. A publicity stunt? Yes, but when a publicity stunt involves dozens of melty cheeses sent to our door, you can bet that we're going to mark the occasion accordingly.

Here's a look at the Novantanove Formaggio in the wild (along with accompanying Raphael and Donatello masks) -- which, as you may have expected, looks like a cheese pizza. (Lactose intolerant readers may want to turn away now.)

And a closer peek:

But still pictures weren't enough -- CBR also created a video so you can share the magical moment with us.

You're wondering: How'd it taste? Pretty good! We all liked it. It sounds like it might be a mess, but it wasn't as overpowering as you may guess -- just tasted like a solid, strongly flavored, cheese pizza.

For context, here's the 99-cheese pizza scene from the film:

And Paramount's list of the 99 cheeses in case you want to attempt it at home (your results may vary):

3 year cheddar - 5 year cheddar - 6 month gouda - Gouda Hollandaise 6 month - 7 year cheddar - Amadeus - Bleu cheese - Rogue Anniversary Blue cheese - Neals Yard Appleby Chesire - Asiago Fresca - Bellavitano cheese with Black Pepper - Borough Market Quickies Cheddar - Borough Market Stilton - Brillat Savarin Cut - Buttermilk Blue - Campo Montalban - Capricho de Cabra - Capricho de Cabra with Herbs - Champagne Cheddar - Grass-Fed Cheddar - Cambozola Black Label Blue Cheese - Comte Les 3 – Cotswold - Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar - Foutme D’Ambert L’ordes Danes Blue - Danish Fontina - Delice De France Camembert - Delice D’Argental - Delice D’Bourgogne - Doux de Montagne - Drunken Goat - Kerrygold Dubliner with Stout - Kaltbach Emmentaler - Emmentaler Reserve - Emmi Swiss Raclette - Barbers Cheddar English Reserve 20 month - Fromoger D’Affinois - D’Affinois - Goat Cheddar - Gouda Cow Goat Mix - Smoked Gouda - Gouda Vintage 3 years - Grand Cru Reserve - Midwest Jack Habanero - Gruyere Reserve Single Sauce - Havarti Dill - Havarti Horseradish - Havarti Plain - Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog - Huntsman Cheese - Istara Petit Basque - Jarlsberg Reserve - Kaltbatch Cave Aged Gruyere - Le Marechal - Lactalis LePetit Brie - Mahon Young - Manchego 5 month Raw Milk - Manchego El Trigal 12 month - Manchego El Trigal 6 month - Manchego Traditional (Raw) - Maytag Iowa Blue Cheese – Mozzarella - Uniekaas Meadowkaas Gouda - Meule De Savoie - Midnight Moon - Mitica Cordobes Manchego - Moliterno Black Truffle - M yzithra - Oak Smoaked Cheddar - UnieKass Parano - Persille Pu Malzieu Blue - Pleasant Ridge Reserve - Prince George Cheddar - Provolone Picante 1 year - Red Dragon Mustard - Holland Red Wax Gouda - Reggianito Argentina - Revelation Roquefort - Ricotta - Rum Runner - Royal Goat Cheddar - Salemville Gorgonzola - San Joaquin Gold - Seaside Cheddar - Sheeps Milk Goda - Sini Fulvi Fontal Quarters - Sini Fulvi Fontina D’Aosta - Sini Fulvi Taleggio - Smoked Mozzarella - Smoked Cheddar - Sottocenere with Truffle - Supreme Brie - St. Andre Triple Cream Brie - St. Angel Triple Cream Brie – Truffelino - Truffle Gouda - Truffle Tremor cheese - Uniekaas Reserve - Uniekaas Robusto

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