CBR TV's 2013 Cowbell Awards Featuring Kirkman, Bemis & More

Whether it's in music or in comics, there's always a craving for more cowbell. Indeed, if the 2013 season of CBR TV taught us anything, it's that creative talent of all kind love cowbells as Dan Slott, Christopher Mintze-Plasse, Max Bemis, Robert Kirkman got their hands on this year's special CBR-branded nstrument -- guaranteed to cure what ails you with a healthy dose of, well, cowbell! In honor of the mighty red instrument, CBR TV takes a look back at our favorite cowbell moments as our guests jam on -- or simply try to figure out the reason for -- their piece of musical SWAG.

Absolute Carnage Venom Eddie Brock
Absolute Carnage Battles Venom in New Event Artwork

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