CBR TV @ WC 2013: Mark Waid Introduces Thrillbent 2.0

Mark Waid visits CBR TV, where he revisits the reasons behind going digital and the lessons he's learned since the launch of Thrillbent and how it led to Thrillbent 2.0, featuring a total overhaul of the website, new material from himself and Peter Krause as well as other creators and the "big" news that all comics on Thrillbent are now embeddable on other sites, Twitter, etc. Waid also digs into the idea of asking for donations, repackaging Thrillbent series for sale through comiXology, expanding into different markets, both digitally and geographically and whether or not he'd go full time with the site if circumstances allowed.

On how impatient he's been with waiting to be in the position to begin to fully realize the ideas he's envisioned for Thrillbent: Like you wouldn't believe! It's just a thing -- the fact that we have done this, me Lori Matsumoto, John Rogers... that we're doing this on nights and weekends, essentially. I don't know if you know, but I have a day job! The fact that we're able to do this is, I look forward now to the -- the reason we haven't leapt forward faster, the reason we haven't monetized faster, the reason we haven't relaunched faster is simply because there are only so many hours in a day.

On finally getting to the point where he and his partners can begin to think about how and why to monetize Thrillbent: There's a bunch of ways to monetize [Thrillbent]. The problem we've had is that there's never been more than thirty minutes in a row to think about it. Now, we're sort of at that stage where now that we've got this thing built and we're relaunching, now we've got a little bit of breathing room and now we can really start talking about, how do you monetize this, not -- again, not because the goal was to make money, but we do need to monetize so that we can keep doing it.

On Thrillbent's recent deal to republish via comiXology: We struck a deal with comiXology a few months ago, by which what we'll do is take 4 or 5 weeks of these weekly installments, package them under a new cover or whatever you call it -- cover is not really right anymore -- little bonus material in the back, in terms of sketches and stuff, and we'll put it up on comiXology for $1.99, because it's a big, fat package. We've done that, I think, for six packages so far. There are six issues of "Insufferable" up on comiXology, and the numbers are pretty good. They're not sky-high, spectacular, "Walking dead" numbers, but the people who are buying it, they can get it for free! They can read it for free over here, how cool is it that they're willing to pay a little extra for not only the bonuses, but to support us, to show us that there's value in what we do and they understand that and they want us to keep being able to do it.

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