CBR TV @ WC 2013: Jim Lee Talks "Superman Unchained," Jerry Ordway

Over the course of his WonderCon interview with CBR TV, DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee discussed a broad range of topics, covering his upcoming stint illustrating Scott Snyder's "Superman Unchained" scripts, how he approaches illustrating the Man of Steel's adventures on the page and a few hints as to what the series holds for the character. Lee also discusses the upcoming "Infinite Crisis" video game and tackles longtime DC Comics artist Jerry Ordway's public assessment of his recently-expired exclusive contract with the company.

On why he wanted to do return to the Man of Steel with "Superman Unchained" - "It's the New 52 Superman. In my mind,there is a difference -- when I did the first story arc, 'For Tomorrow' with Brian Azzarello, we had a very distinct type of Superman story we wanted to tell... It was a different kind of era.

"[The New 52 Superman is] a younger, brasher character. I'm drawing him differently, from his jawline to his hairline, to his build. Obviously, the costume is different. And then, working with Scott Snyder, it's just an opportunity that I couldn't pass up. He's already doing killer work with Greg Capullo on 'Batman,' so hey -- why not do Superman?"

On Jerry Ordway's open letter to DC Comics - "We deal with 52 books, more or less, every month hundreds of creators from all around the world. Obviously, there's no slight or agenda against Jerry. He's a tremendous talent, he's a longtime veteran of DC Comics. We all love and respect and admire his work. I don't think any company -- you know, why would a company go out of its way to not work with someone that was going to add something to the value to the line. So, there's nothing against Jerry in that respect. I think he was actually working on stuff for us probably a little before he wrote that letter. I think he was doing 'The Human Bomb' miniseries, and actually, he's doing other stuff for DC right now, so it's nothing personal against Jerry. I know that sometimes talent or freelancers, because they're working remotely, might not necessarily be on the project they most want to be, and to me, that is one of the challenges of our business. It's a creative business, so it's all about editors working with creators that they feel is appropriate for the material they're doing. That's always going to occur, where people don't always feel they're on necessarily the project they want to be. That said, I think we're always looking for the best people to work with, and Jerry is certainly one of those."

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