CBR TV @ WC 2013: Doug Mahnke Reflects on "Green Lantern," "The Mask" & More

Longtime "Green Lantern" artist Doug Mahnke spoke with CBR TV about his and writer Geoff Johns run on the title coming to a close, which DC Comics characters he might like to work on now that he's no longer overseeing Hal Jordan, SInestro and company, seeing characters he created at Dark Horse in his early career make a comeback, his thoughts on a potential return for the Mask, balancing his comics career with being a competitive weightlifter and much more.

On leaving "Green Lantern" after working on the title and its characters for such a long run: In these days, I guess it has been a long time. Four years on a comic is not what happens every day, any longer. To tell you the truth, it seems like it went by really fast. I've had nothing but a non-stop work experience and it's been a great time, a very tough schedule and it's not really dawned on me yet that it's coming to a close.

On Dark Horse's upcoming relaunch of "X," a character he helped launch in the '90s: It's cool. For me, it's ancient history. Every once in a while, I'll pick up some of the stuff that I've done and I'll read it and enjoy it for what it was. Best luck to them. I'm curious to see what they do with it, because I thought it was a great idea at the time. The character itself, X, had so much mystery associated with him, and intrigue. Hey -- if it's capable of still hitting stuff out of the park, that's great.

On whether or not he'd like to work on a relaunch of the Mask, a character he co-created with writer John Arcudi: You know, in my own mind, the only people qualified to ever do the Mask is myself and John Arcudi. It's probably not the nicest thing to say, people say, c'mon, Doug -- is it really that fantastic? And I think that it's based mostly on the fact that John understood the character really well. And I really enjoyed his approach to writing the Mask. I don't know that anyone else ever really quite got it the way that John did. He knew the right balance of seriousness with the madcap qualities of the Mask. He made it very easy to draw and fun to be a part of.

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