CBR TV @ WC 2013: Dan Slott on "Superior Spider-Man," Killing Peter Parker

"Superior Spider-Man" writer - and killer of Peter Parker - Dan Slott spent some time with CBR TV during WonderCon 2013, happily discussing the secret origin of how he took over the world of Marvel's web-slinger, his favorite parts of the current "Superior" status of the iconic hero and the amazing level of popularity Spidey has in Mexico, all while stating once again,"PETER PARKER IS DEAD! HE'S NOT COMING BACK!"

On when he thought he wouldn't even be writing "Amazing Spider-Man": There was a time when I went to my first Marvel creative summit and Joe [Quesada] always has these ideas of, "Oh, we'll do these weekly podcasts or we'll do these weekly things or video comedy segments" and he decided to have us roundtable with all the writers. It never aired. At one point, he asked everybody in it, "If you could work on any Marvel character, who would you work on?" and going around the table, everyone's going, "Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Man." JMS was on Spider-Man at the time and says, "Spider-Man." It gets to me and I go, "Moon Knight!" because in the back of my head, I'm thinking, "They'll never let me on Spider-Man. I should use this to throw my hat in the Moon Knight ring."

On how he got to write "Amazing Spider-Man": I got on Spider-Man because Mark Millar was sick. There was an empty table at one of the retreats and they're like, "We catered it." [Laughs] I'm serious! "We came for food." Tom Brevoort said to Quesada, "I know Dan, he was in advertising, he's good in the room and pitching and throwing things around. He lives in the city, we don't have to fly him in or put him up." And Joe was like, "Okay, just make sure he doesn't say too much." It was when I was like "She-Hulk" guy. I went into that room and I had no dogs in any fight, because I'm just on "She-Hulk" over here. I don't have some, "You can't do that with Iron Man, I'm working on Iron Man!" I didn't have any dogs. I was free just to throw out ideas. I threw out ideas that people liked and started incorporating into things. I also threw out ideas, since I wasn't at previous retreats, I didn't know the secret inner workings of what was coming up, I pitched stuff they were already doing. So there was this mindset of, "This guy thinks like us! He's smart!" I didn't really throw out any dogs, and they were like, "Ask him back to the next one." I did well at the next one and that's when I got "The Initiative." After that, they were putting together the Spidey teams, and what they wanted was they didn't want anyone who was going to alpha-dog it. They wanted four guys to put out the book three times a month, and they wanted guys who could work well together, people who worked well in the room. So they didn't want big celebrity names. The idea was, let's get these hungry guys who work well together and put them on Spidey and see what they do. I just really did well in the Spidey room, so I could not have gotten on to Spider-Man in any other way that I got onto Spider-Man.

On his favorite parts of "Superior Spider-Man": The stuff I love, and it's only going to get more insane, is Doc Ock being who he is and doing things in a Doc Ock way for heroic and noble purposes. Even when he does something like when he killed Massacre in #5, he's doing this for the noblest of reasons. He's doing this because -- it's like any time you have a story with Batman and the Joker. Joker goes out and he kills 30 people, Batman catches him and puts him in Arkham. Three months later, whoosh, he's back out on the streets, he kills 30 more people, Batman catches him and puts him back in Arkham. Every time he puts him back in Arkham, it's almost like a to do list for three months down the line, he's going to kill 30 more people. Eventually, it starts adding up and there's no more people in Gotham and they have to start shipping people into Gotham for Joker to kill. You have all these fans where their inner 8-year-old asks, "Why doesn't he just kill the Joker?" You and I know why Batman doesn't kill the Joker. He doesn't kill the Joker because that would make Batman just as bad. But now we have a Spider-Man that can do that. There's something exciting about that.

On his recent experience at a convention in Mexico: There's a thing about Spider-Man in Mexico. In Mexico, there's a period of time where publication of all Marvel Comics stopped in Mexico for a big chunk of time, except for one character, Spider-Man. For a generation, if you wanted to read Marvel Comics, you were reading Spider-Man. That meant when we were at the show, the lines were enormous and it was generational. There were grandparents and parents in Spider-Man stuff, whole families in Spider-Man stuff. The Spider-Man love in Mexico was crazy.

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