CBR TV @ WC 2013: Bryan Q. Miller Introduces Lana Lang to "Smallville: Season 11"

"Smallville: Season 11" writer Bryan Q. Miller spoke with CBR TV about his work on the digital-first DC Comics title which details the continuing adventures of the cast of The CW's long-running television series. Miller, who was also a writer for the show, discusses the return of Lana Lang to the cast after helping to writer her off of television, his goals for her, Clark and the rest of the cast, his recently funded Kickstarter campaign and more.

On his goals for the "Smallville" comic: What I try to do with the book is not do a disservice to anything that's come before. There will be fans that say, "You can fix this mistake or you can fix this mistake!" That's not -- a lot of people worked on the show for a really long time, so it's certainly not my place to go in and say, "That was crap. We're going to fix all of that." There may be some loose ends that we tie up or some things like this Lana issue that we rejoin and come back to see where she's been going with her life and maybe some commentary that comes with that, but we're certainly not with this book in the business of undoing things that came before with the show. Because, I do love the show and have a great amount of respect for everything that went into the making of that show.

On bringing Lana back to the "Smallville" universe: It was challenging in that it was the "Lana Returns" story, but also, with the way we have the story staggered out, it's one of our fill-in week stories -- because we do our three main arc weeks, and then if it's a four or five week month, we have stories that come in so we don't get too far ahead of the print schedule with what the digital audience is reading. This is one of those stories. We did one with Martian Manhunter last month -- he used to be on the show and he didn't get a lot of time in the last couple years. We looked into his past. This is kind of our look behind the curtain as to what Lana's been up to since she left, through Lois' eyes, because Lois is the one that finds her.

On the differences between fan reaction to the show and to the comic: A lot of it is the same. It's always great to have the internet just to look at as kind of a barometer, because anyone who works on the show or writes from home -- you're on a submarine most of the time. You're sending your ideas out into the ether and really, aside from sales numbers or ratings, the only way to hit or miss is to see stuff online -- message boards or Twitter or Facebook or something like that. It's been, so far, amazingly consistent in what people celebrate and what people condemn. We're on par, I think, with how it's going social-media-reception-wise.

On future plans for the series: We introduced Earth 2 in season ten. We've since learned, since season eleven started, that Earth 2 is no more. It was destroyed and we know that beings called -- as of today -- Monitors are the beings responsible for doing that. We're not sure what they want yet, or why they're doing it, which we'll get in to in a couple of arcs, but there's definitely a larger plan in play. We would do [that] in a season of the show, anyway. Here's Zod's story over the course of the year, or Doomsday's story over the course of the year. This is that story. Not every episode's about it, but we'll come back to it regularly as the season progresses.

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