CBR TV @ WC 2011: Cup o' Joe - Spider-Man 2099, "30 Rock" & more

Never let it be said Marvel Comics Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada isn't at the ready to answer fan questions from all corners of the Marvel Media universe. Last week, in the thick of WonderCon in San Francisco, Joe made a stop at the World Famous CBR Tiki Lounge to open up on everything from the future of the Ultimate Universe to the next appearance of Spider-Man 2099 and more.

"It will be a huge surprise to me if everyone in the world of comic books isn't talking about the Ultimate Universe because the Ultimate Universe is back to doing what it really does well, which is stuff that could never happen in the regular Marvel Universe," Joe said of what events lie in store after the current "Death of Spider-Man" arc wraps up.

The conversation swung towards the scheduling of and payment for the Icon line of comics as well with the CCO explaining "Every Icon deal is different than the one before it...All these creators, not only are they doing their Icon work, but regular work for Marvel as well. I think this has to do with creators managing their own schedules in the way that they feel is proper."

And on the Hollywood front, Quesada spoke to questions of whether incoming Marvel TV shows will fit into the continuity established by Marvel movies. "What I can say right now is that very much like the Marvel movies have their own sense of continuity, we're going to make sure to the best of our abilities that Marvel TV has its own sense of internal logic and its own feel as well," he offered.

For the full CUP O' Q&A, watch the above video, and feel free to chime in with your own questions for Joe as well as Friday regular Tom Brevoort in CBR's Marvel questions thread on our message boards!

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