CBR TV: TV Veteran Jeff King Lives Comic Book Dream with "Convergence"

For most comic book readers, Jeff King is not a name they're used to seeing on comic books. With years of experience as a television writer/producer on such series as "White Collar" and "Continuum," King spoke with CBR TV's Albert Ching from the world famous CBR Tiki Room at WonderCon 2015 in Anaheim, CA about making his comics debut on one of the most daunting projects either of them could imagine. As the lead writer of DC Comics' "Convergence," the series that kicks off a two-month, line wide event set to end the New 52 and change the shape of the DCU for years to come, King certainly has his work cut out for him. But the veteran writer also says the project is a dream gig, albeit one he might have run from had he realized early on what he was getting himself into.

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"It's been a bucket list thing for me. If I had ever had a dream to write a comic book, this was the opportunity," King said of his excitement over taking on "Convergence." "I think in part because of my experience in TV, in part because I've been part of writers' rooms on shows like 'Stargate-SG1' and 'Continuum,' it gave me a background in taking a huge mythology with a rich universe of characters and ideas and timelines, but also distilling them down into a lens and through a focus of character so that you could balance the epic and the intimate.

That was really, I think, really the reason why Dan DiDio and why everybody at DC gave me this opportunity is because I had that background," King continued. "Had I known how daunting the task was gonna be, I'd have run for my life."

"Part of the job was to the story that was coming out of 'World's End' for my characters from 'Earth 2' and weave it into the bigger narrative once Brainiac, who has been keeping the domed cities and timelines on Tellos, disappears and the new villain of the 'Convergence' series, Tellos himself, drops them all at the same time. Spoilers," King said of the event's story. "But that's gonna create a fight for survival, it's gonna throw heroes and villains against each other and it's going to ally certain heroes and villains that are going to blow people's minds in some cases."

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