CBR TV: "The Flash" Cast Talks Secret Identities, Metahuman Futures & On-Set Pranks

CBR TV's Jonah Weiland was joined in the world famous Tiki Room above WonderCon 2015 in Anaheim, California by actors Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow), Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon) & Candice Patton (Iris West) from The CW's hit superhero series, "The Flash." The trio discuss their roles on the series and how they factor into DC Comics' "Flash" mythology, how Iris and Barry's dynamic works, the gang at STAR Labs and the metahuman possibilities of Killer Frost and Vibe, the alter egos of Caitlin and Cisco, being introduced to the series. They also discuss the biggest on-set pranksters and some of the stunts they've pulled in the interest of getting a laugh.

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"I feel that it's a privilege to act as somewhat of an ambassador to this culture," Valdes said of what it's like playing an atypical Latino character on the series. "I think [Executive Producer] Greg Berlanti said it best, we're working on a show that reflects the world that we live in very closely and there are people of all sorts of races who come from all sorts of different backgrounds who are smart and who have credible professions. It just seems to make sense to me. It is indeed a privilege."

And while plenty of fans are enjoying Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon as they exist now during the show's first season, many are wondering what the future holds for their potential alter egos. Luckily, the actors behind those characters are more than prepared for what might be coming next.

"I read a little bit about Vibe before I did the show. When I got the side for the audition I just saw 'Cisco Ramon,' so I just basically was interpreting the character per the casting breakdown," said Valdes. "It was very sort of bare bones. Passionate, nerdy, someone who finds levity in situations, that kind of thing. The more that I actually read up on the 'Flash' universe, that's when I found out, 'Oh, man... this guy's supposed to become a super hero someday.' And then I saw the original 1984 get up and thought, 'Wow, are they really gonna go this route?' Because I don't know how to breakdance."

"I'm really excited about the potential of it," Panabaker said of her character's potentially icy future as Killer Frost. "Who knows when it will happen, but it's exciting and it'll be fun. I'm thrilled."

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