CBR TV: Tarr & Fletcher on Rising from Obscurity & Stewart's Importance to "Batgirl"

Two thirds of DC Comics' current "Batgirl" creative team, artist Babs Tarr and co-writer Brenden Fletcher, joined CBR TV's Albert Ching in the world famous CBR Tiki Room at WonderCon 2015 in Anaheim, CA for an early morning interview about their book's continued success. The duo discuss absent creator Cameron Stewart's crucial role on the series, and how Stewart agreeing to draw "Fight Club 2" for Dark Horse led to Tarr and Fletcher joining him on "Batgirl." They also talk about Tarr spreading her wings in future issues, drawing her own layouts for the first time starting with "Batgirl" #41.

CBR TV: Tarr & Fletcher on the Surprising Reception to "Batgirl"

"The three of us were working on new issues of 'Batgirl' together in Seattle, sitting around a table, and we were just talking about how so much of where we are right now is do to Cameron [Stewart] kind of pulling us in," said Fletcher.

"Thanks, Cameron," added Tarr.

"Oh, Cameron, we miss you," Fletcher continued. "We're very thankful that he asked us to join him on 'Batgirl,' and we're very thankful that Scott Allie and Chuck Palahniuk [Laughing] asked him to do 'Fight Club 2.' It was then-'Batgirl' editor Katie Kubert and Batman Group Editor Mark Doyle who had reached out to him to ask him to take over 'Batgirl' on his own. And he had just taken this job doing 'Fight Club 2,' but he had something that he wanted to say about Batgirl... and then he brought us in."

Watch the interview below:

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