CBR TV | Seth Green & Clare Grant Talk Television & Toys

Geekdom has plenty of acolytes, but most of them aren't joined together in wedded bliss. Geek power couple Seth Green and Clare Grant, both of whom are actors and producers, sat down with CBR TV's Steve Sunu for a rapid-fire interview in the CBR Tiki Lounge at New York Comic Con. They cover a plethora of topics including their plans for the show, what collectibles are are on their hit list, the future of Team Unicorn's upcoming TV project, and how two people so busy manage to find time for their relationship. If that weren't enough, they also run down their favorites -- everything from TV shows and movies to comic books and sea animals.

On the toys they hoped to snag at the show: "We're really excited about that R2-D2 pimp guy," said Grant.

"I think it's R2-Q5," Green said.

"We really want S.H.I.E.L.D. badges with our pictures on them," Grant said. "Actual S.H.I.E.L.D. badges, so we can flash them to people to get in anywhere we want to do anything we want."

On whether or not they can walk the halls of the convention without being stopped by fans: "I look exactly like me," joked Green. "And to have a bunch of hits here. We're both involved in stuff that this community really supports which is awesome, but it does make it difficult to enjoy it the same way the other attendees do."

On the future of Team Unicorn: "We're developing a pilot with Adult Swim right now. We're about to break ground, we've been getting everything together," said Grant. "Animation is the longest process. And I always heard how long it is, but… Wow.

"They came up with this idea a little while ago, it was such a good idea we brought it to Adult Swim and they were super receptive to it," said Green.

"Actually, Matt [Senreich] was the one who said we should bring it to Adult Swim," added Grant. "We were just gonna make a couple of other web projects and Seth told Matt about it and he was like, 'Let's take it to Adult Swim.'"

On finding time to see each other despite their busy schedules: "We really make time to be together," said Green. "When we got married we shook on a two-week rule that means no matter where in the world either of us is we can only be apart for 14 days before one of us has to go to the other one. That's what you do. That's what you do to stay together. You work on your relationship all the time and consistently renew why you're interested in each other. We have a lot of shared interests so it makes it easy to hang out."

"It's good. All of our down time is doing exactly what each of want to do, which is the same things, so that's nice," said Grant. "And he prioritizes me above everything, which is really nice."

"I like you," said Green.

"I like you," Grant responded.

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