CBR TV @ SDCC 2014: Caity Lotz and Emily Bett Rickards Talk "Arrow" Relationships and Humor

"Arrow" stars Caity Lotz and Emily Bett Rickards joined Jonah Weiland on the world famous CBR Yacht at Comic-Con International in San Diego to talk about the upcoming third season of The CW's hit super hero series. Rickards spoke about injecting humor into the series as Felicity Smoak and her chemistry with Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen. Lotz discussed her experiences joining the cast in the second season as Sara Lance and her relationship with Nyssa (Katrina Law). Rickards also teases whether or not things might heat up between Oliver and Felicity in Season 3...

Rickards on bringing humor into the show as Felicity: "It was something that sort of came naturally but it made me realize that that is exactly what I want to do, so I'm very happy that I am the comedy outlet for the show and I've realized that -- and it may change in the future -- but comedy is definitely the way I want to go," said Rickards.

Rickards on her chemistry with "Arrow" lead Stephen Amell: "We're good friends. I'm so lucky to have found a friend in Stephen and all the cast," said Rickards. "And Caity, too -- we just do Tarot cards every week, which is really lame. [Laughs] We really do. I feel really lucky. Our whole cast is sort of, we've come into our own little group of love."

Lotz on joining the cast with Season 2 and playing such a pivotal role: It's always good to be referred to as invading. That's like, 'Your presence is invading,' that sounds awesome!," Lotz said with a laugh. "No, it's been -- it was really cool. Everyone was super nice. It didn't take -- I think a little bit, I kind of kept to myself, and my character was very guarded anyway so that always like bleeds into life. It took me a little bit to kind of like get into the groove with everybody, and it's been so much fun. I've had so much fun. It's awesome."

Lotz on her character's relationship with Nyssa being handled just like any other: "Because it is. And actually, I really love that we brought it up in the show because gay and lesbian are like a huge thing, the fact that it's even an issue still is ridiculous to me," said Lotz. "I think they brought it into the show very -- it's casual, it's not this like scandalous thing."

"It wasn't on a pedestal, it was just a relationship," said Rickards.

"It's just about love. And it's, you know, it doesn't matter who you connect to, how you connect if it's true to you and you feel that person," Lotz continued. "I think that the story really stayed true to that and I respect that and I'm glad that I got to be a part of it and hope that I bring kind of more awareness to that kind of stuff."

On the 'will they/won't they' tension between Felicity and Oliver: "It's not up to me. It's up to Felicity, and I think she does love Oliver and I think they do have a connection and it's beautiful," said Rickards. "But that beauty can be ruined so easily and so quickly, which is probably why they haven't gotten together in the first place. And relationships are so complicated -- any relationship is so complicated -- and then they have life and death at stake every single day. Love is love."

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