CBR TV: Robinson Balances Past Mistakes with Meta Fiction in "Airboy"

Perennial CBR TV guest James Robinson sat down once again with Jonah Weiland from the CBR Tiki Room at WonderCon 2015 in Anaheim, CA to discuss the personal nature of his new Image Comics series "Airboy" illustrated by newcomer Greg Hinkle. Robinson discusses living an authentic life now that he's sober, the crazy nights that informed the even crazier book and the painful task of revisiting his past to tell the a very personal, very meta story. The writer also talks about his myriad influences and working with Hinkle, explaining how the artist has reacted to some of the story's more extreme and personally revealing content.

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"It's painful and therapeutic," Robinson said of delving into his past to write "Airboy." "The hardest parts are the moments -- there's a scene in issue #3, especially -- where I express remorse about the way I treated my now ex-wife, Jan, who I still love as a friend and we're still very close. But I was a terrible husband and I regret that deeply and I'm greatly ashamed of it.

"That stuff is very hard to write, but the whole point of this is to be truthful," Robinson continued. "Just to put it all out there. That's why I'm nude in it, it's all that. Just to be out there."

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