CBR TV Offers William Shatner Advice on How to Market "Man O' War," His "Cinematic Graphic Novel"

There are few names in the world that are bigger pop culture icons than William Shatner. Most know him as Captain James T. Kirk from "Star Trek," a role he originated on TV in 1966 and continued across seven major motion pictures. Of course, there's more to Shatner than just Kirk. He's also a director, singer, spokesman, Twitter aficionado and author. In fact, his 1996 novel "Man O' War" is also the basis for his first ever comic book, something he dubs a "cinematic graphic novel."

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At Comic-Con International in San Diego, CBR TV's Jonah Weiland caught up with Shatner to discuss his first comic, how the cinematic elements will come into play, and to offer the icon some pro tips from a comic book insider on how best to promote the project.

"The cinematic part is a camera roams the panels," Shatner said of what sets his graphic novel apart from the pack. "It exposes the panels in dramatic fashion so that you'll read the book like you would a comic book, but the camera is revealing it according to the way we think it should be presented dramatically."

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