CBR TV @ NYCC: Kirkman On "Walking Dead," "Invincible," The Governor & Michonne

The creator of "The Walking Dead" and "Invincible" Robert Kirkman returned to the Tiki Lounge, cementing his position as CBR TV's Number One Guest, complete with a special video presentation from CBR Producer Jonah Weiland!

Kirkman touched on a number of topics ranging from the upcoming centennial issue of "Invincible," featuring a special "Everyone Dies" wraparound cover by series artist Ryan Ottley, Charlie Adlard's thoughts on the translation of characters from printed page to television, stretching the limits of the AMC censors and what fans of the comic can expect when Michonne and the Governor finally make their presences known on the upcoming season of AMC's hit zombie survival series.


On balancing the highs and lows in "The Walking Dead" comic: It doesn't have a lot to do with what's going on in my life just because it's plotted so far in advance, so I can;t really foresee what's going on. Things going on now could somehow be affected by things I was going through two years ago when I was mapping this stuff out, I don't really know... It's all about a cycle. It's all about keeping things interesting and -- you know, I don't want the book to be so unrelentingly depressing that you have to put the book down and take a break for a while.

On developing the relationship between Rick and Carl Grimes: I have been thinking about the fact that when I started "The Walking Dead," I wrote the Rick/Carl relationship in the respect of what my experiences with my father were like, and over the course of the first thirty issues or so, my son was born. My son's six and a half now, and so I have been able to alter things to a certain extent in my head, where I'm now writing as me being Rick and my experiences with my son.


On casting David Morrissey in the role of the Governor: You know, Morrissey was the right actor for the job, and to a certain extent, you can't say, "You wear a handlebar mustache!" I mean, you kind of can, but... to a certain extent, it's kind of like, is it really necessary? Now, I will say that the Governor's look is possibly going to evolve to a certain extent. I don't wanna spoil anything, but he may eventually look like the comic book Governor...

On his sales expectations for "Invincible" #100: Well, we'll just keep on doing covers until we hit the number we want! [Laughs]

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