CBR TV @ NYCC: Axel Alonso On "Power Man & Iron Fist," Hulk, and Jessica Jones

With the full attention of fans at New York Comic-Con this weekend, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso is eager to shed light on the House of Ideas' upcoming plans to go All New, All Different in the aftermath of "Secret Wars."

Alonso spoke with CBR TV's Brett White live from the Javits Center floor, sharing his excitement for the return of the "ultimate buddy book," a young, new Jade Giant, and teased that, given Netflix's upcoming "Jessica Jones" television series, a new comic title for the foul-mouthed private detective might not be far behind, perhaps even penned by creator Brian Michael Bendis.

On reuniting "ultimate buddies" Luke Cage and Danny Rand in a new "Power Man & Iron Fist" title:

Axel Alonso:This was one of those bullets you had in your gun that you couldn't wait to fire. We wanted to make it special. We've been talking with David Walker for up to a year about doing this and we needed to find the right artist, and Sanford Greene is the perfect artist for this. We want it to be really authentic.

On the decision to make Amadeus Cho the new Totally Awesome Hulk:

With All New, All Different Marvel, we are encouraging our editors and writers to think outside the box, and to use that 8 month gap between "Secret Wars" and the launch of these titles to come up with something big that would happen in the lives of those characters. We were having an editorial meeting and at one point I said, "Look, y'know--[I'm a] former "Hulk" editor, I love the Hulk--maybe my favorite of the big Marvel superheroes, but I'm kind of tired of seeing [Bruce] Banner carry that weight around. What if someone else does?" And the ever-opportunistic editor Mark Paniccia said "Well, what about Amadeus Cho?" And I was immediately sold . . . I think it's really, really cool to take this 19 year-old, cocky genius-kid, a 98 lb weakling, and give him this power and let him have fun."

On whether the upcoming Netflix series might mean a new ongoing title for former "Alias" lead Jessica Jones:

I think there's a good chance you see a Jessica Jones book.

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On the comforts of having a show so near to the Marvel offices, and ascendancy of the New York Comic-Con:

It is our hometown convention, so we've got homefield advantage. so to speak. I don't know what's bigger now. I think San Diego Comic-Con is probably the biggest, but you roam these halls, I can't believe how big this con has grown.

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