CBR TV @ NYCC 2013: Tyler Mane on "X-Men," Dyslexia and an Epic Story

"X-Men" actor and former wrestler Tyler Mane stopped by the CBR Tiki Room at New York Comic Con 2013 to discuss his original audition for the role of Sabretooth, meeting director Bryan Singer for the first time, his dyslexia and an incredibly epic New York Comic Con story that involves drinking, nakedness and lock-outs.

On one of his epic New York stories: Last night, I come to Comic Con here, I hadn't drank for over a month. Probably a good thing. I'm with some people [drinking] and they drop me off at the wrong fucking hotel. Somehow, I got to my hotel, I get the munchies. Walk out my door, door closes behind me, I realize I'm naked. Thank God I have a big hand, had my dick cupped in my hand, go down to the lobby and say, "Hey bro, can you let me into my room?" I get let in my room, lost my money clip. ... It was pretty awkward. [Laughs] It's one of those moments where you just don't know what the fuck to do. I will be the guy that owns it. I own that. Woke up this morning and go, "Oh, fuck!" The worst part is I cheated on my diet and had a bag of potato chips. There was an empty bag of potato chips there. Thank god when I was going down with my hoo-hah in my hand, I had a little bit of a six pack. It was great. That is why you diet. There's my New York story.

On getting cast as Sabretooth: I'd seen the cartoon as a fan, never really read the comic book because I was slightly dyslexic and didn't like to read. Looking at the balloons and all that shit, I was like "Fuck." When I was going in to talk to Bryan Singer, I did my research. I walked into a comic book store and I go, "You got any X-Men comic books?" The guy's like, "Yeah, three, four rows." I say, "You got anything with Sabretooth?" and he says, "Yeah, here, these three rows." I didn't want to tell him why I was doing it. I buy a bunch of comic books, I go read 'em. I say, "Okay, I've got to make sure I get this role." I went out and bought fangs -- polydent -- put them in, walk in to the office and there's this young kid sitting on the edge of the couch typing. I say, "I'm here to see Bryan Singer." I've got my fangs in, feel like a real idiot, and he keeps typing. He's not looking at me, he's not paying attention, he stops and looks up and I go, "I'm here to see Bryan Singer." Thank god I had a little big of anger built up. He goes, "I'm Bryan Singer." I'm like, "Holy fuck! How are you?" Literally, my audition was -- they had a glass table and Bryan saw that I had the fangs in and the long, blonde hair -- I was a lot bigger then -- he jumped on the glass table and said, "Choke me! Choke me!" I choke him and he says, "You're Sabretooth." And I'm like, "Cool."

On his dyslexia and getting into martial arts: For me to pick up a script and read a script it is tough. For me to read anything, it's tough. I still battle with it, but through practice, you can overcome. That's what I've done. I've forced myself to read, I've forced myself to do it because you're not going to succeed in this business without the knowledge and ability to read. ... I was a tall, skinny kid with glasses and braces and dyslexia. There was me and another kid in special reading classes. I grew up in Canada with 160 in a town. They didn't know what dyslexia was back then. ... It was tough and that sits with me now. It's hard to deal with. ... I got into martial arts, I did nine and a half years of martial arts, I transitioned into pro wrestling. Before that, I didn't know how to express myself. My mom would say, "Go to school" and I would sit on the back step crying for about a half hour and not want to go to school. But it made me who I am today. That is why I'm able to do what I do. I went into martial arts, I went into football -- I never played football in high school because I was scared. I never really dated, and then I walked on to a semi-pro team. Made the team [as a] defensive end. Was going to go pro, went into pro wrestling and here we are sitting here telling you my comic-con stories.

On his upcoming project "Penance Lane": We did our first picture, "Compound Fracture," which we took on the road to tour with my wife and I. We went and screened it because Indy film, you have to get it out there. We put together this great team, and it's amazing. We have three iconic serial killers in "Compound Fracture" ... It's a stellar cast. We took that on the road and we have distribution that's going to happen next week with that. Our newest [project] is a film called "Penance Lane." We're starting an IndieGoGo campaign, but we also have investors, so it's a great opportunity for fans to pre-see the film, pre-see what we're doing behind the scenes. I teamed up with B.J. McDonald, who is the best camera operator. He just shot "Hatchet 3" and directed it, and now he's directing "Penance Lane." We just shot a teaser trailer last weekend and it's going to be going live here pretty quick. It's amazing. I saw it last night before my drunken stupor and it's looking amazing."

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