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CBR TV @ NYCC 2013: Dan Slott Sells his “Silver Surfer” Pitch

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CBR TV @ NYCC 2013: Dan Slott Sells his “Silver Surfer” Pitch

“Superior Spider-Man” writer Dan Slott visited CBR TV on Preview Day at New York Comic Con, sitting down with CBR’s Steve Sunu to discuss his just announced All-New Marvel NOW! title with Mike Allred, “Silver Surfer.” The pair talk about Slott’s excitement for the character, how much he loves science fiction, how the book will appeal to fans of his “She-Hulk” work, why the Surfer no longer has to be lonely and why Mike Allred is the ideal artist for this Kirby-esque project. They wrap up the conversation with Slott speaking about their short story in the upcoming “All-New Marvel NOW!” Point One issue as well as Slott’s plan for the first three issues, which will function as a pilot of sort for the series.

On how he feels about tackling “Silver Surfer” with Allred: I am so beyond excited about this. If anyone out there liked my “She-Hulk” book or my “Thing” book, it’s gonna be more in that vein. It’s this fun book. With the Marvel cosmic universe, when you look at the books we’re doing in the Marvel sci-fi line of books, you have [Brian Michael] Bendis doing “Guardians [of the Galaxy,”] you have Gerry [Duggan] doing “Nova,” and all these books have this kind of grounded feel to them. They’re sci-fi but they’re grounded, in the way of modern “Battlestar Galactica” or J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek” — they’re very, you know you look at it and it feels modern, it feels grounded, it feels kind of in the realm of the feasible. And what Mike and I are doing over in “Silver Surfer” is we’re looking at a whole different corner of the Marvel Universe. Our Marvel Universe is more like “Hitchhiker’s Guide,” “Doctor Who” and “Red Dwarf.” Our Marvel Universe is the one that has a giant planet with a face on it screaming at you. It’s Kirby, and it’s weird and it’s big, and it’s all the kind of stuff [Jim] Starlin was writing when you were like, “What was he smoking?” It’s that section of the Marvel Universe.

On his passion for sci-fi and how it’s not an itch he’s been able to scratch of late: Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big sci-fi nerd, and there’s all these things I love about sci-fi. I’m a huge “Doctor Who” fan, I love all ages of “Trek” and all the different shows — you know, “Voyager,” “DS9,” everything — I live for sci-fi. I grew up watching the original “Star Wars” in the theaters, so being able to open up that… Everything I’ve done so far, since coming back to Marvel, right before that everyone goes, “Wow, that’s weird. That’s not like the last thing you did. Like “She-Hulk” is nothing like “Arkham Asylum: Living Hell.” … Everything is different. So when you get the Surfer it’s a change for me to show the stuff I haven’t done yet, which is just go all sci-fi giddy and just run around and go, “Woooo! Sci-fi!”

On the tone of “Silver Surfer” and how he’s looking to expand what we know about the Marvel U: It’s not gonna be wacky and zany, but it’s gonna be fun and full of adventures. One of the things that were doing is, when you think about the Marvel Universe, [it’s] only really been around for 50 years — 75 if you include Timely Comics. There’s this feeling with all these stories, especially the stuff that Mark Gruenwald’s done — here’s this cosmic entity and they control this. … It can’t possibly be the universe. If we took 50 years of astrophysics you wouldn’t suddenly go, “Well now we know everything.” It wouldn’t translate into the same thing. … We kind of have this feeling that we know everything there is to know about the Marvel Universe, like it has limits, and we now know all the rules. “I have my Marvel Universe handbooks, I know how the Marvel Universe works.” And there’s something crazy about that. One of the neat things about this is that it’s a character on this silver surfboard, who can go anywhere and do anything, and he’s gonna go to sections of the Marvel Universe you have never seen. … This book is about the ride. This book is about the journey. This book is about soaring, and going places and doing things that you’ve never seen before.

On the inherent loneliness of the Surfer, and how the series will look to shift that perception: Whenever you think of the Silver Surfer there’s a loneliness there. There’s the guy from Zenn-La that gave up his humanity to become a herald of Galactus, to become this cosmic thing. And then he was a slave to Galactus, and then he was a prisoner of earth, and now he’s free. But even when he’s been free, there’s still a kind of emptiness, a loneliness — he’s the lone sentinel of the starways. He’s this lone guy on a board. And one of things that happens in his first adventure is he meets a kindred spirit. He meets an earth girl. And it’s — there’s someone on the board with him. It really is about how the best way to see the universe is with someone.

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