CBR TV @ NYCC 2012: Slipknot's Corey Taylor Talks "House of Golden Bones"

Slipknot lead singer Corey Taylor dropped by the CBR Tiki Room at New York Comic Con 2012 to discuss his upcoming four-issue miniseries "House of Golden Bones" with Dark Horse Comics, how it came to be and his love of comics from an early age.

On being a fan of comics from an early age: "I have since I was 5, actually. Ever since I basically stole some comics from my mom, she had a stack of beat-up Marvels that I was like, 'Oh, I'm just going to take these.' She was a casual reader. She was nowhere near the level of my insanity when it came to comics and whatnot. But it was cool! I taught myself how to read with comics, you know? It got me into not only comics but reading books. I've always been very voracious when it comes to that. It's kind of set me down the road of geek, of all geek."

On the origins of his Dark Horse series "House of Golden Bones": "It's a four-part miniseries that follows the short story that I wrote for the two concept albums [Slipknot] is putting out with Stone Sower. It's really cool. It's something I really got passionate about and I hadn't seen it as a comic until it was all done. I finished the short story and I was like, 'This could be very visual. This could be something that's really, really cool.' We went out and we saw if someone was willing to take a chance on little old me and Dark Horse just got it. They understood it. It was really cool."

On the story: "It's essentially a morality play. It's set in this sci-fi/fantasy sort of world, but it's essentially the story of a man trying to figure it out, but man trying to figure out who he is, who he wants to be for the rest of his life and try to make the best decisions he can. Does he stagnate morally and continue to treat himself like 20 year old and make the same bad mistakes or does he evolve? Does he try to ascend to the person he wants to be ideally? It's that struggle. It's that sense of reality that I want to infuse the characters with because I knew if I were going to create something like this, there would have to be that one thing people could identify with and endear them to those characters. It's in this really crazy frenetic world."

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