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CBR TV @ NYCC 2012: Jason Aaron Talks Three “Thors,” Tattoos & Creator-Owned

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CBR TV @ NYCC 2012: Jason Aaron Talks Three “Thors,” Tattoos & Creator-Owned

Writer Jason Aaron returned to the CBR Tiki Room above the New York Comic Con show floor to speak with Jonah Weiland about the divide between sports fans and comic fans, his fantasy football misfortunes, new tattoos and, of course, his upcoming writing work. Aaron guides Marvel Comics’ Thor this November in the pages of “Thor: God of Thunder” with art by Esad Ribic and he discusses his plans for three versions of Thor, his future creator-owned works and what his Hollywood plans are.

On combining all the things he enjoys about Thor to tell a story for the ages and examine what it means to be a God: With this book I wanted to combine everything I like about Thor. … There are vikings in there, I love viking stories. I love young Thor, so we see young, foolhardy, brash, long-haired, rowdy Thor. He drinks a lot, he screws lots of viking women, he gets in fights on Midgard. He’s not even worthy enough to lift the hammer yet, so he has a big ass axe that he carries around. Then I like crazy cosmic stuff. I like big cities of the gods and space gods. So we see present-day Thor all journeying through the Marvel Universe encountering all that kinda stuff. … I’m doing a King Thor story, where you see old King Thor thousands of years in the future — he’s got one eye, one arm missing. We don’t know what’s happened to Asgard, it’s been devastated, he’s there alone. He’s still got his beat up old hammer and, you know, the Odin Sword. So we see all these three different versions of Thor, in three different eras, all tied together by one new villain, this mysterious serial killer of gods who’s traveling the universe butchering, slaughtering gods in the shadows for reasons we don’t quite understand yet. And he’s got a very specific grudge against Thor for some reason, as well.

On future creator-owned titles now that “Scalped” has ended: I’ve always said as long as I’m in comics, as long as this business will have me, I want to be doing creator-owned stuff. So yeah, I was working on the next thing pretty much as soon as “Scalped” was wrapping up. I can’t say what it is or where it’s gonna be — there’s actually a few different things I’m working on. It’s all coming. I’ll do more stuff with [“Scalped” artist] R.M. Guera, too. … I got a lot of different stuff I want to do. I mean, I’ll do more stuff like “Scalped” — I still love crime stories — but there are a lot of other genres I want to explore too.

On going Hollywood with “Scalped” or original material: There’s always interest. That’s kind of tied up with Warner Bros. since it’s a Vertigo property so Geoff Johns could probably tell you better than I could, but there’s always interest. If something will ever happen I have no idea. If it does, certainly I would like to be involved, but who knows. I’ve had lots of meetings, like everybody, and talked about things. There’s some things I’m interested in doing maybe someday, but I have no interest in moving to LA. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying it’s not for me. I like where I live. My youngest son is 7, so we don’t want to move away, and I like being a comic book writer. I friends who work in Hollywood, friends who are screenwriters — it’s a hard business. Those guys work their butts off for years and maybe you get a little return on that, maybe you actually see something produced. I just like the immediacy of comics in that I don’t have to deal with that many people, not that much red tape.

On his latest tattoos: This is basically a symbol of me hitting that point in my life where I realized, “Well, I write comics for a living.” Like, I don’t have to give a shit anymore. If I get to the point where I have to go in for a job interview, where I have to worry about my appearance, I have screwed up. So that’s when I grew my beard out and I started getting tattoos.

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