CBR TV @ NYCC 2012: Andy and Adam Kubert on Their Father's Legacy, School & More

Adam and Andy Kubert make their CBR TV debut, talking about their careers and brotherly competitiveness before shifting to discussing the legacy of their recently-departed father, industry legend Joe Kubert. The brothers discuss their plans for the Kubert School, balancing teaching with their comics careers while sharing advice with aspiring artists and a few stories about their dad.

On working for different companies and competing with each other as artists:

Andy Kubert: We do that a lot! Our studios are right next door to one another, and we do do that. I think the competitiveness actually helped our artwork.

Adam Kubert: I show all my stuff, he shows me his stuff. I tell him how much better my stuff is than his...

On continuing their father's legacy by keeping the Kubert School running and what they get out of their roles as educators:

Adam Kubert: We're pretty much doing what we did before...

Andy Kubert: ...except that now we have to make all the big decisions! [Laugher] It's all on us, now.

Adam Kubert: When I'm teaching, it actually helps me think out my own artwork, think out something you're sued to doing intuitively. It's just helped me do better comics, I think.

Andy Kubert: What I like most about it is, these students -- it puts everyything in perspective. These students are paying money to learn what I already do and what I already know, If ever I begin to forget where I'm at what I'm doing, that really helps me out. Another thing is, when I come to conventions, I actually enjoy the interaction between fans and other artists. I have that every time I teach. It's a good thing, and it's, as far as furthering my dad's legacy, it feels pretty good being able to step up and be put in that position.

On following in their father's artistic footsteps:

Adam Kubert: I didn't start drawing until I was nineteen. I really had no idea what I wanted to do in life. I was going to Rochester Institute of Technology for packaging design, and I wasn't into it at all. It was a fun time, but it wasn't what I wanted to do. So I called my parents up, and my dad said, 'Well, why don't you go to the school for a year?' And that was when my mom was involved with the admissions -- 'You can go through the school for a year and you can work in admissions with mom.' I said, OK -- that sounds good. We'll see how that goes. I just got really into the drawing and I stuck with it.

Andy Kubert: Similarly, I went to RIT, but I actually have a degree in medical illustration. I mean, I wanted to get out of Dover, which is where the school is, which is where we grew up, get my jollys out and, you know. And my dad's footsteps were huge. So I kind of wanted to find my own path. I found out that it wasn't the path I wanted to take. All through college, I drew out of my head. And I said, why fight it? So I stopped doing that, and I went into comics.

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