CBR TV: John Ostrander on "Suicide Squad" and Why "Bad Guys are the Most Fun"

CBR TV's Jonah Weiland welcomed a very special guest to the CBR Tiki Room at WonderCon 2015 in Anaheim, CA -- the first creator he ever interviewed as part of Comic Book Resources, veteran writer John Ostrander. Ostrander discussed his lengthy run on "The Spectre" with Tom Mandrake for DC Comics and his initial ideas for "Suicide Squad," especially with the team poised for the big time with a big budget movie on the way from Warner Bros. He also talks about why villains are just more fun to play with and how that informed his take.

"First of all, it shows the bad guys being powerful," said Ostrander" of his initial ideas for building the Suicide Squad roster. "One of my concepts when I was putting it together was I wanted to show them as being competent -- as being good at what they were, which was bad guys. If they weren't, the heroes were just being bullies for beating up these sad sacks with delusions of adequacy. But by showing that these were dangerous characters, in and of their own right, when they went back into dealing with the superheroes they seemed more of a credible threat.

"And also, let's face it. Bad guys are the most fun to read," Ostrander continued. They do the things that maybe we only think about. They say the things that might cross our minds but most of us just wouldn't say it. They're fun that way."

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